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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Afternoon/Early Evening in the BB House

Good afternoon/early evening BB fans!! Whatta day it's up on the feeds from morning till Noon. Wowzers!! If you haven't yet seen the Morning post, ya must scroll down 1 post & give it a read. Willie called a "house meeting" in the HOH room with all the HG's except for the 4 coaches. He told them (in so many words) to revolt against the coaches and stop letting them run their game for them. The aftermath? Well..seems that everyone hates Willie now, even though they seemed to love him during the meeting.

**If you wanna watch the House Meeting, use the Flashback Feeds & start at 10:55am BBT.  (Remember to use your own timezone for flashback! So if you live on the East Coast, it'd be 1:55pm EST.)

Boogie slept through all of this but quickly was brought up to speed when he woke up. His thoughts? He thinks it's funny that the newbies want the coaches out & they're not even playing in the game. lol

Also, Ashely & Joe seem to be playing both sides of the house, but it seems that Ashley's true alliance is with Wil, Joe, Jenn, Ian and Frank.

Okay, caught up to speed? Good! Let's dive into the afternoon post! (**Not sure how long I'm gonna blog for tonight for a couple of reasons: 1) I've been having a tummy ache for hours now :'( & (2) the feeds have been calm as a clam so far tonight. But, according to Dan, "I give it less than 20 hrs before someone blows up." ....I concur. ;)

Currently on the live feeds...

4:14pm BBT:
Outside/Quad Cam
The house is on an outside lockdown.

Audio of production can be heard inside the house here & there. Not sure what they're doing.

**Off-Topic: I watched todays episode of "Rants & Roars" on Superpass today and I must say, I loved it!!

And it was also comforting to know that I'm not the only one who barely knows what's going on inside the BB14 house. lol Talk was about how there's so many alliances & how quickly they change, how many lies are being told, how many people are playing both sides of the house, and how quickly decisions the decision of who to evict this week, which changes hourly. lol :P If you have the feeds, defintiley log in and watch that when it comes on every Tuesday 3pm PST/ 6pm EST!!

4:25pm BBT:
Feeds have been fishies for 5 mins now. Hmm.
Production was heard saying "We're gonna do another take.." before the feeds went off & a LEAK of a man in a burglar outfit was seen in the storage room.

4:58pm BBT:
Fishies still....

FYI: A few HG's have said they're missing some clothes, but I didn't think anything of it. Just thought things got lost in the mix of things. I mean, have ya seen the HOH room lately? lol :P Disaster zone.

*Off Topic: Canadians can now watch Big Brother After Dark on the Slice channel from 2:00 to 5:00 AM! (Thank you Kelly for letting me know so I can let everyone else know!)

...& if you're a Brenchel fan, they will be on TV this Thursday night! (DVR it and watch it after BB lol) They  will be on the premier episode of "Natural Born Sellers" on HGTV at 9:00pm/EST. The episode is called “Location, Location, Location.”

6:02pm BBT:
Feeds still showin' fishies swimming... 

6:14pm BBT:
Quick feed leak on Cam 1 of Jojo, then back to fishies..

6:19pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

Jani/Britney are talking on the HOH landing by the chess table.Its a little tense.

6:22pm BBT:
Janelle said they are still voting Kara out.
Britney said she doesn't have anybody in this game.
Jani said she has her. Brit said she "has a feeling" that things are going wrong.

Britney: "I'm NOT being paranoid, Janelle! Come on.."

Britney said she understands that Jani has to do what's best for her team.
Janelle claims they are still voting out Kara and that they are still working together.
Britney's looking right through her. (**She knows Jani/Dan are working together.)

6:27pm BBT:
No word on why the feeds were blocked just yet.

Jani/Brit still having a tense talk.

Britney: "I'm so pissed off right now Janelle, I can't even see straight!"
Janelle is talking about how Willie tried to turn the house against the coaches.

Janelle's not gonna sleep in bed with Brit in the coaches suite anymore. Britney said she understands that her team needs her.

Willie said the Diary Room told him "something special" was about to happen..then fish..then feeds came back a minute later.

Jojo listens at the door.

Brit/Janelle still talk.
Janelle: "If we go into the game, I still wanna work with you. That's for sure."

Feeds auto-switch to...

