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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Morning in the BB House

And here we go!! The live feeds have been on fire since last night, and the morning is starting off that way as well! If you haven't read The Overnighter (1 post down), please do.

*Janelle/Dan are teaming up.
*Britney told Willie about how she thinks the coaches will play the game at some point.
*Willie is upset at the possibility of the coaches playing the game.

Currently on the live feeds...

9:08am BBT:
Arcade Room
Britney & Willie told Shane about the possibility of the coaches playing the game. Britney said she's not positive it will happen, so doesn't wanna tell everyone & if it doesn't happen, then she'll be an outcast.

9:14am BBT:
Britney said that Janelle doesn't wanna get rid of Kara because she's working with Dan.

**The feeds are showing the backyard, but the audio is on Willie/Brit/Shane in the Arcade room, so I don't have any pics.

Britney said he wants to talk to Boogie & see what he thinks and if he wants to expose any of this.

9:17am BBT:
Britney goes & gets Boogie (who was on the backyard patio). They head into the Arcade Room to talk privately. **Audio is on Cam 3!

Boogie says he thinks BB confused the viewers enough with the coaches twist.
Britney is breaking down the weeks, when jury starts, etc.

Britney: "So you don't think it's happening?"
Boogie: "The contract was all about coach, coach, coach."
Britney: "But the last line of the contract said that they can change anything they want at any time."

9:20am BBT:
Boogie said that they have to play the game they have in front of them & he doesn't think there's gonna be a twist that brings the coaches back into the game.

Boogie said he's playing the game as a coach and just trying to keep Frank in the game.

9:25am BBT:
Boogie said he doesn't think it'll happen, but if it does, it's not gonna be all 4 coaches..he thinks it'll be 2 coaches when the numbers start to dwindle.

Britney said she's stressed out over everything and she's "freaking over it".

Convo ends & they leave the arcade room.
Boogie goes into the kitchen.
Britney heads outside.

9:37am BBT:

I just heard Willie yell at Britney in the kitchen...

Willie: "I didn't say sh*t!"
Britney: "You need to chill."
Willie: "You're pissing me off."

Willie walks out of the kitchen & goes back outside to smoke.

Shane (in the kitchen, to Brit): "Tense morning!"

9:46am BBT:
Willie just went up to the HOH room alone.

Britney/Shane/Frank are in the kitchen area.
Frank walked away, Britney told Shane that Boogie doesn't think the coaches playing the game is gonna happen, so don't say anything (to the other HG's).

9:50am BBT:
Kitchen Area

Boogie: "It's week 1, no big twists are gonan happen."
Boogie said he likes the paranoia, though.  

9:58am BBT:
HOH Bathroom
Britney said she's "not going down for this" (for thinking/talking about the coaches possibly coming into the game). She said she's gonna say that it came from Frank. (**Doooo it! Doooo it!! I wanna see some drama today! lol :D )

**By the way, I don't know how blaming Frank is gonna help keep Frank in the game, which is what Britney wants. lol Good luck, Brit. I think have you done lost your mind!

Britney then told Willie to play the game in front of him.

Britney: "I wish I never had said anything to you (about the coaches)."

Britney leaves & heads downstairs.

10:09am BBT:
A look at the feeds:

10:23am BBT:
Storage Room

Dan tells Joe that he's gonna get the 1 extra vote needed to save Kara. Joe said that Willie is cracking and that he already blew up at Britney.

They leave the storage room.

10:31am BBT:
Backyard Patio

Out of the blue, Willie just started saying that they (all the HG's) need to start playing  their own game & if the coaches play the game, then the HG's will have the numbers against the vets.

Joe doesn't mind them coaching, but not dictate what's happening. He suggested calling a house meeting to tell the coaches to stop telling the HG's what to do, and just give them advice.

Willie: "They're turning everybody against each other. They're controlling the game!"

Jojo: "And someone who didn't even play the game will walk away with $500,000 and that pisses me off!"
Willie: "We control the outcome of the game! And I hope a coach comes out right now, I'll keep talkin'!"

**I foresee Willie starting some drama today. lol

Dan comes out. Willie shuts up. lol

10:37am BBT:
Frank: "It's a rollercoaster ride!" (the game)
Willie: "But I see where this roller-coaster is goin'. That's the problem." (he laughs)

Willie is saying, without directly saying it, that the coaches are messing up the game by doing what they want.

