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Saturday, July 14, 2012


Gooooood morning, BB addicts!! :D I am well rested & ready to blog all day & night for y'all! Thanks for being so patient. (Been having sleeping problems due to a bad

Alright, the houseguests are up & moving around, so I'm gonna make this into a lite/cliffnotes version if you don't mind (since nothing major happened anyways) and we'll dive into the Morning Report. (I'm gonna try to match my sleeping schedule with the HG's, like I do every year. It's day 2, still need some time to adjust.)

Okay, let me go get some noteworthy notes together real quick and I will start posting!

Note about Flashback:
Yesterday, Superpass rolled out the BB14 Flashback Feeds but then fans quickly noticed that the time for the Flashback Feeds was wonky. I post in "BBT", which is "Big Brother Time", or PT. So if you live in Central Time or Eastern Time, y'all need to adjust your Flashback times. Example: 11am BBT = 2pm EST. I really, really hope Superpass fixes this glitch asap.

Oh, and if you used BB Lite last year (which I loved!!!!) to watch the feeds, then you probably noticed how it's not working this year. That's because it was never updated. HOWEVER, I have some good news for ya: Superpass is trying to work with them to get it back up & running!! Here's what BB Lite on Facebook had to say:

"*UPDATE* We have gotten ahold of Real Networks and will be working through this."

 Yayyy!! :D I will keep you guys updated on any news about that.

The Overnighter:

*Brit & Jani are trying to not only get Kara to go this week as planned, but to get Dan out of the game. Why? Because they think at some point all the vets will be able to play the game! They let it slip out last night during a convo in the HOH room. With Dan's team player Jodi already gone, and Kara seemingly just as good as gone, that only leaves Dan with 1 player left-Danielle. (Btw, I heard Danielle being called "Debbie Downer" on Twitter and just thought that was a perfect name for her lol)

*I was Tweeting on Twitter last night and watching the feeds on my phone (LOVEEE!!) and was so excited to see that they brought the pool table back:

It wasn't in the backyard at the time of the house tour, so I was wondering if BB got rid of it or not. Nope! :) Still there. Moving on..

*Frank suggested taking Danielle out after Kara goes, to get rid of Dan's team and essentially, Dan himself.

*Wil was STILL bitching about how Jojo taking his beer from 2 days ago. (Let it go, man!! lol)
*Ian can, literally, kick himself in the head. He showed the HG's last night in the backyard.

*Yesterday, Boogie talked to Ian for a long time about how to act, how to have a good social game, etc etc, but he's afraid none of it sank in. (**When Ian started kicking himself in the head, Boogie gave a look as if he was thinking "I just talked to him about how to act, and he does this?" lol)

*Dan is trying to save Kara from going home this week. He told her & Danielle to talk to Shane (the POV winner) & tell him that Frank is a big threat and to use the veto on her to take her off the block.

Okay, that's about it from last night!! No showmances, no fights, no change in plans for eviction this week. But, the week is still young and we're a far cry away from Thursday's live eviction day, so anything can happen! :D

Starting the morning post now!

Stay tuned...

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Kim M said...

Glad to hear they are trying to fix BBLite. I much prefer watching the feeds via that!

kelsey said...

Yea you can watch it on the go

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