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Friday, July 27, 2012

Waiting on the Coaches Comp...

Happy Friday afternoon, BB addicts! The morning in the BB house was kinda dull..only a couple of things worth mentioning. (The HG's are still waiting around for the coaches comp to start. Currently on the live feeds, Jani is getting a shoulder massage from Wil.)

This morning, as promised, Joe made Shane and Britney a "Royal Breakfast", aka a** kissing breakfast lol), and served them promptly at 9am BBT. (Joe nearly tripped up the spiral staircase going up to the HOH room.)

Joe: "Good morning, Sir Shane."
Shane: "Sir Shane??"
Joe: "This is your wakeup Royal Breakfast."
Shane: "Oh get the hell outta here..." (he's giggling)

Shane: "This is ridiculous..Thank you, man."
Joe heads downstairs to get him some silverware.

Joe comes back up.
Joe: "Breakfast for the king of the house!"

Joe goes into the coaches suite and wakes Brit up.

Joe: "I have breakfast for the queen of the house..."
Britney took a piece of bacon and then fell back asleep. lol :P

Shane shakes Joe's hand before he leaves and says 'thank you'.

10:17am BBT:
There's been a lot of random chit-chat this morning coming from the HG's in the living room area. Boogie & Dan start talking about the bible. Boogie reads a passage that has to deal with 'finding gold' will lead you away from doing good. Boogie told Dan he just give up trying to win money on BB. lol

Dan jumps up on the couch..

Dan: "Ladies & gentlemen, Mike Boogie has just read the bible, and hell has just frozen over."
Everyone laughs.

Okay, lets see what's currently going on on the live feeds...

11:58am BBT:
Living Room
Britney/Boogie/Shane/Dan/Jenn/(?? in hoodie)
Boogie name drops for the millionth time this morning and boom...we get fishies on the screen. (**Stop it, Boogie!)

12:00pm BBT:
Janelle/Wil are in the Arcade Room talking.

Janelle told Wil that if he goes home this week, she'll be so devastated that she'll wanna leave the game. They then did some Britney bashing...talked about how they're sick of her i-know-everything attitude. (**Last night, they were both bashing Britney. Janelle wonders why Brit's even a coach, when Dan/Boogie won, and Jani placed in Final 3 twice.)

Talk turns to how Janelle sells Mary Kay makeup and about her baby.

Their convo ends & they leave the arcade room.

12:10pm BBT:
All HG's waiting for the coaches comp to begin. (**Hurry up BB! Let's get this show on the rooooadd!!)

12:18pm BBT:
HOH Room

Shane is telling Frank that Joe threw him under the bus and wants him out (Franks not surprised), but that Shane wants to "stay true to his word" and not get Frank out. Shane says that Wil is his #1 target this week. Frank suggested to put up Joe/Wil. Shane threw out possibly putting up Ian/Wil.

Frank said that if they work together, they could just steam roll through the game, taking turns winning comp after comp and saving each other.

Britney walks in.
They talk about Joe making them breakfast this morning. Frank said Joe is so "transparent".

Brit walks out. (BB called her to change batteries. Her mic sounded fine, probably just BB trying to stop Britney from talk-blocking Shane/Frank.)

Shane/Frank talk alone. (Seems like Shane/Frank are making a solid side alliance, at least on Shanes part.)

Britney re-enters a minute later.
Frank said now that he knows that Joe is throwing him under the bus, he can use that as ammo next week if he wins HOH.

Britney tells Frank no matter what, they will not blindside him. (aka backdoor him) Frank appreciates that.

Frank leaves.
Britney tells Shane to be careful with telling people (like Frank) info.

Britney: "Okay so this is what we tell'em..we say that we will nominate Frank & Wil, if Boogie wins the coaches comp, then Wil needs to go."

Shane said he can trust Frank 100%.
Britney: "Well then he's an asset now, and a liability later."

12:40pm BBT:
Britney wants to "create friction" by having Shane nominate 1 player from Jani's team and 1 player from Boogie's team.

Shane tells Brit about Joe talking to him last night about how he said he wants Frank out and that they have the votes to get him out.

Shane agreed.

12:52pm BBT:
Arcade Room

Boogie & Frank have been talking on Cam 2 for a while. Boogie suggested they get close to Danielle this week since she's the swing vote. (**Good luck. I think she's pretty attached to Shane.)

Boogie wants to tell Shane "be a man of your word" and how Shane promised that their team would be safe this week.

1:07pm BBT:
A look at the feeds...

Cams 1 & 2: 
Ian/Boogie/Janelle are in the Arcade Room. Ian said he'd do 1 more week of being a Have Not (voluntarily).   Boogie hates that the person they wanted out this week (Shane) is the HOH.

Cams 3 & 4:
Brit/Dan/Shane/Danielle are in the HOH room, talking about the fact that Britney's only player left is Shane and he's HOH, so she's only playing in the coaches comp to block the other coaches from winning, PLUS..Britney thinks she might be able to pull a HG from another team. (**Doubt that would happen.) They go over what-if scenarios and who they'd pull. Shane mentions Frank. Dan said "somebody who would play for you".

BB: "Mike (Boogie), please go to the Diary Room."
Boogie leaves.

1:21pm BBT:
**Okay guys, I'm gonna take a break for a while. The coaches comp is coming up shortly & then the feeds will be off for hours as they play the comp. I'll update in a couple hours or so with any info! Follow me on Twitter, I love to chit-chat over in Twitter land with y'all! :) Until then, enjoy the feeds!!

Stay tuned...

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Anonymous said...

I hope that Dan does not throw the competition again. That is old and played out. He deserves to go home.

CASAMATX said...

I wish we knew how long trivia is going to be going the music is getting to me lol I hope coaches don't come back in!

kelsey said...

They prob. Will casa

kelsey said...

I agree tyrnn... He better not of because I hate when he does that

kelsey said...

I agree tyrnn... He better not of because I hate when he does that

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