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Friday, July 20, 2012

Morning in the BB House

Morning in the BB house started off a little slow, but it's quickly shifting into pre-coach comp game talk. (The Coaches Comp takes place today.)

Let's dive right in, shall we? ;)

Currently on the live feeds...

9:58am BBT:
Arcade Room

Jojo/Shane wanna Britney to cut Willie from the team if she wins the coaches comp today. Britney said she's talked to Boogie/Dan last night and that they basically told her that 1 of them (Jojo/Shane/Willie) will be going home this week, and she's not happy that they're trying to back her into a corner & she's gonna try to "figure out something".

Britney: "You (Shane) and Willie are gonna go up if I don't win today."

Britney tells them that whoever wins the POV, if they use the POV, that POV holder is also safe. So if Willie/Shane are on the block, and Jojo wins POV, she'll take Shane off the block.

10:06am BBT:
Britney/Shane/Jojo talk about how they think Willie has some sort of power.
Britney: "If you have a power, you have to use it within 2 weeks. And (B), umm..if he had a power, and we traded him.."
Shane: "Exactly."
Britney: "That would explain why he's so freakin' cocky! Why else would he not humble himself..maybe there was something in the duffle bag."

Britney said she's gotta talk to Boogie/Frank today.
Convo ends. They all leave.

BB: "Britney, please go to the Diary Room."
Britney: "Again?"

Must of been brief, because she's up in the HOH room now.

**Note: The HG's are on inside lockdown as BB sets up for the coaches comp outside.

Britney asks if she can talk to Boogie/Frank alone. Jenn & Wil leave.
Britney asked Frank if there's any other HG's that he's thinking about nominating, other than her 3 team mates (Jojo/Shane/Willie). Frank said the coaches comp is gonna factor into his plans because they don't know what's gonna happen.

Boogie thinks that there's no way that Willie can win BB. Britney highly disagrees and tells Boogie him, of all people, should know how quickly BB changes.

Boogie tells Brit it's gonna be Shane/Willie for noms.

Frank: "I don't a f**k about Dan! I wanna get Willie out!"

Frank said the whole house wants Willie out, so he would't make anyone mad by getting Willie out. Cake walk for his HOH week.

Britney tells them that Shane/Jojo know that Willie is a "sinking ship".

10:25am BBT:
Britney said that up until "the 11th hour", there were 4 votes (plus Willie as the tie breaker) to get Frank out. Boogie asked if it was Ashley that was the 4th vote. Britney said she's not naming names.

10:35am BBT:
Frank tells Britney that even if she won the coaches comp today, he's still gonna put 2 of her people up on the block.

Boogie is more or less trying to scare Britney into not trading any of her players and saying that it doesn't matter because 2 of the 3 of her players, are going up on the block no matter what.

10:50am BBT:
Talk is going around in circles now. Britney is talking about how she tried to control Willie, she knows one of her players is going this week, etc. (By the way, if you haven't already, vote in the new poll on the right side of the blog! Which team are you? Team Willie or Team Frank?)

Britney said that she feels that that only way that Willie would be safe this week, is if she traded him to a different team. Frank said if she traded Willie, to trade with Dan. Boogie said that maybe Willie needs Dan to coach him to be calm and how to play the game.

Gives both the boys a hug.Britney leaves.
Frank said he hopes Britney doesn't trade Willie with someone on their team.
Boogie wouldn't mind if Brit traded with Dan. Frank said that Boogie would "dominate" the coaches comps from here on out if Dan got out of the house.

Shane enters.

11:13am BBT:
HOH Room
Boogie tells Shane to keep the HOH convo between them, Shane says ok. Boogie said if he wins the coaches comp, he's thinking of getting Shane as an option because he sees that he's loyal.

Boogie: "What if I traded for you, and Jojo is a target in 2-3 weeks.."
Shane doesn't really care. lol

Boogie wants to have Frank & Shane on his team..2 strong athletes. 

11:22am BBT:
Boogie is asking Shane if he (Shane) won HOH, who he'd see as a threat. Shane says Frank, if Shane's not on Franks team, because he's a physical threat. He said that Danielle is weak and shows her emotions too much. Shane is unsure about Ashley.

Shane said no matter what team he's on, he's always gonna be loyal to his team. Frank said that if Shane did switch to Boogie's team (if Boogie wins the coaches comp & trades), then Frank wouldn't obviously put up Shane this week on the block.

**Boogie's voice is mind-numbing. I've had enough of the "what if's" scenarios. lol Changing feeds...

11:26am BBT:
Arcade Room

Britney told Willie that she still wants to work with him (Willie) but wants to maybe trade him to Janelle because Brit doesn't think Janelle would get rid of one of her players. Britney said she doesn't wanna traded Willie to Dan, because Danielle is no good for her. She's thinking of trading Willie for Janelle's Wil.

Britney: "I think you'd stay in the game (that way)."