6:35pm BBT:
Arcade Room
Dan said they need Jojo's vote to save Kara but doesn't think it's gonna happen because Jojo said she was gonna do what's best for her & her game. Danielle thinks that if Kara goes, then she'll be on the block to go next week.

6:50pm BBT:
Willie came out of the HOH room, walked downstairs with his bag...
Janelle & Britney followed him and said "I'm scared.."

Willie: "I'm scared, too!" he smiles.

He heads to the Diary Room and a couple minutes, comes back out, carrying his bag, and goes back up to the HOH room, which is locked and he said he's not allowed to have company.
Willie: (smiling) "Things change all the time!"

The houseguests think the HOH room had a pandoras box or something because when Willie came out, he had his bag with him and

**If you have the feeds, turn'em on!! If you don't, get your 3 day free trial & see whatcha missing!!

Willie is out of the HOH room, goes & smokes in the backyard. Britney joins him and asked what happend.

Willie is claiming that BB put the computer in the room so he could blog & he got the HOH camera to take pictures....but (1) he is smiling from ear to ear and saying "everything is great!" and (2) he said he doesnt think him & Britney will be outcasted for too much if he knows something. Did he get some sort of power? Or maybe he found out his daughter finally had her baby & he's a grandpa?

And why did he have to go to the Diary Room with his bag? What did he have to get? I'm not buying it. lol He's wayyy too cheerful!

7:10pm BBT:
And now, they eat!! :)
Everybody thanks Joe for making dinner.

Willie: "So who wants to take some pictures (after dinner)?"
The HG's are happy to do a photo-shoot.

The HG's wanna get Ian drunk tonight. (**lol Doooo it!! Dooo it!!)

HOH Picture Time!!!

Up in the HOH room...

7:20pm BBT:
HOH Room

Getting rid of Kara, keeping Frank.
Willie: "If it's a 2 vote to keep Frank, then I'm gonna know what's goin' on."
Shane: "You just gotta make sure the other people on board."
Willie: "So we're all good."

**Willie is way too confident. Something is up..

Jojo tells Shane that Danielle is a "Stage 5 clinger" to him and "good luck with that!" (*lol)

Jojo leaves.

Willie talks to Shane alone.

He keeps stressing that the votes better be 5-3 to get rid of Kara and if not, he's gonna know, and this is an opportunity for their alliance to go far. (Shane/Jojo/Frank/Ashley..and Willie.)

7:30pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Now Willie is telling Frank, Ian and Jenn that "if y'all will be at the bottom of the barrel" if they don't vote to keep Frank.

Willie: "And you're a woman of your word?"
Jenn: "I am a woman of my word."

7:37pm BBT:
A look at the feeds..

Outside, Dan/Shane/Willie are hanging out. Willie thinks BB will "throw them a bone" and give them alchohol tonight. Shane asked Dan if BB ever turned the lights out and made them go to bed during his season..

Dan: "No, but one time I was up late and they told me to go to bed. That was weird."

7:40pm BBT:
Arcade Room

Jojo just wants to make sure that she's keeping the right person there (Frank), because she really like Kara. Frank said she can trust him & their alliance. She said she's just gonna lie to Kara and tell her she's safe, so theres no negative energy in the house.

Frank: "If you tell her, she's just gonna be mopy & crying.."

7:45pm BBT:
Willie joins.

Jojo fills him on their convo & about no telling Kara that she's going home this week. Willie said he's "worried about a few people" not voting to keep Frank.

Willie, again, states that some people are "gonna be at the bottom of barrell" if they're lying about keeping Frank in the game.

**Okay, it's almost 10pm where I am, so I'm outta here for the night!! Enjoy watching all the action on Big Brother After Dark or the live feeds!!! :D

I'll be back in the morning with The Overnighter!!

Stay tuned...

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hummingbrd said...

Jamie I hope you feel better sweetie! I will say that I will Never ever watch BB again without the feeds, this is flippn AWESOME!
The feeds and your blog KILLER COMBO ! I am almost positive thurs night after the live show the feeds will be on FIRE! :)

Kelly said...

Hey Jamie: I'm not sure if your canadain viewers know but canadians can now watch Big brother after dark on slice (from 2:00 to 5:00 AM) and there will be a canadian version of big brother this February.

