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Monday, July 16, 2012

Afternoon in the BB House

Just as I stepped away from the computer, it seems that game talk started. But don't fear, it's nothing we haven't heard already this week. lol

Janelle and Britney did the whole "Who do we get rid of this week?" talk for the millionth time. The verdict? Now they wanna get KARA out. Ughh. *slaps forehead* I don't get it. At all. Kara is not a threat. Frank is a huge threat. Dan isn't down to 1 player, he's down to 2 even if they got Kara out, they'd have to gun for Britney the next week. And they're only gunning for Kara & Britney for no other reason other than to get Dan out. 

Anyways, Jani & Brit are scared that the newbies will see that they only want Kara out because they want to eventually get rid of Dan in case they (the vets) enter the game at some point. So then they came up with an idea to start a lie about Kara so that the newbies will want her out on their own.

Okay, enough of that...let's see what's happening on the feeds.

Currently on the live feeds...

12:42pm BBT:
We have tanning HG's on the feeds!

12:51pm BBT:
And Jenn!! ...rarely see her on the feeds. lol
Inside, Willie is eating at the table, as Ashely/Janelle are talking about Jenn at the counter. Ashley said she's really nice but "obviously working with Boogie."

Janelle: "Oh, I know."

They also talked about Jodi and how it sucks that she had to leave 6 hours after getting to the BB house and how hard it is to get on the show and she didn't even get the experience.

Britney comes in & says that one of them (the HG's) will get skin cancer at some point for all the tanning.

12:56pm BBT:
They talk about how dark Shane is. Britney jokes & says he probably has 6 cancerous growths on him already.
Talk turns to how they think this is the oldest cast in BB history. They start going through the ages of the HG's.

Off Topic: Big Brother 14 ratings are in! On premiere night, BB14 had 7.1 million viewers, but that dropped down to 6.2 million for Sunday nights episode. Pretty good stats on premiere night, although the 1 million drop is a bit scary.

1:09pm BBT:
Back to the feeds, nothing is going on. No game talk. Random chit chat.

I'll keep an eye on things & update when something worth mentioning happens. :)

1:53pm BBT:
HOH Room
Frank & Willie have a private convo up in the HOH room. It's long & lengthy, but I'll pull out the points in the convo that are most important.

Frank: "I don't trust anybody in the house as much as I trust you!"

Frank said he wants to get rid of floaters in the game.

Willie: "I'm fighting to keep you because I think we can run through this game! If you turned on me, I'd vomit!" (**Get the puke bucket ready. lol)

They promise to keep each other safe next week. Willie said everyone is telling him that Frank is lying to him but that he (Willie) can "read people" and doesn't think Frank is lying.

2:05pm BBT:
Talk continues.

Willie did get one thing right, they (newbies) have to play for THEMSELVES, not their coaches.

Willie: "(The vets) aren't gonna give us $500,000!", in reference to playing for themselves.

Willie told Frank he wants him to trust him 100% in the game.

Willie: "You are safe, as long as somethin' doesn't crack off."

2:11pm BBT:
Frank told Willie how Janelle wants to get Shane out. Willie said he thinks Joe is a "loyal person".

2:13pm BBT:
Willie said he will never "backdoor" Frank.
Convo ends. They give each other a bro-hug.

2:16pm BBT:
A look at the feeds...
All is calm in BB land. No scheming at the moment. :)

**Okay BB addicts, it's dinner time! I'll be back later for the Evening post! See y'all then!!

Stay tuned...

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stephanelson said...

I was all ready to go for the premier on Thursday, as many of the viewers probably were, for me my interest started dwindling away, that's a huge drop in ratings but its still dece, hoping things really start to pick up, it just seems like such a long week.

stephanelson said...

And watching all these guys smoke is grossing me out

DeniseRhenderson said...

I live in Louisville ky and couldn't watch Sunday night because CBS was out with Dish network... Wonder how many more were out and if that was some of the ratings drop...

DeniseRhenderson said...

I live in Louisville ky and couldn't watch Sunday night because CBS was out with Dish network... Wonder how many more were out and if that was some of the ratings drop...

Anonymous said...

How fast will newbies figure out that coaches will enter game against Them?! they need to turn on them

Trevor said...

Britney is isolating herself way too much.

Kelly said...

Jamie what are the chances that Kara is going home? Also do you think a houseguest may return mid season. I think something major has to happen because not counting the coaches were done to 10 players this week. 3 stay to finale week, which means 7 weeks, and that doesn't even include a big brother fast forward.

Anonymous said...

Agree..what is it withh bb casting so many smokers each yr. Smoking is nasty and deadly

JE said...

Trevor, how is Brit isolating herself? She seems social to me.
Hopefully the numbers pick up because summer wouldn't be the same without BB.

Tanner said...

I don't think Britney is really isolating herself, she's just being too paranoid. When she came back in the house, she admitted to not having seen the big picture when she was on BB12. Now she's trying too hard to see a "big picture", when this time there actually is none.

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