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Friday, July 13, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB addicts!! :D Hope y'all enjoyed last nights BB14 premiere and even better, the live feeds!! Boy oh boy, were they on fire last night! Even Janelle was heard saying that her 2 past BB seasons never played this hard, this fast. It's gonna be a good season for sure! ;)

So if you were one of the people that stayed up and watched the feeds last night, then your head is probably still spinning! Don't worry, you are not alone. lol I think we all are. So because of that reason, and the fact that I'm running on 2 hrs of sleep, and the fact that today is POV day, I'm gonna make The Overnighter into a condensed, lite version. Hope y'all don't mind, just figured it'd be best for all of us to get caught up, plus save my barely-working brain this morning so I can try to get a few hours of sleep, otherwise I'm not gonna be able to make it today.

Alright, so let's start with...

The house seems divided: Team Britney and Team Janelle *vs* Team Dan and Team Boogie

Jani & Britney are working together, Willie is HOH, each side of the house is pushing to either keep Frank or Kara (the 2 nom'ed for eviction), but like I said, today is the POV Comp, so anything can happen. Ashely messed up her back (from the 1st HOH comp, I believe) and was on muscle relaxers last night..that's when you BB: After Dark folks saw her breakdown and cried to Willie while laying down in the Have-Not room.

The jist of it all:
Boogie is really pushing Willie to save Frank, as Janelle is pushing Willie to get rid of Frank. At this point, it seems that Willie will save Frank, but Jani & Brit have no plans of backing off and will continue to try to push for Frank's eviction...if he doesn't win the POV. Willie tried to convince the girls that Frank isn't that big of a threat, but they weren't buying it. Willie's concern in all of this? That Frank doesn't gun after him. Boogie promised Willie protection if he keeps Frank & eased his concern. So basically, if Kara doesn't win POV, she's going home. Or at least that's the plan for now.

Okay, moving on...

If you're betting on Wil (with one L) to be the winner of BB14, ya might wanna rethink that. lol I think he's gonna be a sh*t-stirrer, a fighter, a yeller, drama-queen, etc. Entertaining? Heck yes!! But it'll also make him the biggest target in the house, and rather fast.

Last night, Wil was going on & on about how "pissed" he was/is that Jojo took his beer and started drinking it, and how mad he was. (Speaking of Jojo, she confessed that she would make out with Willie. lol Oh, boy!) Back to Wil...he's already being very catty and making it known that he doesn't like Jojo, Danielle, or Ian. And in case you're wondering where Wil stands in a divided house, Wil is siding with Jani & Brit.

Head spinning yet? lol :P

Noteworthy: Nothing came out of it, but it's worth noting that Ashely gave Ian a shoulder massage last night. ;) hehe Go Ian!! Also, Shane gave Jojo a massage. Jojo commented that they (Jojo/Shane) would be the sexiest Final Two. lol

Around 12:30am BBT, Willie/Frank talked. Willie told him that he can work with Frank more than he could with Kara. Willie then told Frank he needed assurance that if he (Frank) won HOH, he -or anyone on his team - wouldn't put him (Willie) up, and Frank said he definitely wouldn't put him up & said he'd know it'd be because of Willie that he stayed if he ended up not going home this week.

So that's pretty everything in a nutshell! (..or blog post). Like I said, I wanted to make the 1st post of the season a pretty easy to understand post. It's hard jumping into the feeds 1 week after the HG's moved in and have been talking so much game, and us BB fans only getting to see 1 highly edited episode so far to bring us up to speed. Hopefully now we're all caught up! :D

The HG's started heading to bed LATE last night/early this morning (around 4:30am BBT, which is 7am for you East Coasters.)

Okay, that's it for the very 1st Overnighter of the BB14 season!! :D Sorry there are no screencaps, I can't find Flashback for the BB14 feeds either I'm *that* tired, or they're not up yet. lol :P

Okay, I'm gonna try to take a 3 hr nap (have mercy on me today, please!), but I doubt the HG's will be awake by then anyways. Check back around 12pm EST (9am BBT)!! :D

Updated @ 6:55am BBT:
Here's a screenshot of the HG's snoozing...

By the way, the 4 Mentors have their own room..its the room right next to the HOH room, usually where we see former BB houseuguest Jessie in Pandora's box. lol :P They call it the "Coaches Suite". 

Stay tuned...

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liltor03 said...

Jamie, I have been reading your blah for years, and even have my family and friends following you now too. I bought the live feeds for the first time this year and I can't seem to find the flashback feature....can you help? I fell asleep last night and it sounds like i missed ALOT!! Thanks for all you do :)

Anonymous said...

Last night's promo mentioned a new power would be revealed. Maybe that's the hold-up on the flashback feeds? Wasn't there a similar delay last year?

Trevor said...

Which team is Kara on??? and the most important question of the season.... Is Wil wearing hair extensions? His hair just doesn't fit naturally with his facial structure lol.

Jasmine said...

Do you know if BBLite will work this season? I hate watching the feeds through superpass.

Kayla said...

I HATE Willie already. Geez he's so annoying talking to Britney in HOH

ashley h. said...

i cant believe Dan picked all girls for his team! i still have faith in his skills tho!!

Anonymous said...

Not liking coach twist. Its automatically created alliances/teams..and let the coach decide who got hoh & who got evicted

Marta said...

@trevor, I saw an interview on where Wil noted his hair is in fact a weave.

kelsey said...

Go Britney and janeles team.. I like dan but he made a bad idea of picking all girls and not a single guy but we'll see... I think dan is soooo cute by the way to me which he has always been to me :)) but I love the mentor twist :))

kelsey said...

Go Britney and janeles team... I like dan but hes screwed because he has all girls and no guys but we will see... I think dan is soooo cute by the way but thats just me.... Ive always thought he was though... :)) I like the mentors twist though... :))

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