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Monday, July 30, 2012

Morning in the BB House

Welcome to the Morning post, everyone! Today might be super explosive on the live feeds! Don't have them? Oh hunny, you're gonna want'em! Especially because this weeks HOH comp is set to be an endurance comp, which we will get to watch LIVE for hours, on the live feeds! Plus they come with the Flashback Feeds so you can watch anything ya missed while out & about, and also you get the Mobile Feeds for free so that you can watch BB anytime, anywhere! :D Oh, and did I mention you get $10 in free music downloads, too? And that its for the price of less than a night at the movies? What are you waiting for?!!

There's already game talking going on, so let's dive right on in!!

Currently on the live feeds...

10:32am BBT:
HOH Room

Britney: "You're doing a favor for everyone else by getting him out."
Shane: "I know. I didn't nominate him. That's my defense. He played POV, he had a chance to win. I don't like the fact that Frank is bragging about thinking he's gonna win this game and that they should've backdoored me last week because I won POV."
Britney: "I just don't want them going on a smear campaigning about you."
Shane: "I know this is putting you in a bad spot, but.."
Britney: "I just think you're in MAJOR hot water if Ian wins HOH."
Shane: "My minds not made up yet,'s a risk I'm gonna have to take, if I decide to do this."

Britney & Shane are talking things through, making sure that if/when Shane puts up Frank today, that Shane knows what to say/do to save face.

Shane plans to tell Frank that he was afraid of Ashley getting voted out & not Joe, so to secure the votes, he had to put Frank up.

**Note: Forgot to mention this, but it's Shane's plan to have Danielle to lie to Frank by saying that she'll vote to keep him, but then vote him out on Thursday. This will make Boogie & his team frazzled for the HOH comp this week. They'll be blindsided.

Britney: "This is gonna be freaking SCARY!"
Shane: "You'll be alright, girl!"

10:47am BBT:

Britney is telling Joe that he's staying on the block, but that Frank is going up and going home this week.

Britney: "I feel bad for Shane because they're gonna be after him for blood."
Joe: "They will. But if we have the numbers..."

Boogie comes out.
Britney: "I'm gonna get some coffee."

Joe is quiet.
10:50am BBT:
Most HG's are in the kitchen area, non-game chatter. Getting ready for the day. Coffee & breakfast.
11:00am BBT:
Wil/Britney/Jani have a quick chat in the bathroom.
 Britney is worried that Shane/Frank are currently talking in the Arcade Room and he doesn't want Frank to 'get to him' and change his mind.

11:00am BBT:
Arcade Room

Shane is telling Frank that in order to secure votes, he needs to put up someone from Boogie's team & that no matter what, Joe is going home this week.

Britney walks in and tells Shane the Veto Ceremony is about to start and wants to talk to him before it does.
She takes a seat with the boys & they all talk. Shane catches her up to speed and tells Britney that he was telling Frank that they're worried about the votes and that's why Frank's going up and Ashley is coming off. Britney said that she is really worried about the votes and how he had a talk with Ian last night and when she asked which way he was voting, he gave a weird answer and it made her nervous.

11:12am BBT:
Frank: "You guys not putting me up on the block, we're gonna frickin' roll with you guys."
Shane: 'Ian is the one guy..I dunno. I'm putting all my trust in Ian, who is always up & down."

Britney: "4 days is a long time, a long time for people to get into other peoples heads. To be whispering, telling them this and that, and it's a long time to trust that nobody will change their mind. So those votes are scary to me. There's no reason to risk something when we don't have to."

Britney is pretty much preparing Frank for going up on the block. I don't think Frank gets it that it'll be him.

Britney said she's worried about Ian/Jenn's vote. 
Frank is telling Brit/Shane that Boogie wants Janelle out of the house.

Frank leaves.

Britney: "Is he still going up?"

Shane confirms that he is.

Britney: "They're gonna be pissed. But as long as he thinks it's just about the soon as the veto ceremony is over, let's just go up to the HOH."
Shane: "Should I say that in a speech?"
Britney: "I don't think you should give much of a speech."

11:20am BBT:

The Veto Ceremony is underway! The feeds should be back in 45 mins to an hour. Hang tight, guys. We might be seeing some fireworks on the feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Kim M said...

Have the houseguests not thought about the fact that it is due time for an endurance HOH? I don't see Ian (who they seem worried about) having much chance of winning that.

hummingbrd said...

OMG I cannot believe they r going to believe Jani what a joke Shane is doomed ..... wow I am dying here lol! What do u think Jamie

Goldchampagne said...

Can someone please get Janelle and Britney to quit endings their sentences on a questioning up note!! OMG, What ever they say that ends like sounds so unintelligent!

kelsey said...

Well jani was telling wil last night about how they could possibly trust Shane because wil was talking about backdooring him so I don't know... They know he is trustworthy hummingbird but I don't like janelle or boogie do if Thursday is an endurance comp then janelle could win and take boogie out

kelsey said...

Janelle could be good at it

kelsey said...

Let's go Shane... Dani and Ashley and wil could be good at it also if its an endurance comp.

Anonymous said...

@Kim M

Actually smaller guys actually do tend to do well in endurance comps


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