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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Overnighter-The Willie Fight

HOLY MOLY whatta night on the live feeds last night!! :D As you can see from the title of this post, Willie got into a fight (verbal) with Frank, after Willie found out via Britney and Ashely that Frank was the one going around talking smack about him behind his back.

I'm gonna make some coffee & breakfast real quick, but if you're able to watch the fight on the Flashback Feeds, start at 10:25pm BBT on Cam 3:

I'll be back to start the Overnighter in 15 mins! (**I would've been up earlier but I was up late watching the fight live & tweeting about it with you BB fans on Twitter. :P)

**Everything posted below can be watched using the Flashback Feeds! :)

9:43pm BBT:
HOH Room
Ashley: "Okay, you're gonna be mad but..Frank is telling Joe, or something, that you..and Britney will come up and tell, but people are really upset about you..making fun of Wil because he's gay?"

Willie: "WHO THE F**K SAID THAT?!?!! Who said that??"
Ashely: "Frank!"

**Apparently what happened was, there are some houseguests that are claiming that Willie mocked Wil by talking in a high-pitched voice & waving his arms around and saying "I'm taking 24 hours off (from playing the game)", which is exactly what Wil had said during the house meeting (I covered that & even transcribed that specific part).  The only thing in question is, did Willie mock Wil? I have yet to see that particular scene, no concept of when it happened or if it was even caught on the cams. Britney, however, was there and claims that is not what happened & that Frank is lying.

Ashely tells Willie that Britney has been downstairs talking to Frank for 10 mins about the whole thing.

Britney enters the HOH room.

Britney: "I say this because I love're screwed. You're screwed! You have the whole house talking about you."
Willie: "I NEVER SAID TH...motherf**ker..!"
Willie gets up & storms towards the HOH door to go downstairs to look for Frank.
Britney stops him.

Britney: "LISTEN!! ..No...!"

Britney: "Stop!"
Willie: "I never even said that!"

Britney: "Sit down..I just talked to Frank. Frank told Joe that you were mocking him about taking 24 hours off the game."

Britney: "He said (*she talks in a really high pitched voice, waving her wands*) 'I'm takin' 24 hours off!'"
Ashley: "Oh my god, this house is ridiculous! It turned into you saying slurs, and calling him a homo...
Britney: "I asked about it to Frank directly, and I said 'Wil, did you say you're taking 24 hours off the game" , and Wil was like 'yes', and i was like okay what happened because I was in the room when it happened."

Britney said, from her point of view, Willie said that Wil was gonna take 24 hours off the game, but then he went and talked game anyways. Willie said that's exactly what happened & then Frank claimed Willie was making a "high pitched voice" and "waving your hands".

They go round & round. But I need to move on.
Fast forward to...

The Fight:

10:25pm BBT:
All HG's (except for Ian)
Willie: "I wasn't gonna chop your head off next week! I told you, I said we will work from week to week! And then you're gonna come throw me in the dirt??!"
Frank: "Willie...listen.."
Willie: "I've been f**kin' everything for you!"
Frank: "Did you not try to get some of Janelle's players to vote against me so that I would go after them next week?"
Willie: "This is motherf**kin'...MOTHERFU**KIN' BULLSH**!!!"
Willie: "I told you I had this week! I was begging every god d**n body in this house to keep you! And then you're gonna go sling my name in the dirt??! ....I might go home (because of this) but people will know who the f**k you are!"
Frank: "I'm a straight talkin' motherf**er, Willie. I ain't lied about nothin'. But have you not lied to me?"
Willie: "When did I lie to you? I've been tryin' to SAVE YOUR A**!!!"

Willie looks over at Britney...

Willie: "Britney, have I not been tryin' to save his a** this whole week?!"
Britney: "Yea."

Willie & Frank then argue about Frank going around saying that Willie mocked Wil. Willie denies he did it, Frank claims he did and that the footage will show everything.

Willie: "I haven't lied to one motherf'ing person in here & I'm getting dragged down like I'm a motherf'ing piece of sh**!!"

Frank: "I'm not a shady motherfu**er. I'm a straight talkin' motherf**er."
Willie: (to Kara walking by) "I hope you stay, baby! I hope you stay. 'Cause he's a piece of a sh*t."
Frank: "Why you gotta attack me like that?!! I ain't said anything negative about you!" 

They go round & round.
Frank tells him he knows he was gonna get Joe to vote Frank out so that he (Frank) would go after him next week. Joe, who was in the hot tub, admitted this to be true...but Frank's thing is that Joe was honest & told him/warned him about it. Willie did not. Willie's response? It's game play & Frank was safe this week anyways.

**Ugh my head is spinning. lol

Willie states that the tension isn't gonna stop him from going out there to smoke, and if he wants to eat fruit loops out there, he will.

Frank: "Eat your f**kin' fruit loops! I ain't worried 'bout it." (**Am I really typing all of this? haha!)

Willie said now the both of them (Willie/Frank) are gonna be knocked out of the game.
Frank: "We'll see. We'll see."
Willie: "And if you won't be, then you'll be knocked out next week. 'Cause you just don't know."
Frank: "No, YOU don't know!"
Willie: "No, YOU don't know what I got, son!" (**Oooo what do YOU "got", Willie? A special power??")

Frank: (smiling) "Are we done? Can we all take a chill pill now & relax?"
10:35pm BBT:
Boogie chimes in.

