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Monday, July 30, 2012

Afternoon (Veto Ceremony Results)

Good afternoon, BB addicts!! At 11:20am BBT  the live feeds went to trivia for the Veto Ceremony. Operation "Backdoor Frank" is still going full steam ahead! What will the aftermath be like? Will Boogie and/or Frank blow up? We shall find out!! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

12:26pm BBT:

Ashley is off the block and; 
is the replacement nom!

12:28pm BBT
Boom Boom Room

Boogie: "Man, this GAME! I wanna f**kin' shake the kid. Did you know that was gonna happen??"

Boogie wants to talk to Dan. Dan wants to wait until things calm down in the house.
Boogie: "Now we gotta f**kin' sweat for 4 days when we will chilled."

Frank/Boogie take Ian into the Sneakers Room to talk.

Frank: "You can't give magic 8 ball answers! Yes or no answers. That's what got me on the block."
Ian: "I didn't wanna write checks that I couldn't cash! I should've been up. I was just asked if I put Shane up and I said no, absolutely not!"
Frank: "We have to keep it cool. Cool heads prevail."

Boogie: "If (Frank) goes, Shane WILL win this game! He'll win everything. He'll win every HOH, every POV, and go to the finals."

Frank: "They don't trust your vote because you (Ian) give wishy washy answers."
Boogie: "We'll get through this."
Frank: "We're not at mad at you (Ian)."

They both hug Ian.

Frank said that there was a rumor that him (Frank) and Wil had a Final 2 deal, but things "will be okay".

Boogie and Ian said they just gotta trust Danielle (to vote their way).
They end their convo at 12:38pm BBT.

12:40pm BBT:
Up in the HOH room, Ashley/Janelle/Britney are talking. 
Britney said they have to stay on top of Danielle and not let Boogie corner her and change her vote.
Janelle suggests that Danielle just spend the week in the HOH room with Shane. Ashley said Dan won't let her (Dani) stay up in the HOH room. lol

Janelle: "Dan does not want Shane and her to be in a showmance. He blocks it, constantly. Just let her have some fun!"

Shane comes in and Ashley hugs him and thanks him for taking her off the block.

Shane: "I've never seen Jenn this pissed off before! She won't even LOOK at me!"

Shane and Britney compare notes with talking with Boogie after the veto ceremony. They both told Boogie that they couldn't trust his team to have 3 votes this week. Boogie said "Okay, okay, okay" and that he understood.

Britney: "As long as Wil and Danielle don't budge, Frank's gone."
Shane: "You have to make Joe still act like he's going home."
Janelle: "I will, I will."

Shane said that Frank is acting like everything is okay because it's logical (to not leave Boogie's team with a 3 votes).

Meanwhile, downstairs...
Boogie has his head in his hands.
1:08pm BBT:
Wil/Ashley/Shane/Britney/Janelle are talking about how "intense" the veto ceremony was.

Downstairs, Frank/Jenn are talking in the Sneakers Room.
Frank is telling Jenn why he's on the block..that there was a final 2 rumor of Frank/Wil, and Frank/Shane (which he denied, though he only had a F2 deal with Shane) and that he's on the block because they didn't want Boogie's team to have 3 votes. He tells Jenn that if she ever feels out of the loop, to come to him.

1:26pm BBT:

Dan is whispering to Danielle (since Boogie is running by them).

Dan: "Boogie is gonna ask you why you didn't talk to me before (this all happened). Tell them you couldn't find me in time."

A minute later, Dan gets up and whispers for Danielle to get in the pool with him.
He goes first. She follows a coupe of minutes later. Frank is nearby now, working out. When Dan finally starts talking, about 5 minutes later, you can't hear a word they're saying.

Boogie ends up joining in them in the pool and again, can't understand a word. lol They're whispering a lot.

1:55pm BBT:
Janelle/Wil are laying down in the sneakers room, talking about how well the day has went so far and how happy they are with Frank being on the block.

Frank comes in at 1:57pm BBT. Jani asked how his workout was. He said it was "hot and spicy outside" and he got a good workout in.

Frank: "I'm not gonna ask for your vote, Wil. I expect you to vote with Joe. I won't hold it against you."
Wil: "You've been really good to me, Frank. I appreciate that."
Frank: "In case I go to jury, I just wanted you to know that. Alright, I'm gettin' in the pool!"

Janelle commented on how nice Frank is being. Wil said he told Jani that's how he's gonna be..he's gonna play the nice card.

Frank walks back in the bedroom...
Frank: "Oh and Wil, I just found this out this morning, but supposedly I have a final 2 deal with you. I guess I have a final 2 deal with everybody." (laughs)
Wil: "See you at the end, buddy!" (they both laugh)

2:05pm BBT:
On Feeds 1 and 2: Dan/Boogie/Danielle are in the pool. Little talking, but can't hear anything. (No mics on them.) Frank is poolside.

On Feeds 3 and 4: Jani/Wil are talking. Going over scenarios. Happy with todays turn of events.

