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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Morning in the BB House

Good morning, ladies & gents! If you haven't yet read The Overnighter-Lite, scroll down to the post before this one and get caught up to speed. The HG's have been up & moving around since around 7am BBT, with Boogie being the first to wake up.

Let's dive right into the Morning post!! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

9:54am BBT:
Backyard Couch

Boogie asked Joe where he stands, as far as voting goes. Joe said he's 100% with keeping Frank.

Frank: "I appreash!"

They're talking about Kara being playmate of the year. (**Guess that answers my question on if the HG's know or not. lol) Boogie thinks she might *still* be a playboy bunny still because of where she told Boogie she lives, which ironically is where the Playboy Mansion is. lol Boogie said she told him that she lives with 4 girls in that area (where the mansion is) but that it's a family area, not an area that 4 girls would normally live together..unless it was at the mansion. He also said that Kara said all of this before the feeds went live.

10:00am BBT:
..and feeds cut to fishies, as the boys talk about Kara being a playmate.

10:17am BBT:
Feeds are back! BB was waking the rest of the HG's up. They apparently played "Regulators" by Warren G. (Classic! lol)

Rise & shine, HG's! :D

Talk is about the show The Sopranos. (**huge fan right here!) Boogie is surprised at how many people in the house aren't fans of the show. Kara said her mom ordered The Sopranos DVD off of the internet and it was all in Japanese. She was bummed because that was her Christmas present.

James D. just asked this in the comment section, and I wanna share the question, and the answer with y'all.

" what incentive is there for the newbies to listen to the coaches/ What power do they really have?"

The answer is: None. :) Frank and Willie figured this out late last night, that the mentors fate in the game is in the hands of the newbies, and that the vets have no power over them. This could get rather interesting! ;)

Back to the live feeds...

10:25am BBT:
HG's still waking up for the day, non-game chatter all around.
Willie & Jojo are outside smoking. They just confirmed that tomorrow is the Veto Ceremony.

10:31am BBT:
BY Patio
Jojo/Joe/Willie/(and I think Ashley? All I see is blonde hair..) <--yep, its Ashley!
Talk is all over the place...they did mention how Shane is a strong competitor because of how well he did in the 1st HOH Comp and he won the veto.

Boogie has no joined the BY patio crew.

10:49am BBT:
Storage Room

Boogie talked to Ian in the Storage Room and told him that the girls were complaining about how creepy he is because he's always in the bathroom when the girls are showering. Boogie told him to tell the girls he's sorry and that he didn't know he was doing anything creepy until Boogie told him.

Ian then joins HG's at the dining room table.
Janelle joins a minute later. Chatter is light.

11:01am BBT:
Ian came out of the bathroom and glanced towards the shower and saw Jojo changing clothes and immediately apologized for glancing while she was changing (per Boogie's advice).

11:14am BBT:
Dining Room Table
Janelle/Wil/Kara/Shane/A Teddy Bear :P

Hg's are talking about everything from speculating that HG's might come back, or switching mentors, to how their sleeping schedules are so messed up.

Jojo, with Banana Boat tanning oil in hand, goes outside to go tanning with Danielle.

Meanwhile, up in the HOH room...

Wil/Britney/Willie/Shane/Janelle are talking.
Janelle & Britney said they'll gather up their teams and make sure there's no "fractures" in voting. They wanna make sure everyone is on the same page. Shane confirmed, again, that he is not using the veto. Willie, making sure his butt is covered, told everyone to not think anything of him talking to other people.

Brit told Wil & Shane to throw the HOH to either Joe or or Jojo, if it's between the 4 of them in the next HOH comp.

11:33am BBT:
The HOH crew know that if Ian wins HOH, then "two of them" (from Brit and/or Jani's team) is going up. Talk turns to how Ian can kick himself in the head & how he learned it from watching 'Jackass'.

They're talking about how they CANNOT let Ian win HOH. Janielle comments on how "weird" Ian is. (**Poor kid.)

11:47am BBT:
Ashely joined the HOH Crew. Britney is joking with Ashley, telling her that she (Brit) talked "so much game" to her, but she was high on pain pills and don't remember. lol Britney then talks about how clueless Danielle is in the game.

11:50am BBT:

Meeting in the HOH room!
Everyone is talking about who to get rid of this week: Frank or Kara. Britney thinks this weeks HOH comp will be Q&A. Jojo wants Kara gone. Joe thinks Kara is "cracking", and he really likes Frank but is a threat, so he needs to go. Kara isn't a threat to him.

Janelle wants Kara out because then Dan would be down to only 1 team player, Danielle. Britney agrees.

11:57am BBT:
Britney says everyone loves Dan, nobody likes Boogie & nobody would work with Dan's team & Dan himself, need to go.

12:07pm BBT:
Everyone is talking over each other, giving me a headache. lol :P But it sounds like Willie, Britney, and Jani are convincing Joe that Frank should stay.

They're gunning for Kara this week, and Danielle next week, so that Dan has to go. Shane is not using the veto. They're gonna try to make a "deal" with Frank and tell him they'll keep him if...(fill in the blank with whatever deal they offer), even though they wanna keep him anyways.

**Pretty sure this is all Britney & Janelle's plan to get Dan out of the game so that when/if the vets can play later on in the game, then Dan will already be out of the picture.

Okay, I'm taking a short break & then I'll be starting the afternoon post! Check back around 2pm BBT! Most of the HG's are tanning or swimming outside..lazy day inside the BB house. :P

Stay tuned...

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James said...


Looking forward to the season. I just got back from China and just finished the premier. I now need to start with the live feeds and figure out what's going on. Your posts are a great place to start.

I also suspected that at some point the coaches will have a chance to play the game. I also think that there will be a returning HG because we are already down to 11 on day 1. Not enough for a full season and a double eviction week.

My other big question is what incentive is there for the newbies to listen to the coaches/ What power do they really have?

James D.

Tiffany said...

I keep coming back to the coaches thing. It seems that it would be advantageous to get your team members out of the game (either directly or indirectly through other players). Then, you would have one on one with your coach, versus the coach playing for 3 people. I think Sunday will answer the questions of how/why the coaches will have power (addressing what James was saying earlier). Julie said something about another power coming into the house at the end of the show.

Tanner Wendel said...

Maybe a coach gets put into the game as a player after all of his/her players are out? Maybe production wants the house guests to go after the a good coach thinking they will get them out of the game, but they have actually helped that coach? Does that make any sense?

Tanner said...

I don't know of this makes any sense, but what if a coach become a game player once all of his/her house guests are evicted? Maybe Production wants the houseguests to think that they are getting rid of a coach (for example, Dan) because they see him as a threat, but once all his houseguests are gone, he becomes a bigger threat by becoming an actual game player?

Tiffany said...

Oooh, Tanner, that is such a great point!!! I can't believe Janelle hasn't thought of that. She usually thinks through angles really well.

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