Boogie: (to Willie) "Who died and left you boss?"
Boogie called Willie a bully. Willie said that Boogie is just trying to get more tv time. Boogie said he's done this before & already had his tv time. (**Watching Boogie argue was so awkward to watch.)

Okay, let's see what else happened after the fight...

(I'm gonna do a cliffnotes version so that I'm not writing a book this morning & because I still gotta go to work in a little bit, so I need to wrap this up.)

*Shane says he'll save Willie if Shane's HOH and says he respects Willie standing up against Boogie/Frank.

*Kara/Danielle, with Dan's blessing, went up to the HOH room & made a 1 week deal for next week (if he can save Kara) for safety. Willie said he needs 3 more votes to save her.

*Shane said he will still vote however Willie wants him to.
*Boogie/Willie/Frank talked in the HOH but BB theme music was blocking their audio.
*12:15am BBT: Ashley & Willie talk in the HOH. Willie starts to think that maybe it's Joe who's the biggest liar in the house.

*Frank/Shane talked while in the hammock. Shane said they don't need Willie. (**So who's Shane lying to, then? Frank or Willie?)

*Britney said that they (Team Brit) need to work with Dan.
*Dan told Kara that if she stays, to throw the HOH comp because Boogie/Britney's team will focus on each other. Kara doesn't wanna throw it, scared that Shane will win and Kara will be on the block again.

*Willie/Jojo were in bed together and Willie told her that things are looking better now & that Dan wants to work with him.

*Willie/Jojo flirt a little bit & agree to makeout on "day 30". (**Oooo k.)

And that's it for The Overnighter!!! :D

I gotta head to work for a couple of hours, but I should be back around 12pm BBT, just in time for the HG's to be up, moving around, and hopefully fully awake. lol :P

As of 9:00am BBT, only Ashely & Boogie are up.

See you guys in a little bit! :D

Stay tuned...

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elastyk said...

So am I correct that the mobile Big Brother App I used to watch the feeds last year no longer works (for Android) and there is no replacement available?

And BB Lite seems like a lost cause at this point, as it still isn't working

me281 said...

Well i think by Brit grabbing willie by the arm and trying to calm him she keeped him in the game i think he would found frank hit him and got evicted by bb right away!!!

Jamie F. said...

Flashback 7/17 2.13 pm is where Willie impersonated Wil for a minute while talking to Frank using a high voice.

David Morch said...

It seems that the big winners from this fight are going to be Ian and Jenn. Everyone else is going to be at fault for voting Frank out beside these two because they are on his "team". Everyone else seems to have enlarged their target on their back from this.

Anonymous said...

Did anybody see the incident that started the whole fight about whether Willie actually did mock Wil by using high pitched voice and feminine hand gestures?

Even if Willie had thoughts of hitting Frank I think he would've had serious 2nd thoughts about it once they got face to face or more accurately face to chest. Frank's one big dude.


hummingbrd said...

hello Jamie ,I was wondering (I saw the fight ) BUT someone in the feeds CHAT last night was saying he (willie) dropped the N bomb b4 the fight in the HOH room I don't think its true I couldn't find it on flashback... the one time I took a break and spent time with the fam lol I came back and BOOM I missed a fight!LOL I spent a while trying to find it from start lol ...

Stephca33 said...

So much for the slow start to Big Brother! I was complaining that it was boring this season so far...LOL. I think as always that the diary room is influencing these issues because I am sure they have heard people complaining about being bored watching BBAD and feeds. These people are DRAMA! I am still curious as to whether the camera was the only thing that Willie got after being locked out it the HOH? Also, Janelle broke from Brit pretty quickly didn't she? Once the house meeting that Willie had, Janelle took it personal about the coaches going down if they come into the game....she dropped Brit because of her affiliation with Willie like a hot potato. So Monday I hated this season, now I'm back to as Jaime say...being ADDICTED!

Anonymous said...

That's my boy Dan! I was so worried about him with the awfully weak team he picked and that everyone was trying to gang up on him right away and eliminate his whole team and thus him in the 1st 2-3 weeks. But he stayed calm, didn't panic, laid low and let things develop around him naturally and coached his girls to do the same. Then boom the house blows up and now everyone's running to Dan and his team wanting to work with them. Hopefully his girls continue to listen to his coaching and throw this next HOH cause that's definitely the best play for them. Right now all the other teams want to partner up with them but if they win HOH they'll have to publicly choose a side with their noms and make enemies. So why do that if you don't have to? It's the great gameplay that got him the $500K in BB10.


Kim M said...

@Jamie F.

Wow - I went and watched back the conversation with Britney/Frank/Willie that you mentioned on the Flashback feeds and Frank is definitely making Willie's comment out to be WAY more than what it really was.

Trevor said...

Frank blew Willies comments way out the water. @hummingbrd, Willie said ( im gonna go down there and knock a n*gga out). It was the slang version and saying knock a n*igga out is pretty much a figure of speech in some circles. Totally non-offensive. Willie doesn't mean any harm in what he says he just cant keep his damn mouth shut.

kelsey said...

Exactly kim m... I didnt see anything wrong with what he did... It was like what he thought and i seen all of it also

Jamie said...

Thanks Jamie!!

hummingbrd said...

@Trevor, Thank u I couldn't find it myself lol :)I am still trying to figure out the flashback feeds I am a 1st time feed watcher... (but won't be my last) lol! It most certainly will be a AWESOME week after Thursdays eviction 4sure someone WILL be upset :(
Thank u again Jamie for all you are doing !

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