**Okie dokie, I'm gonna take a blogging break! I'll be back with the afternoon part 2 post later on! Enjoy the feeds!!

Edit: I'll be back tomorrow morning with The Overnighter, guys. The feeds have been pretty calm the past couple of hours. Currently, the HG's on inside lockdown, but they think it'll be over soon because usually BB tells them when they're gonna be on lockdown for an extended period of time. I'll see y'all tomorrow morning!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Ashley Williams said...

Can't wait to read all about it!! :-) It's gonna be AWESOME!! Either way - if he puts Frank up, Frank and Boogie will freak. If he doesn't, Britney will freak. It'll be a good day either way. Haha!!

daryl42 said... we're talking. Finally the plot begins to thicken!

Jamie F. said...

Boogie's reaction isn't as bad as envisioned it would be...he must think he probably going into the game to play for himself.

shana said...

OMG!! I'm so mad! Frank/Shane would have been the best alliance! They could've took out everyone even the coaches. Without them one of them coaches will win the game! I now hate Shane!

Trevor said...

Dan is freaking me out with the Danielle control.

Karma baby said...

Hey Jamie ur the best

Karma baby said...

Hey Jamie ur the best,been reading ur blog and tweets 4 eveh

Karma baby said...

Can u plze answer what &amp means?

Jamie said...

thanks karma baby! :D

Jamie said...

&amp is a coding problem. Its supposed to be "&" .like Jani & Brit. Its bloggers coding error.

Gross said...

Love this game. Proud of Shane.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Frank and Boogie bought the whole putting Frank up because of Ian stuff and he's taking the heat from them over Shane.

I think it'd be pretty funny if the coaches have to compete with the evicted HGs to get into the game and pushing so hard to evict Frank actually ends up costing Janelle if he beats her in the comp to get back in the game.


Brandy said...

I also think Shane and Frank would have made an amazing alliance.

I think Dan is a little obsessive with Danielle.

Kelly said...

I personally think Danielle should vote to keep Frank. Shane could blame it on Danielle, and then both sides of the house would be loyal to either Shane or Danielle which means they wouldn't be put together and the one who's not has a chance to win POV and save them both

Anonymous said...


I think Dan is doing a great job coaching Danielle as it's not just about strategy with who to put up and who to evict but social game as well. Dan knows a public showmance puts a huge target on you and that annoying habits like always interrupting and one upping other's stories can be a deciding factor in voting you out or not voting for you to win in the end.

Boogie did the same thing with Ian early in the game when his behavior was turning people off. Janelle did a great job this week with her players coaching them up on how to behave this week. It's a big part of the reason Brit has been so outclassed as a coach. As she did nothing but fan Willie's crazy paranoid flames. And maybe she should've sat down and had a talk with JoJo about her incredibly annoying habit of saying "Yeah I know" or "you don't think I know that" every time anyone told her anything. Instead she did one of her patented funny DRs about it which did them both a whole lot of good when JoJo followed Willie out the door.


Anonymous said...

I think this move that Shane just made to get Frank out of the house will be great for the small players in this game. Now, this week, the "nobodies" can get out a strong player, Frank. Then next week they can take out Shane no problem (even if Jani says she likes him.) after those two are gone it pretty much leaves the door wide open for nobodies of this game. Also, if the coaches are coming back, it makes the game even easier for them also.
Maybe I'm looking at it all wrong, but that's how I see all of this falling into place.

Anonymous said...

Ok is it me or is Danielle a psycho?? She seems like she is crazy obsessed with Shane! It seems like she can already picture herself marryin him after Bb ends. Does Shane like her as much as she seems to like him Jamie? Does anyone else see this?

jen said...

With Frank leaving and the coaches coming in, we're going to get an All Stars repeat. It'll be the Boogie-Janelle show down. Very dissapointing.

Anonymous said...

To me, it seems like Danielle is the typical insecure, easily attached and emotional girl that comes along with girls who experience rough childhoods. If I remember right, Danielle was the one who talked about the issues with her father, and of that's the case I would think this is definitely the reason for her emotional insecurities.
Even though I can understand her, I still believe that she needs some help or something so she can move past this because that is NOT a good way to be around men.

Erin said...

@OpenID af5fdc70-dabd-11e1-b19b-000bcdcb5194 -

I don't know that Danielle is psycho... but I thought she didn't like Shane and that in earlier postings on here, that Shane didn't like her. that he made fun of her, etc behind her back? I don't think there is a showmance or anything. I just think that they are 2 young, very attractive people. Who are bored. I think Dan telling her to steer clear is brilliant.

Digiam42 said...

I agree. Another year of the big player knocking each other out so a floater can win the game. If im a coach and have even a little hint that we are coming into the game then im gonna be all for getting the b ig players out. Shane doesnt see it but britney's little wanna be a big brother shot caller attitude is about to get his butt sent home. Think about it. He has won almost every comp hes been in. Who in there right mind is going to keep him especially now that his word means nothing as well. Frank will go but shane will be gone next week. To big a move to early. He also could have thrown that first pov. He had no need to put himself on the radar like he did.

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