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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Evening in the BB House

Good evening, everyone!! Hope y'all are enjoying your Saturday night. :) I spent the past 1+ hour on the couch watching the feeds via my tv (gotta love HDMI cables! lol) and getting to know the HG's.

Okay, so what I've learned from close observation was...

*Jojo is a ...well...the "b word". She had a convo with Britney in the Arcade Room and told Britney that she "always gets what she wants", especially from guys.

She went on about how she has a guy that is currently paying for her cell phone, let her borrow his car, and gave her $1,000 to go shopping for clothes, and she "never even had sex with the guy". Jojo, I hope that guy watched you say that & then turned your cell phone off, picked up his car, and did $1,000 worth of damage to your home. lol Not that Jojo had too many fans to begin with, but that pretty much sealed-the-deal for most BB fans. Maybe she was cast as the villain. Hmm. Well, if that's the case, then we should see some epic fights from her! ;)

*Jojo also told Britney that she "abuses Danielle everyday to her face & doesn't even know it!" (**Wow.)

*Danielle is very sensitive, very nice, and sounds like she's been dumped on a lot in her her father, by ex's, etc. That's why she's such a "Debbie Downer", but at the core of her, she's a good hearted person, and ya gotta respect that. :)

*Shane is, what I call, a "cute dork". He's goregous, especialy with a nice tan, but socially just a little bit dorky. That's okay Shane, dorks are awesome!!

*Ian is a geek, who refuses to smoke on the show because he promised his mom he wouldn't smoke while on BB. (He told Boogie all of this tonight on the BY couch. Boogie laughed, I chuckled and thought it was adorable.) But Ian's lack of socializing is obviously gonna be his biggest downfall. Point & case: him making the girls feel creeped out when he goes in the bathroom as they're showering or changing in the shower stales. (He appologized to Jojo earlier today. She didn't mind.)

That's about it for now. I'm still studying the rest of the BB14 cast & trying to see the "real" them.

Moving on..

Let's turn the feeds on & see what's going on! But first, let's recap what we've missed:

*Jojo told Wil & others that there was "something" in the shower. Wil asked if it was another one of her pranks, she said no (even though it was, and later got caught).
(It was a condom with lotion in it that her & Shane placed in the shower as a prank.)

*After catching Willie talking with Danielle alone in the HOH room a little bit earlier, Britney wanted to see what he said. She told Willie to act like "the village idiot, like Danielle." Don't say too much, don't lead on to what you might know or suspect.

*Danielle told Dan about her convo with Willie in the HOH room.
She seemed to think that her talk with Willie might have saved Kara (even though Willie never said anything about saving Kara), because Danielle told him that Frank said he'd gun after Willie in "3 to 4 weeks". Danielle tells Dan she wasn't supposed to tell Dan about her conversation with Willie. Dan is going to keep pushing to Willie and Britney that Dan's players want to work with theirs. Danielle also expressed her dislike for Britney, calling her "catty" & "mean".

You can watch any/all of this on the Flashback Feeds, which is included in your live feeds pass!

Currently on the live feeds...

6:29pm BBT:
All HG's are eating dinner, courtesy of Chef Joe. :)
**Ohhhh they look like one big happy family now, but we all know 2 things: (1) they won't always be a happy family & (2) we will see that table get smaller & smaller as the season goes on. Can't wait to watch it all unfold! ;)

6:40pm BBT:

Janelle & Britney walk off their burgers & talk about if they leave Frank in the game, they'd "be screwed" if the vets get to play the game later on.

Boogie comes out.

Britney: "Come join us! We're walking off our burgers."
He does.
Current talk is about the pool table needing a lift on one side. Britney said she put some dryer sheets under it because it worked during her season. Boogie suggested using a towel.

Boogie praised Joe's cooking & is amazed that he can take slop & make it taste like a turkey burger. Janelle agreed that he's a great cook.

Meanwhile inside, Willie is doing the dinner dishes, as he promised Janelle

Back outside...

Boogie: "If Ian started smoking, that would be great!" (**lol)
Dan: "What kind of cigerette do you think Ian likes?"
Boogie: "Camels?"

(I couldn't hear what brand but it's the same Willie's.)

Boogie: (to Ian) "Please start smoking & sit next to Willie everyday!"
Brit & Janelle laugh.

Jojo has joined & is smoking. With sunglass on. When there is no sun. **shrugs*

6:00pm BBT:
BY Patio

Talk is about politics. Specifically the presidental race. Boogie asked Ian who he's voting for.

Ian: "Mitt Romney."
Boogie: "You just lost half your fan base."

Meanwhile, inside...

Ashley is doing Danielle's hair, as Britney sits near & talks to them. (Non-game chit chat.)
Britney: "Can you do my hair next?"
Ashely said yes.

7:15pm BBT:
Arcade Room
Jani is thinking that maybe Frank should go, not Kara. She said Kara has no game, Frank is strong & can't be trusted, and Kara would only be going because of Dan (she's on Dan's team). But Dan is "so good at this game", and it scares Janelle.

They're going back & forth, bouncing ideas/concerns off each other. This is on-going.

Okay, I'm gonna go take a bubble bath & unwind for the night. I'll be doing updates on Twitter whenever I get out! See y'all tomorrow with the Overnighter!! :D

Enjoy the live feeds!!!

Stay tuned...

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Isaiah's Mom said...

Jamie or anyone that can answer how did you watch the live feeds on your tv?? Did you just connect the HDMI and that was it??

Jamie said...

Pretty much. Newer laptops will recognize the hdmi cable and auto switch to the tv. Go into settings on your tv and switch hdmi port 1 (or 2). That's it! :)

JE said...

Watching After Dark, Ian is a BB encyclopedia. Jani and Joe (cook) by chess table talking about sending Frank home.

jack jr said...

i wish they would make it available on roku!

Anonymous said...

Ian picked the wrong girl to apologize to in JoJo as she's probably the one girl that didn't mind haha


JJ said...

Anybody notice how huge the chess pieces are this year? Preventing a break in and theft from Kalia maybe?

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