Jamie said...

thanks hummingbird!! :D I ate fried foods for lunch (which i rarely do) and my tummy is upset with me :(

gawwsh, i hope the feeds come back on soon! I wanna see whats going on..getting antsy over here haha! :P

Jamie said...

and thanks for the info Kelly! ANd thank you Bryan for the Brenchel info!! you guys rock! :D

Kelly said...

Jamie thank you for all you do. I tried getting the feeds today but after 15 minutes I got bored, and called and cancelled the service. I can't believe the amount of time you spend watching them and reporting to us. I will definitely be making a donation.

Jamie said...

Thank you so much for making a donation sweetheart & for supporting the blog!! :D Yea, it can be mind numbing at times, but then there the fights, the drama, the crying, the endurance comps..that's what gets me hooked! ;)

Kim M said...

I'm pretty sure that the houseguests talking about missing clothes are talking about clothes that production took before they ever arrived in the BB house.

Production doesn't want certain things to be visible on the feeds/TV (like potentially offensive sayings on t-shirts and such).

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie I was just wondering if anyone else is having trouble getting the feeds on there iPhone? This is my first time getting the feeds and it won't let me log in. I try then it sends me back to the log in page. Any suggestions on what to do? Btw thanks for all you do. I love your blog!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie I was wondering if anyone else was having trouble getting the feeds on there iPhone? This is my first time getting the feeds and I can't watch them! :(. I try to log in then it sends me back to the log in page every time. Any suggestions? Btw thank you for all you do!! I love your blog. I found it last year and now I can't wait to read it every day! :)

Sara said...

It had to be Pandora's box because Willie got something great and the Robber was released on the house! I love when they do Pandora's box. Its probably the diamond power of veto but it seems early for that.
Jamie you are awesome! Love the blog even though I have the feeds, you always keep me up to date!

Cutie pie said...

Gettin interesting.

Cutie pie said...


Seany1215 said...

Idk what to think of the whole Willie BB Bag DR locked hoh room deal. It's making me nervous that he got some sort of power. Yesterday he was my Favorite to win, but something just changed after today and I don't really like him anymore.

Also, Jamie, first off thanks for doing this blog! I work most days and miss a ton of the live feeds, so your recaps are super helpful. Second, how do you feel about the coaches possibly entering the game? I personally would love it, mostly because I am a die hard janelle fan, and I would love to see her actually win a season instead of finish third in a season. I also did some number crunching and worked out scenarios, coaches are entering, or evicted hg will return. There aren't enough weeks left in the game compared to how many HGs. Because right now as is, jury would start after next weeks eviction (after 3rd hg goes). And CBS always loves double evictions so that adds an extra week. It's all very interesting and I can wait to see how it all unfolds!!

Thanks again for the blog!! You make my day when I read your posts!

Cutie pie said...

First off this is the first blog I have ever done Never knew how but it took me one hour to learn because I wanted to blog on this site because I want to tell u Jamie I don't know u but I have really gotten to love u over the years just had to finally join the blog family big brother just would not be the same with out u and ur sence of humer plus ur a BB jucke like me lol. So happy and if u anser me I'm going to me soooo happy. It's going to be like a celebrity answering back lol :)

Jamie said...

Hey cities pie!! :D welcome to the blog family sweetie!! I'm glad you like my humor..I'm just a dork Haha

Jamie said...

Hmm..ya know, I don't know if I would like coaches to play. I would gave to see under what circumstances. But i do agree with ya, the weeks do.t match up.

Jamie said...

Thanks Sara!!

Jamie said...

I don't have an iPad so i don't have a clue. Anyone.e here have one?? Call superpass support, hun. Let me know I'd you need the number. :)

Cutie pie said...


Cutie pie said...

: )

Cutie pie said...

I get the feed on my iPod. I tryed to go through a app but it didn't work s o I went through google go to google then type i'n bb live feeds then go to that site then sign i'n. Good luck it worked for me

Tanner said...

Now that I think about it, Ian might have had a little trouble adjusting to the house, but he really is the most level-headed houseguest out of all of them. He really could go far.

Kelly said...

Willie opened Pandora's box and has gotten a power to get a houseguest out. He and Frank had an argument on showtime and Willie said if you don't go out this week your go out next week. Frank said you don't know that. And Willie said "You don't know what I have."

Trevor said...

Last night was insane!! Willie is on my last nerve with his paranoia.

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