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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Tuesday all my lil BB addicts!! :D Hopefully y'alls morning is getting off to a good start!

The feeds the past couple of days have been..well..boring. :P But I'm starting to think that things are coming around! Maybe the houseguests just needed a couple of days to unwind from the whole Willie incident. I dunno. But last night was a nice night of lies and scheming on the live feeds!!

I know a lot of y'all think that this season is getting off to a crappy start (..I agree, not gonna lie..) but watching the feeds last night made me realize that's only week 2!! ...even though it may feel like week 17! lol :P We are just getting to know these houseguests and all their scheming ways. Plus there's a few HG's that have yet to come out from laying low in the game & they will eventually have to come out of the shadows at some point & oh what fun that will be to see! ;) So to sum everything up, I still have major hope for this season & I hope you guys do too! Stick around! It'll be a fun ride, espeically with all the twists that are still to come.

And just for a quickie update on me, I still have to have surgery asap to get my gallbladder out, but I have to jump through some hoops first to get the surgery covered. The pain meds are helping me a lot, but my biggest problem is the shortness of breath, which makes for restless nights & very lethargic when I'm awake. Please bear with me, guys. :) I'll get better eventually! lol

Okay, let's get this Overnighter started, shall we? ;)
You can view everything posted below by using the  Flashback Feeds.

8:25pm BBT:

Ashley started crying because she thinks she made a mistake by voting out Kara. She thinks that Frank is gonna do so much better in comps and that she thinks that Ian/Frank have a Final 2 deal together. (**Pay close attention to those tears running down her face, because later on, she'll deny she ever cried and blame Jenn for being over dramatic.)

8:55pm BBT:
Beer arrives!! (Jenn/Britney will drink tomorrow & sacrificed their beers for the night.)

Jenn & Jojo messed with Ian's hair for a bit & styled it differently. I like it!! :D
Ian thought they were trying to make him look Jersey Shore'ish. (*lol!) Ian was a really good sport about it all..even the bronzer that Britney put on him. :P

9:25pm BBT:

From Ashley's meltdown earlier in the bathroom, Jenn whispered to Ian that she heard he had a Final 2 with Frank. Ian said he does not & that it'd be stupid to make a F2 deal this early in the game. Jenn agrees. Jenn told Ian that it was Ashley who said Ian/Frank had the F2 deal during her crying in the bathroom earlier. Ian said he thinks it originally came from Kara, then Ashely asked Ian about it in the storage room and he told her no-they don't have a deal.

10:38pm BBT:
Kitchen Counter
Wil/Joe/Frank/Jenn..then Janelle

Jenn tells Frank/Joe/Wil (and Janelle a few minutes later) about Ashley lying and saying that Ian/Frank have a Final 2 deal. Frank said he'll talk to her tomorrow (...but he ended up talking to her about 20 mins later instead).

10:50pm BBT:
HOH Room
Frank told Ashley that he does not have a Final 2 with Ian, or anybody for that matter, and that it's way to early in the game to make Final 2 deals. (**Later on, Janelle enters and suggests that since she's played the game twice already, to take her advice that nobody should ever make Final 2 deals until it gets down to 7 people, because you just end up pissing off the other person when you can't hold up to your end of the deal.)

Ashley, whos speech was slurred & eyes were heavy (from being drunk or acting), said that Jojo got into her head and made her paranoid that the guys were joining up to take out the girls. Ashley fumbles for words and at times, can barely make a full sentence. Frank told Ashley that he's still on board for the Final 6 alliance, though.

Janelle & Will enter.
Janelle asked Ashley why she was crying in the bathroom earlier. Ashley denied she ever cried and said that Jenn (who told Wil/Janelle/Joe/Frank) was being dramatic.

Janelle: (real serious) "So why were you crying?"
Ashely: (drunk) "I wasn't cryinnnnnngggg! I feel like this whole thing is being over exaggerated."

They all do a little Jenn bashing shortly after. (**Wait until Jenn finds out that Ashley denied crying. That might be fun to watch!)

Janelle leaves. Wil/Frank/Ashley continue to talk about various HG's.

They think that Joe tells Janelle too much info, Frank doesn't trust Ian because of how young he is/lack of maturity & that he (Frank) trusts them (Wil/Ashley) over Ian & Jenn.

Ashley leaves.
Wil tells Frank he is not happy with Ashley because of her crying in the bathroom and saying about the Ian/Frank rumor, crying over Kara being gone and how she almost voted to keep Kara. Janelle joins them.

Wil told Jani that he doesn't trust Ashley. Jani disagreed & said she knows that Ashley is 100% with them & on their side. (**It's around 11:40pm BBT at this point.)

Meanwhile, downstairs...

11:45pm BBT:
Have Nots Room

Ashley is telling the other side of the house a completely different story. Ashley said that said she doesn't like her team & wouldn't be playing with any of them if it wasn't for the coaches twist. She said she's sick of Janelle's complaining, "talking sh*t", and that all she wants is to keep Wil safe. She said she's tired of being fake to everyone because she feels that she has to play with her team, but she wants to play with Brit's team. Shane reminded her that she can align with anyone she wants. She also brought up that Jenn "blew things out of proportion" by saying that Ashley was crying in the bathroom earlier. She told them (Brit/Shane/Jojo) that she regrets voting Kara out.

Britney talked about Joe and how he's bound to get caught up in his own lies. (**Can't wait to see that happen!)

12:20am BBT:
Have Nots Room
Ashley: "Things are gonna get real f**ked, like..insane!..because I'm not gonna work with Janelle (anymore) and.."
Jojo: "Do whats best for you."
Ashley: "Right. And things are gonna get crazy because Wil is gonna against me."
Shane: "And Joe. But we (points to Jojo & himself) have your back! And if Wil or Joe wins, Janelle's not gonna allow them to put you (Ashley) up."
Ashely: "She only cares about herself. I'm not gonna let her bully me. All she talks about is how Willie was a bully, she is a bully!"
Jojo: "She is a bully!"

Ashley said that Jani gets mad when Ashley doesn't do what she says to do.
They talk for a little bit longer. Ashley thinks that Danielle is gonna go home. Shane tells Ashley to get Ian on board with them so that if he wins HOH, he will nominate Joe, Wil or Jenn.

And that's it for The Overnighter!! It's 7am where I am and I haven't been to bed yet, but since the HG's went to bed around 3am BBT, I don't expect them to be up & at'em too early. They're not morning people on a good day anyways. lol So I'll see y'all when I wake up!! :D

Stay tuned...

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Razldazlrr said...

Thanks for the posting updates when you feel so lousy. I have to agree with others, I'm definitely not thrilled with this season. I don't like the vets coming back as coaches and it's not a very interesting group of contestants

Jamie said...

Hey Raz!!! Nice to see ya again!!

bbfan27 said...

Hmmm.. Interesting night. Next week should be pretty good. Everyone wants to get HOH and alliances are bound to get betrayed.

Trevor said...

I just don't understand some of the strategies going on at all.. Why wouldn't they want to eliminate Dan from the game? Makes no sense!.... Why does everyone want to get Shane out next week? Its like they are just giving the title to Frank. Ian Jen Ashley need to wake up and get out of this team mentality. This season has been ruined with this coach/team BS. I can't stand Joe, Frank and Boogies Ego's are through the roof, Janette is a mean vindictive creature. Over it.

JOHN J KNAPP said...

With Ian's hair up like that and no glasses he looks very similar to Joseph Gordon Levitt...

New Tripoli, PA

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