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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Morning/Early Afternoon in the BB House

Happy Saturday morning, or afternoon depending on where ya live! ;) The live feeds came back from trivia at 10:16am BBT. The houseguests were picking veto players.

10:22am BBT:
HOH Room/Coaches Suite
Boogie: "This week is on cruise-control."
Frank: "Now with Willie gone.."

They talk about how Willie's not around to manipulate people, like Ashley and how she was wavering last week on who to vote out & that Janelle picked Ashley this week to save (Jani won the coaches comp & saved Ashley) because it makes Ashley feel like a part of the group now.

The POV Comp Players Are:
Frank, Jojo, Shane, Wil,  Ashely, & Ian.
(Joe is hosting.)

**Note: There's a new poll just posted on the right side of the blog! :)

10:27am BBT:
HOH Landing/Chess Board

Joe said that if they (Wil/Joe) win HOH before the Final 6, then they need to get Frank out.

Wil: "There's a 90% chance of somebody coming back, so we need to get Frank out."

They both agree that it's best to keep Jojo in the game because people in the house are growing tired of her and would be easy to beat if they were on the block next to her. They think that it's best to get rid of Danielle this week to knock Dan out of the game.

10:57am BBT:
All HG's are getting ready for the day & for the POV Comp. No game talk.

Jojo is reading the bible in the Arcade Room.

11:20am BBT:
HOH Room

Frank was listening to his hoh CD when Ian came up. (**Frank got some kind of house music/techno CD in his HOH basket.) Ian is anxious for the comp to start. They talk about what kind of comp it could be. (Boogie is in the other room sleeping. Pretty sure he's slept for half this season so far. lol)

They talk about if it's a puzzle, they think Shane will bomb it.

Meanwhile, downstairs...

11:25am BBT:

Britney said that production does not like predictability, so they will change things up quickly in the game. Because as it stands right now, the other side of the house is gonna "steam roll" through the house and it's too predictable.

Talk turns to Willie. Britney said that he had an anger problem. Danielle agrees.

11:30am BBT:
HOH Room
Ian/Frank/Britney/Ted (the bear lol)

Britney walks in, says everyone else is laying down. Frank said she can sit on the bed. Britney tells Ted to cuddle with her. lol
The 3 of them are talking about the Glass House. Ian said it's probably cancled by now. (**It's not but it should be. The ratings for it show that it tanked. It won't be back next year, I'm sure.)

BB auto-switches the feeds to Jojo/Joe/Danielle in the dining room/kitchen area.
A couple minutes later, back to the HOH room.

Britney is softly patting Ted's butt.
Britney: "Givin' him some lovin'!"
Couple minutes later, Brit leaves.
Dan comes up.

Dan said he just woke up from a "fu**ed up dream" that's freaking him out. He dreamed that he was somewhere and getting robbed, and nobody else was nervous..just him...and then it turned into a flashmob of the robbers singing Dan happy birthday, with Ian doing a comedy act. (**lol!)

They all talk about how they're having lucid dreams in the house.

11:48am BBT:
Ian goes to the bathroom.
Dan takes the opportunity to ask Frank if Shane wins POV, if Danielle is going up. Frank says probably. Dan asked if Danielle would be safe, Frank said you never know how people are gonna vote in the house.

11:59am BBT:
Have Not's Room
After making his bed, Ian grabs a baggie with pork rinds in it & shows us feed watchers..

Ian: "The pork rinds that Willie threw at Janelle will be up for bid.." (cut to fishies lol)

12:21pm BBT:
A look at the feeds...
*Jojo is painting her nails.
*Other HG's are either in the kitchen area or laying down.
*The mood is light. :)

12:38pm BBT:
Trivia!!! POV Comp is underway!! (Should take 1-3 hours.) I will start a new post when the feeds come back & will post who won! :D

Stay tuned...

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BecomingMomma said...

Jamie is there not a sixth player for the Veto I see that you only have 5 names on the post?

Jamie said...

still trying to get info on the players...i wish they'd just tell us on the feeds "so and so are playing" lol make my job alot easier :P

Goldchampagne said...

Bet ya Kara is coming in to play POV making her the sixth player with a chance to reenter the game & Rachel is hosting

Daniel Allyn Lee said...

the cd he got is the XX an amazing band from the UK and they have a new album coming out soon.

I don't know why, but I really liked Willie and am sad that he's gone.

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