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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Morning/Afternoon

  WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!  What a wild night last night!  And Jamie covered it all very well!
Let's see how things are going today.

A little after 10am BBT 
Dan is in the BY alone, talking to us live feed viewers, recapping last night and some other house happenings.  He tells us Joe is scrambling, and that both Ian & Ashley read a reality TV book before coming on BB.  He says Janelle is lying mnore than ever, Boogie is not trustworthy, and Frank has got to go.  Dan says how it's his fault the house lost pool privileges for 3 days because he was playing some game and a glass bowl broke.  BB had to drain the pool, clean it, add more water & chemicals, etc.  *they get the pool back today)
Feeds go to fishes as BB wakes up HG's and makes announcements, like fresh batteries in the storage room.

10:39-ish BBT
When feeds come back on, Boogie is now in the BY alone, talking to the cameras!
He tells us that just a bit earlier, Joe told Boogie that he wants to talk with his players later about a deal where if they keep him 2 more weeks, he'll take himself out of the game.  Then Dan comes out to the BY again, so talking to the camera stops.
Boogie tells Dan about what Joe said, but before Dan can respond, Joe joins them and game talk stops.  They start talking about flies, and fishing, and sports, and that continues for quite a while.

HG's are waking up, having breakfast, easing into the day.  Most say they felt like they went to a party last night but didn't drink and have no hangover! 

11:38 (ish) BBT   Brit & Shane in HOH room (briefly
Brit tells Shane that he & Danielle need to stick together (as far as game play goes).

Sidenote:   Britney mentioned this before, and again this morning....
She tells how wouldn't it be funny if the next HOH game was "Guess The Jodi's"  LOL!!!
In her best Julie Chen voice, Brit describes the com:
There will be many "Jodi's passing by on a conveyer belt.  When you think you can identify the HG Jodi, press your buzzer.  The first person to currectly identify the correct Jodi is the new HOH.  (they often joke how Jodi was in the house so briefly, they don't know her last name &  would have a hard time recognizing her among a line of look-alikes!  They mentioned Jodi a lot last night during the sushi party, they toasted her.)

3:19 (ish)   Brit & Janelle on BY couches camera 1
Janelle tells Brit that Frank said if he wins the BB game, he'll buy her a dress that she said she liked.  Brit thinks Frank likes Janelle (ya know, in THAT way!)  Janelle said that she thinks he'll juts say whatever he thinks will work.  Brit reminds Janelle how in the past, Frank told Jani she had an amazing body, and again Brit says she thinks Frank likes jani.  Jani said she told him she was uncomfortable with those things, and told Brit her hubby would not be happy with Frank saying those things, so she's trying to stop them.

Joe is in the kitchen preparing dinner, Jani, Brit, Dan outside, others are not an camera.  So far there's been a lot of relaxing by or in the pool. 

And that's it for me!  The show will start in about an hour or so.
I'll tell ya, I was so glad I had the live feeds last night!  I wanted to go to bed, but I couldn't stop watching with everything that was going on!  I love that I also get $10 of music downloads and access to news & interviews on Superpass.  Worth my entertainment dollars, for sure!  :)

UPDATE:  Brit/Dan/Boogie in BY, camera 3 after 3:45pm BBT
Boogie tells the other 2 about Joe thinks he'll be in the media after the show.  He also tells them about how Joe wants to talk with Boogies' players.  Then Brit tells of how Joe laid on the guilt to Brit, saying he'll make any deal she wants, that he wants at least 2 more weeks in the house.  It seems important to Joe to stay at least 2 more weeks.

Stay tuned...

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Anonymous said...

My guess is Joe figures the coaches are coming into the game so 2 more weeks after this week would at least put him on the jury.


Anonymous said...

My guess is Joe figures the coaches are coming into the game so 2 more weeks after this week would at least put him on the jury.


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