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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Overnighter

Good afternoon, BB addicts & Happy Sunday to y'all!! As you can see, I'm getting a super late start to my day, but I'll still gonna get the Overnighter done & then I'm gonna have SuzieQ take over for the rest of the afternoon until tonights 8pm/EST show. :)

Last night was W-I-L-D on the live feeds!! And no, I'm not being sarcastic! lol There was drinking, spin the bottle, kissing, and nakedness! I'll be covering as much of that as possible in the Overnighter.

Okay, let's hop to it!!

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which come with yourlive feeds pass!! :D (Plus you get mobile feeds free!)

8:50pm BBT:
Cam 3
It's time for their Sushi Party that they won!! They go through and pick out/identify which sushi is which. Danielle seems like a first timer at sushi, asking a lot of questions.

All of'em: "Thanks, BB!!"

They each got 2 drinks/each, as well.
Boogie: "This is sweet!"

9:19pm BBT:
Cam 1

Inside the BB house, the HG's that didn't win the Sushi party are getting their own party started, courtesy of BB for supplying 6 beers and a bottle of wine. Wil comes out dancing in his black underwear, and captains hat and jacket.

Wil: (singing) "It's my birthday, gonna get my birthday suit mm.."
Ashely comes in and drinks a beer. The HG's gave Wil the bottle of wine since it was his birthday.

Ashley & Wil then dance..
Frank/Jenn/Ian/Wil/Ashley/Joe are all in the kitchen drinking.
Frank shot-gunned a beer, as the other HG's cheered "Go! Go! Go!"
Wil wants to teach Frank the dance him and Ashley just did.
Frank: "Let's do it.."
Ian, in keeping with the fun themed night, decided to swith his normal clothes for some blue boxer briefs instead. Ashley high fives him as they all cheer.

9:50pm BBT:
Cam 1
The Sushi Party is over & all the HG's meet up in the kitchen. Janelle and Britney brought in left over dessert (cake) from the party to share with everyone. Dan brought some drinks. Janelle and Wil start having a cake fight.

Janelle then got Ian involved by playfully smashing some cake in his face.

10:07pm BBT:
Ian goes semi-streaking in the house! Nothing but a cowboy hat over his goodies.
 The all cheered him on & clapped...

HG's: "Ian!! Ian!! Ian!!"
10:11pm BBT:
Wil: "..we're gonna blow the roof off this motherfu**er!!!"
All HG's roar with excitement and cheer, as Wil finishes his bottle of wine..

Wil: "Let's play spin the bottle!"

Jenn spins first. It lands on Janelle. Everyone cheers them on.
Janelle: "I'm a married woman!"
Janelle gives Jenn a peck, the houseguests let out a big "aww..." in disappointment. lol

Next is Ashley/Boogie. (*Boogie used way too much tongue. Eww. lol)
Shane's next.
Shane spins the bottle and it lands....on himself! lol
They all choose Danielle.
And here it is ladies & gents, Shane & Daneille's first kiss.

Next up is Frank!
It lands on Jenn. He gives Jenn a nice hug and peck on the cheek.

Now it's Ian's turn!! They force it to land on Ashley. lol

HG's: "Iiiii an! Iii an!!"

Jenn: "Oh my god! That's one of the best things that's ever happened in this house..." (*lol)

Wil's turn! Dan & Boogie go hide in the Arcade Room, but then Britney dragged them out.
It lands on Boogie. lol

They hug & Boogie wishes him a Happy Birthday. Wil planted a little kiss on his cheek.

10:23pm BBT:
After the party simmers down, Daneille and Janelle talked in the bathroom. Danielle is still on cloud 9 from the Shane kiss.

Danielle: "Did it look real? Did it look fake? What did it look like?" (giggling)
Britney enters.

Britney: "How did it go?" (re: the kiss)
Danielle is being really shy..
Danielle: "Don't look at me like that!" (giggling)

Britney: "Showmantic!"
Ashley comes in and they ask how her kiss with Ian was. She said he grabbed the back of her head and kinda forced the kiss, but she's laughing and taking it as a good sport. She didn't expect Boogie to use tongue and now she feels like slutty for kissing Boogie and Ian. Talk turns back to Danielle.

Janelle and Ashley are saying Danielles kiss was nice. She said it was too short.
Ashley: "I would've rather kissed Frank!"
The girls rush her screaming and laughing.
They pull her out of the bathroom and dragged her into the dining room area where Frank is and tell him that she wants to kiss him. The boys are all chanting "Frank! Frank! Frank!"

