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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cast of Big Brother 14

Here it is, guys & gals..the full cast of Big Brother Season 14!!! :D And because I'm originally from Pittsburgh, PA (w00t w00t!!) I am happy to report that there are 2 houseguests that are from my hometown!! Yayy!!

Also, it's been CONFIRMED by CBS that there are 4 returning houseguests this year:

"In a series first, four of the most successful players in Big Brother history will return to play their own game -- for their own separate prize. The identities of the four returning players and details surrounding their mission inside the house will be revealed during the season premiere on Thursday, July 12th at 9/8c! You won’t want to miss it!"

Looks like the mentors twist is true after all!

It's also important to note that Allison Grodener said, and I quote, ""It's not people from last season". So does that mean no Rachel as a mentor?? Well..if you wanna play on words and be technical, Rachel was originally on BB12, not last years BB13. ;) But who knows. We'll find out in just 1 week!!

If you wanna watch the houseguests interviews, then ya gotta have the live feeds!! That's the only way to see'em this year.

Here are the 12 HG's pictures and bios via CBS: (click on pic to read bios)

Now head on over to the live feeds to view the houseguests interviews!! :D

Stay tuned...

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James said...

Seems like an interesting cast this year but I think that Danielle girl is going to annoy the hell out of me....and I'm unsure how this mentor twist will play out

Anonymous said...

Rachel isnt going to be on there this go around...The Brenchel and Jefordon is played out... NEXT please :)

Michelle Anderson said...

What happened with the Mike guy at the end of the promo, who was the surfing instructor?

Michelle Anderson said...

What happened to the Mike guy at the end of the promo? Maybe that's why cast reveal was delayed...

Anonymous said...

Is there an lgbt player this year?

They really need original casting..Enuf rehashing past seasons..Then a brother of another shows If my third cousins brother in law was on AmazingR, will I get cast? My first boss/gay role model who died of aids bf was on AR, so I get a shot.

Get some more interesting people and diversity. Have they ever had a transexual? A married couple (gay or straight) that the others dont know about; a little person; someone with a prosthetic arm or leg; just some thoughts..Just feel last seasons of BB feel the same..Even games r so predictable that contestants can predict them or practice in advance..frm nature of challenges to gimmicks;face mash; number facts shoot balls etc

Kathie said...

Can't wait until BB starts! It's always one of the highlights of my summer. :-)

And I am so glad there are 2 people from Pittsburgh! I grew up in a small town called Indiana, PA about 50 miles from Pittsburgh. and it's nice to get a taste of home every now and again.

Anonymous said...

For any 90s era Pro Wrestling fans out there the guy Frank with the crazy red hair is the son of former World Champion Sid Vicious/Sid Justice/Psycho Sid.


James said...

I've been posting here for 4 years under the name "James". Looks like there is another James now. If he hangs around, I'll start using James D at the end of the post.

The cast looks promising, but you won't know it's a success until it starts. Also, they said more house guests than ever, but 12 + 4 = 16 which equals BB9. So maybe someone dropped out last minute.

James D

chellekay said...

Michelle, I notice that too, the guy Mike at the end of the promo.

Jamie said...

you guys are very observant! lol ;) Yea, he was replaced.

hummingbrd said...

Jamie thanks for all you do for us on this blog! I can't wait:)

Jamie said...

thank you Hummingbird! :)

bbfan27 said...

new rumor!!! rachel is out of the 4th spot and BRITNEY HAYNES is in! this was confirmed by @crystaleiserman on twitter who confirmed the returning duos for us last year. so excited about this possibility! i love britney!

Anonymous said...

Britney was hilarious but I'd hardly consider her meeting the description used of one "of the most successful players in Big Brother history". Boogie, Janelle, Dan, Rachel, Britney; in terms of that description I'm sorry but one of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong.

Boogie: played twice, member of one of if not the best alliances in BB & reality show history, winner BB7AS

Janelle: played twice, won 6 HOHs and 7 POVs, finished 3rd both times

Dan: played once, won BB10, generally widely considered one of the top 3 BB game players

Rachel: played twice, won 6 HOHs and 2 POVs, winner BB13

Britney: played once, had funny DRs, finished 4th getting duped by the Bra-Gade (yuck)


James said...

Uhg! Can't stand Britney Haynes. Would much rather have Rachel. What does Britney know about the game anyhow? She was clueless until she the night before she was evicted. I just don't understand how the mentors are going to mentor. Why should the new HG's listen to them?

James D

James said...


Looking forward to BB14 at at your blog. Just signed up for the live feed through your site. Thank you so much in advance for all your hard work.

James D

James said...

Sorry @ James! I've been posting as anon for a few years and finally decided to use my name. First come first serve so I will try to change mine lol.

I mostly agree with sajam...While I do like seeing some of the vets, I would prefer either a full on All-Stars or all newbies. I can't judge how this mentor situation will be yet but I have to say I'm not too excited about it.

I also like sajams idea of a transexual and/or little person, amputee, married gay couple, etc. It would be interesting to see BB do an entire season's cast from all minority groups.

Trevor said...


anybody but Rachel.

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