Frank changes the subject & talks about the sun.
Willie: "I wanna have a house meeting with just the people PLAYING the game." (HG's, no coaches.)
Frank: "Call it."
Willie: "I will, once Janelle gets up." (**HUH?? lol)

10:44am BBT:
Britney is outside now.
Britney is joking around, saying she needs a break & that they should just draw names out of a cup to evict houseguests & live in harmony. (**lol)

Frank: "I don't like those odds!" (laughs)

10:46am BBT:
Janelle is up & joined the patio crew. (**House meeting, Willie! Hop to it!!)

10:51am BBT:
Joe tells Janelle about Willie wanting to call a house meeting without the coaches and revolt against the coaches because they (vets) are playing everyones game for them.
Joe said he wants to have the house meeting & he gets Willie.

They all go inside for a HOUSE MEETING!! Turn on the feeds!! :D These are always fun!! lol

10:55am BBT:
HOH Room
All HG's except the vets
Willie: "I think we're being plotted against each other by our coaches, it makes no sense to me, they come in and they just run the game. And that doesn't need to happen. We can play like we don't even have coaches!"

Some of the HG's clap.

Willie says that he thinks the coaches will have a chance to play the game, but if they do, they'd have the numbers if they banned together and get the coaches out.

Willie: 'Y'all see the key slots by their names on the memory wall? This has been bothering me for days now."
Frank: "They're spectacers! Until they play the game, they're just spectators."
Willie: "Don't allow y'alls coach to play your game. We all wanted to be here to play the game. They're playing it FOR YOU!!"

11:01am BBT:
Willie warns them that the coaches will go up all of them and ask what happened during the meeting and to not "fall for it". He reminds them how the vets controlled the game last year.

Every newbie seems happily on board with Willie.

Willie: "We have to separate ourselves from them and play our own game! Build your OWN alliance!"
Frank: "And if you tell your coach everything in the game, then if they come in this game, they're gonna know everything about you!"
Willie: "Exactly!"
Talk is going around in circles now.

Wil said that the coaches keep saying what other coach they want out, they don't care about the HG's wanna do.

Willie said if they don't ban together, they're all gonna be screwed and will regret that they didn't play their own game when they leave on a plane.

Frank: "If you go home, at least you'd know you went home playing your own game!"

Joe: "I think you (Willie) are playing too fast. You're guessing what might happen (coaches playing), but what i do agree with is that we should do our OWN negotiating, because I don't like someone negotiating for me. I don't want them working deals that I gotta back up! Coaches don't play in the game! They coach from the sideline, not IN the game! They cannot come on the field with us!"

Frank: "(They can) Give us advice & we can take it or NOT take it!"
Wil: "I didn't come in here to play with a God d**n coach! They played their game, this is OUR game & we worked way too hard to get here!"

11:14am BBT:
Meeting in the HOH is still going on...

Ian: "..they're gonna think we're idiots, because we're letting our coaches play our game."
Wil: "I don't know about y'all, but I'm taking a 24 hour break from talking game."
Willie said to not talk to their coaches for a while, let it "sink in" a little bit.

Wil said that the Diary Room (production) keeps telling them they are NOT playing in teams.

11:19am BBT:
BB music over live feeds....can't hear anything.

11:25am BBT:
Audio is back.

And meeting ends 1 minute later. lol
Willie said he's going outside to smoke, where all the coaches are. (**Oh boy. lol)

11:32am BBT:
Arcade Room

Joe is telling Janelle everything from the meeting. Janelle said the contract she signed said there was no way that she would play the game. Then we get fishies on the screen...

Feeds are back.

Janelle's taking it all in.
Janelle: "It was in BOLD PRINT, that we cannot play the game. I don't even go to the jury house! I don't go to jury I don't have a vote."

11:39am BBT:

Joe: "I don't know if anyone was acting in (the HOH room), but they were all in agreement..(to ignore the coaches/play their game)."

Joe said that Willie has "an inside source", but won't tell who it is, that the coaches will play.
Janelle said he's nuts & paranoid.

Janelle wants to know what Boogie thinks.
Joe: "He's asleep! He doesn't even know the meeting happened!" (*lol)

11:45am BBT:
HOH Room

Both agree that Joe was acting negativly during the meeting, saying that Willie is playing "too fast". They agree to not trust him or work with him. Willie said they can trust Frank & Ian could be a "tool for us".

Shane asked Willie if they should switch coaches. (**Not sure you can...)
Willie: "No, walk past (the coaches) like they're a cameraman!"
Shane: "They're just spectators..ok."

