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Monday, July 16, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Monday to all you BB addicts out there!! Ughh..I hate Mondays, just like y'all do. lol ;) There's just an eww feeling to a Monday morning. You're dragging a little bit, you drink an extra cup of coffee in hope of it getting through your day, people seem to annoy you more..yep, it's a Monday alright! :P

Okay, so last night, Ian & Ashley had their date! Say it with me..awwww...okay, you can stop now because it was seriously so awkward to watch. lol They were using each other to get information from each other, or so it seemed, and Ian offered a Final 2 with Ashely..which she declined & said it's too early in the game right now. Ian talked to the cameras afterwards and said he "planted the seed" (there was other audio leaking over him, so I could barely hear him) but I'm pretty sure he was meaning "planting the seed" for a F2 deal with Ash.

Anyways, if ya miss their date, use theFlashback Feeds & start at 9:15pm BBT (12:15am EST) on Camera 1.

Before the date started, Britney & Dan pulled Ian aside and coached him on what to say (such as "You look beautiful this evening.."), and then their date started.

 And in case you're wondering how their date ended, it ended with a nice hug. :) Awww!!!!

Okay, moving on...

Ashely then went & told Janelle about her date with Ian & what they talked about. Then they both did some Willie bashing & talked about how controlling he is & that he needs to lower his ego a bit.
Ian joined the girls a little bit later & Janelle ended up talking about Season 6 and why she made the choices she did, etc.

Ian also tried to downplay his intelligence (..or threat in the game..) by saying that he's book smart but not street smart. (**He even said he doesn't know how to drive.)

Ashley asked him if he won HOH, who he'd put up. Ian didn't say who, but did say she would be safe.

1:45am BBT:
Outside, most of the HG's were playing a game of chardes (for quite awhile!)
Meanwhile, up in the HOH room...

1:45am BBT:
HOH Room
Talk is all over the place...from Ashely saying that Ian is gonna vote Kara out, to Jojo saying that Danielle has "no game" and will be the ultimate floater.

4:15am BBT:
HOH Bathroom
Willie/Ashley (Jojo is sleeping on the HOH bed.)

Willie talks about how their teams (Team Brit/Team Jani) need to stick together because they'll be safer that way & says that as long as they (both teams) keep winning HOH's, they'll be good & that he wants to get to Final 6 with both teams. (**Pipe dream, my friend.)

Willie then said that on Wednesday when they have another group meeting, to pay attention to how hard Janelle is pushing to keep Kara and that it's because its a "vote to keep Wil" and how Jani wants Wil to get far in the game. (**Huh??)

They go outside so that Willie can smoke.
Ashley tells him to keep their alliance (Ashley/Willie's) a secret. (**How many alliances does Willie have now?? lol)

Willie then asked Ashley to get Ian to keep him (Willie) if he goes up on the block next week.
Ashley said she could get Ian to save him if that happens. Ashley asked Willie if he's gonna tell any of this to Britney and Willie said no because she'll just go tell Janelle.

And that's it for The Overnighter!! Basically, Willie is still very paranoid that people are gonna be gunning for him hard this week coming up if nobody in Britney's or Jani's team wins HOH, so he's making alliances, smooth talking girls, and telling others to make sure he's safe. It's too much. He needs to calm down.

Alright, as of 8:11am BBT, the houseguests are sleeping..with the exception of Frank, Boogie, and Joe. 

8:13am BBT:
Frank/Boogie are now talking on the backyard couch. I'll start a morning post shortly! :)

Stay tuned...

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James said...


I noticed new intro music on last nights episode. I kind of like the change up.

Also, I actually think that Willie is playing a pretty good game considering he is going to be a big target. He is onto Janelle and that she is not fully on his side. I think he can actually "coach" Britney on that fact.

James D.

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