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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning, everyone! Happy, happy Tuesday!! :D Last night, I got my wish...that the feeds would turn interesting! lol

The "B+J Alliance" (Brit/Jani) has crumbled, Brit/Dan are working together to save Kara, which means that Frank might be the one going home now, Joe is making up lies every 30 seconds and spreading them around like wildfire (he's 100x worse than Shelly from last season. I can't keep up with the guy!), Brit told Willie about the possibility of the vets playing the game & Willie freaked out, Britney had a kind of BB is back, baby! ;)

Okay, let me go put together the very long Overnighter!
**Use the Flashback Feeds to watch any/all of the events I post below! :)

11:40pm BBT:

Wil: "..Paybacks a b*tch, ya know? I feel like we're getting played, do you?"
Jani: "Well, it's not that I feel like we're getting played, I just feel that Willie is making deals with a lot of "them"."

Wil said that him & Kara are good friends, and that they're not working together.

Talk turns to about Britney & her team.

Wil: "Britney's team is more of a threat than we are to Boogie."
Jani: "Yea."

Jani said that Boogie is gonna target her team because he (Boogie) wants her (Jani) out.

**Sorry for the delay, my coffee creamer fell off the counter and it was a river of creamer flowing in my kitchen!! Ever try to keep a golden retriever away from a flowing river of sugary creamer while trying to clean it up? lol :P

Wil thinks that there's "something" that they're not getting but they'll get to it eventually. Janelle said she caught him (Willie) in a lie.

They agree to ditch Britney's team, but to wait until Week 3 before turning on them. (**Not sure they're gonna wait that long.)

Talk turns to Willie how he's "not very smart" & that he's working against their alliance.

Moving on...

**8:02am BBT: Boogie & Willie are talking on the BY patio as I type the Overnighter on Cams 1/2. I'm listening here & there to see what's going on & I'm gonna try to wrap up the Overnighter. It seems that Willie is fishing for Boogie to say that he thinks the coaches will have a shot at playing the game.

12:45am BBT:
HOH Landing
Janelle told Dan that its not looking good for Kara. She told him to not to tell anyone she told him that. Dan said he's not telling Kara that right now.

Jani then told Dan that she wants to SAVE Kara but she doesn't have the numbers & if it came to a tie, Willie wouldn't save Kara, so she doesn't think Kara has a chance to stay..even though she wants Kara to stay.

11:33pm BBT:
Willie told Jojo that the alliance of him/Jojo/Ashley is good.

Willie then went and talked to Boogie & told him he wants to "work with him". (**geez.) He also reassured Boogie that Frank is staying.

2:35am BBT:
Arcade Room
Dan said he's gonna get the 1 more vote (somehow) to get Kara to stay. Jani is worried that if he does, and Jani's team votes to keep Kara, it might be "too early to show her cards" (of not working with Britney & her team anymore).

Janelle: "It's just too risky of a move (right now)."

Conclusion: Dan is gonna try to Jojo's vote. If he can, then he'll bring Jani & her team into it. If not, they'll wait until week 3 to flip. Jani is scared that Jojo will lie and say yes to voting Frank out, but then won't, and that would out Jani's team flipping. 

(Keep refreshing periodically...)

2:50am BBT:
HOH Room
And Britney drops the bomb that her & Janelle think that the coaches will be able to enter the game in Week 3.

Britney: "You can't tell anybody this!"

Britney said that Boogie is playing the game for himself because he knows he's gonna come into the game, too.

Britney: "We had to sign this thing in our contract saying.." (fishies) (**Whatever she signed, is making her believe that she's gonna be playing the game at some point. She also said she recently reviewed her contract in the Diary Room to re-read it.)

Willie gets pissed because he was lining up his game for how the game is now, not what it'll be like later & now this is gonna screw him over. He doesn't think he has a chance of winning now.

3:15am BBT:
Willie is re-thinking things. He sees the keyholes next to the vets pictures on the memory wall.
**I have to end the Overnighter now, the HG's are waking up & I dont wanna miss any game talk.

Willie told Britney that she should tell the whole house tomorrow about the possibility of the vets playing the game. Will she? I dont know. We'll find out!

Stay tuned...

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jack jr said...

Willie looked like he was about to face a firing squad !!

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