Willie: "If the coaches weren't here, we'd be fine! Britney didn't want me to bring it up because it's gonna cause too much friction in the house. But if I didn't, the coaches would've done whatever they wanted. Me, you and Frank are power players!"

Shane: "And Wil!"
Willie: "I don't know about Wil..Ashley is solid."
Shane: "Me, you, Frank, and..Jojo?"
Willie: "That's what I was thinking. I think we could all function together. That's 5 people. Next week, we only need 4 people (for votes)."
Shane: "I keep flirting with Danielle, she's a lost puppy, following me around..."

Switching feeds to...

11:54am BBT:

They're talking about getting the 1 more vote needed to get Kara to stay.
Janelle: "What about Jojo?"

They think she might be on board if they tell her that the guys are all aligning to get the girls out.
They all agree that Willie & Frank need to go.

Janelle: "He's too controlling. The power went to his head. If I get into this game, I will have the balls to go after him. He better pray to God.."

**Will Ashley go & tell Willie about this?? Remember, they're in an alliance...Ashley/Jojo/Willie.

11:58am BBT:
HOH Room

Britney said she's sitting back and not gonna be so involved anymore. No more whispering, she's gonna enjoy her summer, give advice, and let the players play the game.

Willie: 'And that's all this meeting was"
Britney: "And I agree!"

Britney said that Janelle flipped to Dan's side, even though she's acting like she didn't. Britney said she caught Janelle/Dan talking in the Arcade Room last night for a long time.

12:04pm BBT:
Britney: "I saw Dan and Janelle multiple times last night whispering, and never once did she tell me about it." **<---and that's how Brit knows Jani flipped.

***While the house is calm, I'm gonna take lunch for an hour. I'll still be within ear shot of the feeds, so if anything happens, I'll post it in a new post. Otherwise, I'll be back to start the afternoon post at 4pm BBT (or earlier if something happens).

Stay tuned...

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Sarah Barks said...

so what happened between Jani and Brit that she (jani) decided to turn her back and start working with Dan??

Lolli said...

I have a feeling that getting rid of a coach's players will release them into the game, backfiring on everyone.

Lolli said...

I have a feeling that getting rid of all coach's players will release that coach into the game, backfiring on everyone.

JOHN J KNAPP said...

Willie has tried to play it cool and calm in this first week but I dont know how much longer he can keep that up. Sooner or later he's going to erupt and then he will go on a rampage...
New Tripoli, PA

JOHN J KNAPP said...

Willie has tried to play it cool this first week but I dont know how much longer he can last. Sooner or later he is going to erupt and he will go on a rampage...
New Tripoli, PA

Katie said...

Lolli- i can totally see that happening! I wondered how the money would work if the vets could play for the 500k- but that makes perfect sense. The coaches will also have to decide whether to turn on their players for a chance at the half million or stay on their side for the 100k. Good thought!

me281 said...

That single meeting was a game changer and then it goes to feeds where production is yelling at them to just go with it i am sure !!... i did not like Willie up until this point but now he is my favorite.... well him and tat's....

Fresh2death 4 Life said...

Lolli, I TOTALLY just thought that and was hoping I'd be the first in the BB universe to say it (darn!:P). I don't think it would change the game much because Dan, so far, hasn't gotten much info or allied very seriously with anyone but his players. His alliance with Janelle is tenuous at best. I think having him enter the game would be a good idea in theory, but he'd easily be voted out if he doesn't start now making some alliances, which he can't because there's no guarantee he'll be joining the game!

James said...

Just like I assumed the Saboteur in BB12 would be able to play the game if they lasted half way (Annie was out week 1), it seems very likely that at least 1 of the coaches would ultimately play, but be a big target and unlikely win.

Also, I don't know why Jani would want to team up with Dan when he only has 2 players and they would be short on numbers.

James D.

Caitlin Smith said...

I feel like Willie is taking a page from Russell's survivor guide. Make an alliance with two girls that you can manipulate and take them to the end with you.

Caitlin Smith said...

I feel like Willie is taking a page from Russell's Survivor guide. Align yourself with two younger girls that you can have influence over and bring them to the end with you.

Anonymous said...

With so much happening..esp after pov..will cbs be able to cover it all? What will they leave out? Sad Bb not on tonite..Wed/Thurs is awkward s ched. Lets see hiw BB edits this. Will they include the 'will coaches play' storyline. WHAT STORYLINES DO U THINK THEYLL INCLUDE/IGNORE THIS WED & THURS???

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