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Monday, July 30, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans & Happy Monday morning to y'all! Today is the Veto Ceremony & we just might see some fireworks on the live feeds if everything goes according to plan. What plan, you ask? Well, Shane/Britney had a change of heart (..actually they were talked into it lol..) to backdoor Frank today and that's the plan as of right now. Will Shane back out? Will he have the **ahem** "guts" (lol) to backdoor Frank? We will find out!! :D

Alright, let's get right into the Flashback Feeds & start the Overnighter...

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8:50pm BBT:
HOH Room
Janie worked Britney to getting Frank out during this convo. She told Britney that she thinks this Thursday, the coaches will be entering the game and that Frank/Boogie will work together the same way that Dr. Will/Boogie worked together. She mentioned that Boogie is setting up his game to be played either way (with or without the coaches coming into the game), with Frank as his number guy.

Janelle reminded Britney that they all have key slots next to their pictures on the memory wall. Jani hinted that if they do come back to play, that Britney & Shane should align with Janelle and her team and take out Boogie/Dan, and take Frank out now.

By 9:30pm BBT, Britney is totally on board with Operation: Backdoor Frank.

9:56pm BBT:
Cam 1
Jani tells Joe that she thinks Britney is on board to backdoor Frank. She tells him that Britney is worried that Frank/Boogie will go around yelling/intimidating people. Janelle said she doesn't care, the boys don't scare her.

Joe asked if he should talk to Brit, Jani said yea & that she plans on being up there again later on to talk to her.

Janelle: "Boogie is gonna be pissed at me, if this happens."
Joe: "It's like it's okay for him to (piss people off), but not the other way around."
Janelle: "Hopefully Shane makes the decision (to backdoor Frank) and they do the Veto Ceremony right away (tomorrow)."

10:25pm BBT:
Cam 1
Wil said that if "by some stroke of luck" him or Ashley win HOH, they'd put Frank up (if Shane doesn't get him out) against Ian, and then backdoor Shane (if he doesn't get picked to play POV and win it, of course.)

Janelle: "Let's just see what happens. Don't plan Shane's dimise yet. He could be somebody we could work with. He plays the game the same way I used to play the game when I was a player."

Janelle said that Shane is really loyal and trustworthy. Wil calms down and agrees with Jani.

11:06pm BBT:
Arcade Room
Cam 1
Ashley talks about wanting Ian out because of his intelligence & think he's flying under the radar. She thinks Joe will be easy to get out anytime, so to get Ian out. 

(**This convo is all over the place! From getting Ian out, to backdooring Frank. Shane says he'll get Britney on board. He doesn't know she's already all for it.)

Shane: "This would be the biggest game-changer of the year...getting rid of Boogie's main guy  (Frank), I still live up to my word because I didn't nominate him, he had a chance to win POV,  I did..I have the power."

Moving on...

11:47pm BBT:
HOH Room

Dan: "Is that the first and only time you and Shane kissed?" (re: yesterdays late night spin the bottle party)

Danielle: "Yea, I swear. I would tell you (otherwise)."
Dan: "Don't kiss him anymore.."
Danielle: "Why."
Dan: "Because you got all weird when you kissed him."

Danielle tells Dan he's acting like her dad.
Dan: "I'm acting like a dad who wants you to win a half million dollars. No kiss is worth $500,000..."

Dan then tells Dani what everyone in the house (and live feed watchers) want to say to stop interrupting people when they're talking/telling a story and one-up'ing their stories.

Danielle: "I know, I caught myself twice.."

Dan tells Danielle to go breakup the Ashley/Shane convo downstairs and ask if they know where he (Dan) is.

Dan: "He knows Im up here listening to his CD, he'll know where to find me."

Then Dani, being delusional, says she thinks that she could win against Frank or Shane in Final 2. (**lol)

12:11am BBT:
Arcade Room
Cam 1

Ashley told Wil about her convo with Shane and how Shane is on board to backdoor Frank at todays Veto Ceremony. She warns Wil that the house is gonna be seperated and it's gonna be filled with tension, but to not let Boogie and his team get to them.

(**It would be pretty epic for 2 of Jani's team mates to originally be on the block, and the end result being one of Boogie's players going home. lol I love to see good game play!!)

The two then have a mini-celebration for keeping Joe safe and hopefully getting Frank out.
12:34am BBT:
HOH Bathroom

Britney is having some serious 2nd thoughts about backdooring Frank. She tells Ashley that they don't have the votes to get Frank out. Ashley disagrees. Britney fires back with the idea that if Janelle wants Frank out so bad, then her team should get him out. She doesn't want Boogie to come after Shane for him doing Janelle's dirty work.

1:02am BBT:

Ashley/Brit are still talking. Brit is very frustrated, saying it's been "information city" in the HOH room today and she hasn't had a chance to talk to Shane one on one yet.

1:18am BBT:
Ashley is out of the HOH room.

Wil is with Brit in the HOH room.
Wil talks to Britney about getting back on the plan to backdoor Frank.
Janelle joins him a few minutes later, then leaves pretty much right away. She tells Brit she'll be back up later to talk.

Wil/Brit continue to talk.
They talk about Willie and how Frank blew the homophobic remark way out of proption. (**the whole "I'm not talking game for 24 hrs" thing.) Wil said he knew that Frank made that into a big deal when it was really nothing. Britney said it truly wasn't and that it was just game play. Wil totally agreed. (**And it was.)

Wil wants Ashley to come off the block (then put Frank up) but Britney said absoultley not. Joe stays up. She's worried that he'd be running around changing votes.

Wil: "If we pull this off, we're gonna have 5 against 2 next week!"
Britney: "I'm more worried of when it becomes just 5!"

Shane walkes in at 1:32am BBT.
Wil assures Shane that he does not have a Final 2 deal with Frank (which was a rumor started just hours before this convo started) and that's why Britney was afraid they wouldn't have the votes. But they would.

Wil: "The only person I'm worried about, is Danielle."
Wil said him and Ashley are "100%" voting Frank out. If they get Danielle, that's 3 votes.

Eventually, Janelle/Brit/Dani/Shane/Wil/Ashley are all in the HOH room, talking about getting Frank out. Shane then told Joe (who was out in the backyard @ 2:40am BBT) that the plan is to get Frank out this week. Joe is super relieved.

3:10am BBT:
Joe/Jani/Wil/Joe were talking on the backyard patio. And the best line of the night goes to Janelle...

Wil: "I was CONVINCED that they (Shane/Frank) had an alliance."
Janelle: "They did! We just broke it up." 

They also said they can't believe that Frank/Boogie went to bed so early (at 10pm BBT) and that they must thought they 'had it in the bag' as far as being safe this week.

Wil then mentions that he catches Frank checking him out from time to time, like when he's sleeping. (*lol)

And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D The HG's are up, so let me start a morning post.

Stay tuned...
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Erin said...

I sort of want Shane to win it all.

But all I keep focusing on is Janelle looking so fake it hurts.

And Wil needing to shower and wash his hair! His CBS bio said he would take his hair straightener to a deserted island... Did he forget his need to wash the hair first? It looks awful. I really thought he would be more put together. This isn't Survivor after all.

kelsey said...

I agree with you Erin.. I live Shane... He is the best player on tr show now and hopefully the best player wins but in not sure you never know as yea m janelle is fake and I always say that about wil of how he looks like his hair is always oily

kelsey said...

And it's not survivor lol because they have a reason but he doesn't on big brother lol

kelsey said...

I hope you get to feeling better Jamie... That has to suck

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