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Monday, July 23, 2012

Afternoon/Early Evening in the BB House

Good afternoon to all of you!! Today was the Veto Ceremony and in case you missed the very non-shocking results, Danielle was the replacement nom after Shane (the POV winner) took himself off the block.

Jani's team wants Danielle to stay and Jojo to get up & outta there! Speaking of Jojo..Britney pulled Jojo (her team mate) aside today and told her to stop talking about sex so much to the HG's and that it's making them feel uncomfy. (*lol) Brit said to lay low and stay quiet the next couple of days. Jojo said ok.

There was very little game talk in the early afternoon. Joe still thinks its a good idea to knock out Dan's last player, and essentially Dan but then changed his mind after talking to Frank...he thinks it'll be just as good to have Brit & Dan on the same level of only having 1 player left. Ashley/Jani told Danielle that they're not gonna hang out with her too much over the next couple of days so that it's not obvious that they want her to stay. Joe ran to Janelle after the talk and told her that Frank wants Jojo out, too. Janielle: "That's perfect!" it looks as if Jojo is bye-bye this week. At least right now. lol ;)

Okie dokie, let's turn on the feeds and see what's cookin'!

Currently on the live feeds...

5:30pm BBT:
HOH Landing

Janelle: "So you don't think we'll get to fight for our keys to come back into the game?"
Dan: (shakes his head no)

Dan said that he thinks they'll either all be released in to the game at the same time, or they won't do it at all. Janelle wonders what the HG's reaction would be. (**Btw, Dan is wearing a hat that Memphis gave him.)

5:38pm BBT:
Janelle: "So who do you think will hook up in here?
Dan: "I think Shane would be the most likely.."

Jani said that Ashley and Danielle really wanted a showmance but the eye candy in the house this summer is kinda lacking. (**I second that. With the exception of a married Dan and Shane.)

5:52pm BBT:
Talk is about former BB houseguest Jessie. Dan doesn't think Jani/Jessie would get along. They tease that he should've came back as a coach.

Jani is frustrated because Dan has her in check in their chess game.

All other HG's are either napping, in the kitchen (Joe is making dinner), or on the backyard patio. 
Wil thinks that Britney looks like Polly Pocket. (*haha she does!! That's awesome.)

5:55pm BBT:
HOH Room

Frank is telling Boogie about his talk earlier with Shane on the patio couch this morning, as Boogie eats cereal. (**No, its not fruit loops. ;))

Boogie said that Shane has no clue how to play this game.
Boogie: "We just started! There's so many twists and turns.."

Janelle walks in to get Frank to go workout.

6:04pm BBT:
HOH Landing

Time for another game of chess, this time it's Dan vs Danielle!
Dan is yelling downstairs (to someone? Jenn, perhaps?). He said that Jessie was the best chess player in the house.

Let's go see...

Jenn is in the kitchen helping to make turkey burgers with Joe for tonights dinner.

Outside, Janelle/Wil/Frank are walking back & forth. Janelle is gossiping that Danielle said she doesn't think Shane is that attractive because he "never eats". Even when he got off of slop, he barely ate real food.

They start doing "high knees", per Franks suggestion.
On cam 1/2, Jenn is still helping Joe in the kitchen.

They keep mixing up their worout. 

Frank: "Y'all don't have to do the spirit fingers..."
Janelle laughs. Wil says yes they do. (lol!) 
Next, they do frog leaps.

Janelle: "That's too hard! Let's walk it off.."
They all walk back & forth to cool off.

Cams swith to Britney/Ian playing a game of pool.

Britney: "I'm over this pool dinner. I'm ready for dinner." 

** poll on the right side of the blog! :) 

6:25pm BBT:
Hot Tub

Jenn are talking about her tattoos to Jojo, as Jojo tells her that she wants one of her tats fixed. (It's a butterfly that she got when she was 18 and regrets it.)
A few minutes later, they get up & head inside.

Jojo goes up to the HOH landing to watch Dan/Danielle play chess. Ashley has been there watching for a little bit.
Jenn joins & gives Ashley a massage..she has a knot in her shoulder/back...or as Ashley just called it, "built up energy".

BB: "Jenn, please go to the Diary Room"
Massage is ovahhhh.

6:37pm BBT:
Back outside, Wil/Jani/Frank are walking & talking. (Nothing game related.)

**Okay, I'm gonna log off the night but I'll be back in the morning with The Overnighter! I'll be moderating comments all night & on Twitter here & there. See y'all tomorrow!! :)

Stay tuned...

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