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Monday, July 16, 2012

Evening in the BB House

Good evening, BB fans!! Late afternoon has been somewhat eventful..kinda. The same ol' debate of "Kara or Frank?" that has been happening since even before the feeds went live on last Thursday, is still going strong. Honestly, my head is spinning and I'm losing interest fast for the rest of this week. HOWEVER, there is a great silver lining to all of this..and that is that there will be epic drama to unfold as lies get outted, deals get broken, people get backstabbed, and I think that's all gonna happen next week! :D The HG's are playing way too hard, too fast, and too many lies are going around..mix that with extreme paranoia and boom, we got ourselves a show. ;) I can hardly wait! :D *giggles*

But for now, we must focus on what's going on in the BB house, and see who's telling what lies. So let's carry on.

Okay, so let's start off with what happened this afternoon & then dive into what's going on LIVE on the live feeds!! :D

5:15pm BBT:
Janelle thinks that Willie/Frank might have an alliance together. Joe told her that had an alliance since Day 1. Jani said that she thinks Willie is super controlling, like his brother Russell (from Survivor).

Joe said he'd go up & talk to Willie to see where his head is at.

Joe enters the HOH room..

Joe asked if they (Joe & Willie) had a final 2 deal together, and Willie said no. Joe said he thought they did because Willie said he wanted to "work with him", and Willie said he does, but not Final 2..too early for that.

They talk about who Willie wants out this week, Willie says Kara so that they can take Dan out eventually (after Danielle goes). The only good reason to keep Kara is that she's not a big threat, unlike Frank. (**And the fact that you have an alliance with him, Willie..)

Willie also thinks that if Kara stays, she'd put up them (Joe/Willie), so there's no benefit to keeping her.

6:54pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Willie just told Ashely he wants to make it to the end with her.  He also told her to let him know if the vote switches (from getting Kara out). (**I think this is Willie's 3rd "Final 2" deal. lol)

7:07pm BBT:
Ashley/Willie continue to talk. Willie said he wants to get Ashley & Jojo to the end.

Willie: "That's the alliance. Me, you and Jojo."

He told her to not listen to what others say, just trust him.

7:25pm BBT:
Willie: "I swear to God, on everything, me and you Final 2."
Ashely: "I can see you winning (BB14)."
Willie: "If I had to pick a winner (of BB14) right now, I'd be you."

Willie said he's "f**king tired" of the coaches working only for themselves.

7:29pm BBT:
Their convo ends & they hug before Willie leaves the room.

Ashely goes to take a shower.

7:32pm BBT:
Backyard Patio
Willie/Janelle (..then Jojo)

Willie: "Are we (Willie/Jani) okay?"
Janelle says yea, they're fine.

Talk is about who to target next week. Janelle wants to get Kara out this week, and get Danielle out next week, and knock Dan out of the game.

Janelle asked him why he asked (if they were cool) and he said he was just making sure & wanted her to know that he genuinely likes her. He then joked around a bit..

Willie: "Wanna makeout?" (to Jani)
Janelle laughed and said no, she's married but thanks. lol

Willie: "If anyone thinks I'm doing anything weird, outside of the group (of 6) makes no sense! I just want us to be legit with each other."

***Okay y'all, I'll be back around 9am EST/6am BBT to start The Overnighter! If you wanna watch the feeds for free tonight, you can! The live feeds come with a 3 day free trial so you can see what you're truly missing! And with all the lies being thrown around, there *will* be an epic meltdown/blowup at some point soon and you're gonna wanna see that!!

See you guys & gals tomorrow mornin'!!

Stay tuned...

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James said...

When comparing the Thurs premier to the BB13 premier, I noticed a similar story but a big difference in how it was presented. I thought BB13 was produced/edited much better. I remember each of the vet duos coming in and it was spaced out enough and built up enough so that it was all very exciting. Then there as a diary room clip after each duo entered. This year it happened very fast and seemed rather uneventful. Also, the 6 vets were just better characters, all I consider to be very interesting. The coaches this year are just so so. Janelle is interesting, but seems a bit whiney this season and is clearly not over BB7. Dan is cool but gets little airtime. Boogie is a total sleaze and no longer cool without Dr.Will. Britney I actually like more this season than BB12 (where I hated her), but she is a weak strategist and has just average intelligence. I still am having a hard time fully understanding the coaches twist and I wonder why they are even there.

I loved BB13 (one of my favorite), but this season is starting off with a B- and I hope picks up. Of course I will watch no matter what.

James D.

Krissy said...

I'm just curious st the end of this post you wrote Janelle wants Britney out next week? How is that possible? Or did you mean Danielle out so then Dan will leave?

bbfan27 said...

jamie i think you mean danielle instead of britney in the past couple posts

Katie said...

Love your recaps! Thanks so much for doing this! Btw- its funny, but you sometimes write britany instead of danielle :). I just wondered if you noticed? Again, thanks from a long time lurker!

Jamie said...

Haha omg, I am so sorry guys! I have NO IDEA WHY but i always type Britney when i mean Danielle! Its so bizarre. Please feel free to correct me in the future if you see it happening again! :)


Tanner said...

So... Let me get this straight. Willie has... three alliances? #1: original "group" of Team Brit and Team Janelle, #2: as of today, final two deal with Ashely and JoJo (whom I hate, strongly), and #3: as of tonight, an alliance with Joe and Frank. And he's been talking with Boogie. What the heck is going on? He's in way over his head.

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