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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Overnighter Lite + Late Morning/Early Afternoon

Hello, BB fans & welome to Wednesday!! We are a short 1 day away from getting a new HOH and new nominees, which means, new drama for the drama. This week, after Willie left, there has been very little game talk and a whole lotta napping and eating. lol (Janelle said she gained 5 lbs already and it's only week 2. :P) I wanna see some yelling, some drama, some tears, some twists!! Bring it on, BB!!

Today, expect Jojo hitting the campaign trail hard & she's gonna need to. Danielle looks like she's set to stay this week. At least for now.

Jojo talked to Joe last night and asked for his vote. In short, he said yes, he Jojo would give him 2 packs of cigarettes. (**What are we, in prison? lol) Joe tells her that if Jojo stays, there's a possibility that her/Joe/Wil/Shane/Ashley can all work together. (**I almost wonder if Joe's gonna vote for Jojo to stay and blame it on Ashley. We'll see!) Anyways, if you wanna watch the convo on Flashback, start a 10:50pm BBT on Cam 4.

By the way, Superpass fixed the feeds last night so that you can just enter in the BBT, and you can now pick any minute of the day, instead of in 5 minute increments. Love it!! :D

Joe told Jojo to not say anything to anyone about their convo, but then she went to Ashely anyways and told her.

Okay, that's it for The Overnighter! Today is the last day for Danielle & Jojo to campaign, so let's see what deals they offer and what kind of sweet talkin' they do!

Morning Post:

10:24am BBT:
Arcade Room
Wil is doing some Ashley bashing & how she's causing trouble, telling people she's voting 1 way but they were worried she was gonna vote the other way. Joe called Ashley a floater. Wil said he might put Ashley on the block if he wins HOH tomorrow. They run through scenarios of what-if's, talk about the coaches comp, etc. Convo comes to an end a minute later.

10:59am BBT:
Kitchen Area
Britney/ Jojo..then Shane

Jojo told Britney about her convo with Joe and how she gave him cigarettes for a vote. Jojo told Brit she wants to tell Frank. Britney advised her not to & that throwing someone under the bus is not the way to go. Jojo thinks Frank needs to know, though. Britney, again, says don't and that it'll just cause drama if Frank doesn't believe her, people will think she's a liar, and then out the door she goes. Brit thinks it'll be a 7-0 vote either way.

11:23am BBT:

Britney is talking about her season. She said that she voted for Lane to win and that Lane was her best friend in the house. Britney said that people can either vote personally or based on game play. She admits to voting personally for Lane because they were good friends. Jojo heads inside to take a nap.

Joe/Frank are running in the backyard.
Shane is working out in the backyard, as well.

Boogie is napping in the sun.
Cams 1/2 are on the Have Not's room where Jojo is about to nap. Ian is there as well, already laying down.

11:30am BBT:
Ian is now up.

11:35am BBT:
Boogie/Ashley are in the kitchen. Ashley is making a smoothie.

Wil and Britney are now in the kitchen as well. Wil comments that the blender sounds like a dying chewbacca. (*lol.) Britney is getting some fruit loops. :P
Boogie said he's working out all the time because there's nothing else to do. (**Is it just me? Or is Ashley/Boogie flirting just a tad? Hm.) By the way, Janelle thinks Boogie has been working out so hard because he knows/thinks the coaches will play the game at some point.

Boogie: "Are you kinda like a hippie chick, Ashely?"
Ashley: "Yea, I'm a modern day hippie."

Ashley said she does mediation and has a "Dream Board". Boogie is intrigued. Ashley describes that a Dream Board is a board you put your dreams on.

Boogie: "Does that work?"
Ashely: "I got an iPhone from it!"

Boogie: "How so?"
Ashley said she was approached by a salesmean asking her to trade her droid in for an iphone and get a new plan & that it worked out because it was cheaper than what she was paying for anyways. Boogie laughed but said they should talk more about the dream board stuff. (He seems genuinely interested.)

Dan is at the dining room table, talking to Boogie/Ashley about his goals he had and that one of them was to get on Big Brother, and he did.

12:15pm BBT:
Cams 1 & 2: Danielle & Shane in the bathroom. Danielle is putting on makeup as Shane lays by her.

Cams 3 & 4: Brit/Dan/Joe/Boogie/Ian/Wil/Ashley are non-game talking. Current topic is landscaping.

1:04pm BBT:
A look at the feeds...

Cams 1 & 2: Janelle & Britney are painting their toenails and talking non-game.
Cams 3 & 4: Jenn/Brit/Dan/Wil/Shane/Ashley/Boogie/Ian are talking non-game. (Currently talking about bands like Fall Out Boy.)

Stay tuned...

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