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Saturday, July 21, 2012

POV Comp Results

Happy Saturday afternoon to all of you BB fans out there!! :D At 13:28pm BBT, the live feeds went to trivia, which means it was time for the POV Comp! (Usually POV Comps can take 1-3 hours on average.)

Whenever the feeds come back, I'll post the spoiler below! :)

Winner of the POV is:

(**I'll update the winner when the feeds come back..)
I'll be back later on to blog, guys! I'm gonna go out to dinner with the boyfriend. :) See y'all a little bit later!! Until then, enjoy the live feeds!!!  

PS If you wanna read a good article, Dan's wife just posted a blog post that Dan wrote before going on BB14 about how he remains calm in the house. It's a very good read!!

Stay tuned...
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Robert said...

Jamie, I know the houseguests usually don't get any info from outside the house, but will production let them know about what happened in Colorado? With so many victims, there's a chance they might have known someone involved. Just wondering. Thanks and you're doing an awesome job.


Anonymous said...

Before I refreshed your blog I was saying, "please let Shane win the POV, please let Shane win the POV" and sure enough! I don't know why I am so strongly biased for team Britney (I don't like her team) but Britney is my favorite! However, she hasn't been nearly as funny this season as she was in season 12 :( I'm interested to see who they want out now!!

stephanelson said...

The convo going on in HOH between Dan, Boogie, and Brit is really casual and honest, first time I am not annoyed with Boogie. They are all making really good points about the each others game. I am really rooting for Dan, Danielle not so much, I don't want to see Danielle go, but am curious if she is does is this going to be the last of Dan

Jamie F. said...

I have a feeling that if Danielle goes Dan will be become a player. Brit boogie and janelle will still be coaches.

Thorn105 said...

I agree with you Jamie F. - it would be just like Big Brother to leave enough hints for players(coaches) to speculate what their future roles will be, then flip the script on them, so that the person they are trying to get rid of (Dan) becomes a player. That would throw a wrench in several future plans.

ALSO, am I the only one enormously happy that Brenchel didn't make a re-appearance? SO sick of them still, so glad that they are back to being insignificant and I don't have their names in my ears all the time!

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