Willie said that even if he got traded, he wouldn't wanna work with his new team, he'd still wanna work with Britney. Britney said that even though Willie would be safe if she traded him, that Jojo/Shane would go up on the block. Willie said he doubts they'd send Shane or Jojo home over Danielle because it'd get Dan out of the game and why wouldn't they take that option.

Britney: "That's the last thing they want, is for me to trade you. And I don't like being told what to do."

Plus if Willie wins POV, he could always take either Jojo or Shane off the block.
Talk turns to who else Britney could trade Willie for. Willie brings up Ian's name.

**Meanwhile in the HOH room, Shane just promised Frank 2 weeks of safety if he stays safe.

Back to Brit/Willie...

Willie is telling Britney that she has to trade with Boogie's team.
Britney: "I don't know if I should trade you or keep you."
Willie: "I think Frank would still try to get rid of me if I was on Janelle's team. You'd have to trade me to Boogie's team."

Willie: "No matter what, I'm still working with you."
Britney: "I know."

They hug before leaving the arcade room.
Brit tells Willie she's gonna act like she hates him (for right now). He says ok.

Britney goes & talks to Janelle in the sneaker bedroom.
Britney says what if she wins the coaches comp. Janelle said to not give her Willie and that she'd be "so pissed" if she got Willie.

**My brain is fried. I need to take a break. lol I'll be back in a little bit. :) Until then, enjoy the feeds!!

Stay tuned...

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Anonymous said...

I don't know why people think Brit would trade Willie for Danielle as that seems dumb to me. Brit has no interest in getting rid of Dan anymore now that Boogie and Janelle are coming after her. And that would really be the only upside in doing it since Danielle isn't really a strong player and although she'll now latch on she isn't really a part of the power alliance. Wil seems like a much better choice of the people mentioned.

Although I'd love to see her trade Willie for Ian so he'd be on Boogie's team with Frank. That should be some real fun. Plus it could cause some drama since Frank wants badly to get rid of Willie which Boogie would now be vehemently against since that'd be 33% of his chance at 100K walking out the door. But why should Frank care about that? I'd love to see what would go down with Boogie's then top 2 players going after each other and how he handles it


Kim M said...


I like that idea! Boogie's bullying tactics annoy me and I'd love seeing him put in a tough spot (oh the irony of him talking about Willie being a bully).

Jamie said...

I hate that Boogie is acting like this is his HOH. He keeps talking over Frank, being condescending to Britney, acting arrogant..ughh.. Go away Boogie!! lol Sorry y'all, I try to be somewhat biased, but I just cant stand Boogie.

Jamie F. said...


AuntCookie said...

Honestly if Brit plays this right she could come out the other end in a more postive position. I think the key here is to figure out what Willie has in "the bag" so to speak. I hope to God that Brit figures out that Boogie is just trying to scare her, he has no real leverage.

Anonymous said...


That's why if Brit wins I'd like to see her trade Willie for Ian cause then what happens with Boogie and Frank? They would now be at odds with each other as far as Willie being the target. Boogie has 3 shots to win 100K and regardless of what he thinks of Willie and his chances to win BB he's not gonna willingly give one of those up especially if he could maybe trade Willie for someone else down the line. Frank however has no reason to care who Willie's coach is as the only 100K he'll care about Boogie getting is the one that comes with him winning and no one else.

I think in general the gameplay of the actual players has been way too tied up in who their coaches are making them a team. With all the talk of eliminating Dan's players to get him out of the game when what does getting Dan out have to do with anyone but the coaches who are playing for a different prize? I'm waiting for most of them to grasp this is still an individual game just the same as always and having a coach doesn't change that and make it a team game. All sports have coaches not just team sports. So this BB concept of coaches needs to be looked at by the players more along the lines of a sport like tennis, boxing or MMA as opposed to football, baseball or basketball. In tennis several players could have the same coach but only 1 player can win the tournament so everyone is out for themselves. So even if another player has the same coach as you if they're a great player and/or a difficult matchup for you to beat you'd be rooting against them in the tournament as they could keep you from winning and your coach winning with another player does nothing for you.


Trevor said...

This team stuff needs to stop!

Trevor said...

Brittany and her team need to just lay low this week and not talk to anyone, let the other teams self destruct, but nope they continue to talk and plot.

Carrie Senay said...

What's with all the semi celebs/celeb relations this season?
Kara is a playmate whos been on The girls next door and Keeping up with the Kardashians (she was Robs blind date if I remember right)
Jenn was in the band Kittie
Shane is not only a house flipper but a Cosmo model
Frank is the son of Pro wrestler Sid Vicious
And well, ,Willie is yet another Hantz on CBS.

What happened to "normal" people being house guests?

Amanda Kennamer said...

@ Carrie....I totally agree.

And I was wondering what was up with all the "love you" chatter between Brit and Willie and the fact that she is friends with Russell explains it. I would rather just have normal people on the show. I am not digging the coaches either.

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