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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Waiting on the Live Feeds...UPDATED!!!!

Holy moly, what an awesome premiere!!! :D The (2) twists so far are the mentors coming back & the other was that the 12 HG's all got "invitations" to be on BB14..not keys, like in seasons before this. So then Julie dropped the bomb that the 4 coaches (Britney/Dan/Boogie/Janelle) all had to pick their 3 team members, and one of them would be going home after the HOH comp.

So the coaches picked their teams:

Britney: Willie-Shane-Jojo
Dan: Kara-Jodi-Danielle
Boogie: Frank-Jenn-Ian
Janelle: Wil-Joe-Ashley

The HOH Comp looked like a comp you might see on the tv show 'Wipeout'. lol It was 4 huge beds, one for each team:

So at the end of the HOH comp, we had Britney's team win, with Willie being crowned the 1st HOH of the BB14 season!! :D

Dan's team came in last place, so he then had to pick one of his own team members to get rid of. He picked Jodi to go home.

The 1st HOH of the BB14 Season is:

The 1st HG to be sent packing was:

So what's next? Well my lil BB addicts, now we wait! We wait for the live feeds to turn on at 1am EST/10pm PT!! Once they turn on, I'm gonna sit back & enjoy them because hey..I'm a fan, too!! ;) lol So come back tomorrow for the very first 'Overnighter' of the BB14 season!! If you happen to be up late, I might post a screenshot or two as I watch'em, so keep checking back! Or you can watch the live feeds yourself & join in on the excitment!!

Ladies & gents, our Summer has officially begun. Bring it onnnnnnn!!! ;)

Updated @ 10:07pm BBT:

The feeds are on!!!! Ian just said that KARA and FRANK are nominated for eviction by HOH Willie!!
Speaking of the HOH...

10:10pm BBT:
HOH Room
10:10pm BBT:
HOH Room

Boogie is talking to Willie, trying to save Frank from eviction.

Stay tuned...

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Cassie Olson said...

I think it is safe to say Britney has the strongest team.

Ashley Jean said...

Do you need adobe flash for live feed on mobile?

Ms said...

Hey Jamie, so good to see you or read you or I'm ready for BB14 with all of your wonderful work.... Big hugs kiddo...

Baconator said...

Well, here we are again...
Me relying on you for bb dirt like a junkie relying on his dealer for his next fix.
Thank you for you hard work and I hope to talk to you soon.

Baconator said...

Well here we are again.
Me relying on you for bb dirt like a junkie relies on his dealer for his next fix.
Thank you for all your hard work and hope to chat with you soon.

ZZMAV34 said...

Welcome back! I love this site every
Year. Where do I send donations?

ZZMAV34 said...

Welcome back! I love this site every year! Where can I send donations?

Brad said...

I am so glad I got the live feeds this year. Pretty pumped that I can stream to my tv with Apple TV and my Ipad - only downside is that full screen locks up.

Thanks so much Jamie for keeping us in the loop! You don't happen to know a good way to get live show tickets though, do you?

Jamie said...

Hey zz!! Thanks for coming back! :D you can support the blog by making a donation on the left side if the blig, youll see a graphic of a smiling guy waving and pointing lol

Anonymous said...

Wow. Yet another season in Low-def? Is there another network show on TV still using this format? HD has been around for a decade now, time for an upgrade!

Anonymous said...

So, another season in Low-def?
Is there another network program anywhere else still using this old format? HD has been around for a decade now CBS, time for an upgrade!

Jackie said...

Hey Jamie! So how may days have they been in the house? What we saw last night was the first day which was what day? I just want to get a concept of how much time has passed between last night's episode and when the feeds opened up last night?

kelsey said...

They have been in the house for 7 days... And I think Britney has the strongest team... Go Britney and janeles team even though I like dan but he is screwed with his team because he has all girls and no guys, that was his fault and a bad move also by picking 2 girls for his first 2 players before Jodi

Anonymous said...


I agree Dan messed up in his 1st 2 picks. Now he was partially screwed because of the luck of the draw in picking last but he definitely exacerbated it by picking 2 girls in his 2 picks when he got to go back to back. He had to know he was gonna get stuck with another girl as the last pick in the draft and an all female team with the physical nature of many of the comps was not gonna be good. Plus he had a pretty good sense standing out there what the 1st comp could entail and that an all female team would probably put him behind the 8 ball. That's why he needed to pick at least 1 guy in his 1st 2 picks.

However I was happy that Dan decided to eliminate Kalia as I didn't feel she deserved a 2nd chance and I have no idea why BB decided to bring her back LOL


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