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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Overnighter (Cliffnotes)

Good morning/afternoon, everybody! :D Today is Tuesday, which means that we could see Shane, the HOH, take some pictures and then do some HOH blogging and tweeting. (Previous seasons, they did on Wednesdays, but they've been doing them on Tuesdays this season.)

I have to haul my butt outta here and head to work pretty soon, but before I do, let's see what happened Overnighter!

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10:15pm BBT:
HG's played vollyeball in the backyard..
they used a big floater ball from the pool.

11:36pm BBT:
Storage Room
Janelle said "lets talk game". She tells him she's been wanting to work with Dan since week 1. Dan said he was too, but she's been ignoring him.

Dan said that obviously Danielle (the swing vote this week) has "something you want", so they talk game. Janelle promises safety for Danielle. Janelle promises Danielle saftey from being nominated, including being a re-nom. She says she's good on her word.

Jani: "Don't you think that getting Frank out is the best move?"
Dan: "Yes, I do. But now that side is gonna be bringing heat, we gotta make sure (Danielle) is taken care of." (re: being safe)
Jani: "She will be.

Janelle then talks about Boogie and how he's a "beast" in comps.
They talk about what if the coaches enter the game.
Dan thinks it'll be only 2 of the 4 coaches entering.
Janelle thinks she'd have better odds staying as a coach because she has 3 players still. Dan agreed.
Dan said if Janelle was a coach, and Dan wasn't, they would still work together.
Jani is sure that Boogie will go into the game, especially if he loses his "#1 player", Frank.

Janelle & Dan said that production asked them in the Diary Room what would they do if they were offered the chance to play the game. Jani says she'll probably say yes to joining the game.

Before leaving the storage room, they re-hash that Danielle will vote Frank out and Janelle and her team will keep Danielle safe next week. Janelle agrees.

Janelle said to wait until Thursday to see if they should work together or not. But will hold up the Danielle is Safe deal.

They have a 1 week deal.

12:45am BBT:
Danielle is still obsessing over Shane. lol She wonders why he's not paying much attention to her. Won't even hug her anymore. Britney told her to ask him.

12:50pm BBT:
Jani tells Joe that Frank is going home this week & that she's bringing her 3 team players "to the end". Joe said that he "owes Shane one" in return for keeping him in the house. Janelle agrees.

1:05am BBT:
Danielle told Dan that Frank has been on her like "white on rice". (**He's been flirting with her and calling names like "Sweet cheeks", etc. Trying to get her vote.)

1:15am BBT:
Joe/Wil/Jani talked about making Ian think that Frank is staying, then vote Frank out as planned, and leave Ian frazzled for the HOH comp. Jani tells Wil if it's between Ian/Wil during this Thursdays endurance comp, to make a deal with Ian.

2:20am BBT:
Danielle told Shane in the HOH room that she is Miss September for the 2012 Harley Davidson Calendar. Shane is impressed. (**I googled it and couldn't find it she's telling the truth or not. I'll dig some more later.)

2:35am BBT:
Danielle got her cuddling from Shane that she wanted.
2:54am BBT:
Ashley told Joe that she thinks "the real Boogie" will come out on Thursday when Frank leaves. (**I agree!)

**And that's it for The Overnighter!!! :D I gotta go to work for a few hours, but I'll be back to blog the afternoon & get us all caught up to speed. Until then, enjoy the feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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babolat said...

I think it's kind of ironic that Danielle has been through the same things that Dan has during his season. He was one of the people targeted from the beginning because of his early friendships and then, after being on the block for about 3 weeks or so, was kind of the swing vote for a while, ultimately sailing to the finish line and winning. Danielle is practically in the same position. Her alliance was targeted in the first weeks, she was on the block, and now she's the swing vote. I'm curious to see whether she ends up in a similar position as Dan did and can ride to the finish like he did. I guess we will see :)

David Morch said...

What happened to the big brother cynic articles? I havent seen one since the beginning of the season.

weeping willow 2000 said...

found this for u Jaime

her Harley Pic is among her modeling pictures

weeping willow 2000 said...

Found this for you Jaime

her Harley Picture is among the modeling pics she has

:) Cindy

Karma baby said...

Hey Jamie thnx 4 that info,btw Dani was telling the truth about her Harley pic's u can get the link off of bb14 Dianawatt,once again looooove ur blog;)

kelsey said...

She is telling the truth because somebody on twitter posted it and it wad her and it talked about the calendar miss september and Harley davidson

Karma baby said...

Sorry I keep posting u but just found it on explore I just viewed them,really don't know who she thinks she is blahhh,instead of flaunting that maybe she shud of told him the truth,that's she's a nurse!!!

Razldazlrr said...

She's pretty and has a great body but I don't think she's super photogenic. She sure does seem to be naive though about men

hummingbrd said...

HEY JAMIE I HAVE A ? What happened with Will they keep talking about he freaked out last night I guess it was something Jani said or did but it is the big convo today between Joe n Jani n Britt ... Darnit I was gone last night and I cant find what they r saying Will freakout session lol ...Thank u sweetie

Hammer said...

Looks Legit:

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