Frank stands up & is ready! lol They kiss.
Ashley is one very happy gal. ;)
10:35pm BBT:
Wil goes streaking into the backyard and into the pool!


During this time, BB gave the HG's more wine and Dan pulled Danielle away from it, not letting her drink it. (He didn't think it'd be a wise idea for her to get drunk. Britney agreed.)

10:37pm BBT:
HOH Room

Danielle is obessing over her & Shane's kiss. (**Uh oh, stage 5 clinger. lol)

Danielle: "I felt like he didn't wanna kiss me again!"
Britney: "I don't think he wants to kiss you in front of a whole bunch of people.  But that's a good thing!"
Danielle: "Unless he thinks I'm a bad kisser!"
Britney: "Dan is just trying to be protective and look out for you."

10:45pm BBT:
While Danielle is changing, she has a little bit of a nip slip. Britney said that Dani/Shane should have "pillow talk" about the kiss.
11:57pm BBT:
HOH Room

Dan and Britney are telling Danielle to calm down with the showmance with Shane.
Shane said that Britney is being "a little over the top". (*Ooo! lol) Shane suggests maybe having Wil spend the night in the HOH bed with him to throw the HG's "Way off." :P Brit & Dan said that a showmance won't be good for their game play & that they'll always be targeted as a pair and go up on the block together.

Dan & Britney give Danielle/Shane some parental advice. lol

Dan: "As your Big Brother father,  your curfew is in 30 mins."
Britney: "I"m about to wash my face, brush my teeth, and send her packin'."

Dan leaves.

Danielle (to Shane): "Do you really think that I'm being more jealous than usual?"
Shane doesn't answer. He compalins about the carbonated water he's drinking and how it tastes like crap. (*lol)
Shane/Britney start talking a movie, ignoring Danielles question. She looks furious. lol
She keeps asking Shane if she's too jealous, he doesn't answer..keeps dancing around the question. The feeds auto-swith to Jani/Wil on the hammock in the backyard.

12:48am BBT:
Ashley/Danielle are up late, talking about the night.

Danielle said she doesn't want a showmance. Ashley said that the kiss from Boogie was not good. (**haha!)

They then go to sleep, with Danielle apparantly spooning Ashley.

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D Up next, is SuzieQ for the Afternoon post, and then I will be back 15 mins before tonights show at 8pm EST to open up the chat room! :D

Stay tuned...

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kelsey said...

Last nights feed was so great... It was funny and fun and exciting to watch :))

C.Montes said...

Is boogie married? I know he has a baby and I was wondering since he used all that tongue last night on Ashley. Lol

hummingbrd said...

Hey Jamie girl U take care of yourself today sweetie and I hope you feel better ! And to SuzieQ thank u for what U will be doing for us today ... I don't know where I would be without this blog to catch me up on what I missed out on with these feeds. (Damn hubby took me out last night ) LOL Joking it was great But wouldn't you know the 1st time I leave and BOOM something good happens lol.... Ok ladies you have a good day and thanks for all you do :)

kelsey said...

No boogie isn't married... He just has a baby with the girl and that's it... The only ones married are Britney, janelle, and Dan... Britney and Ashley also kissed lastnight

Anonymous said...

If the coaches come into the game will Shane get to play for HOH I dont think it would be fair if he could not play

Christine Miller said...

Danielle already didn't have my favor, but she really lost points last night. Stage 5 clinger is right! She was completely obsessing over that kiss. Then she was obsessing over whether she looked fat in her comfy clothes to get sit outside in. Then she just looked desperate trying casually "hang out" in HOH with Brit and Shane when everyone was going to bed. I think BB called Britney into DR on purpose so Shane and Danielle could be alone, so Danielle could make her move. It made for good TV (BBAD) and feeds, but so cringe-worthy. Danielle is obsessive and desperate. I loved how Shane kept his distance from her and agreed with Dan and Brit that a Showmance was not good for the game! Can't wait to see their DR's about last night.

Christine Miller said...

Also, I am glad you mentioned the nip slip. Only because Danielle didn't notice, and right after she changed she said she is always afraid of having a nip slip moment and Britney agreed and said "nip slips last forever." It was kind of quick and they mumbled but I'm sure that's what they said. No one on Twitter seemed to pick up on the slip or what was said. Leave it to Jamie to catch everything!

Annette Darden said...

Wil looks like David Lee Roth in that hat, speedo and jacket :|

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