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Monday, July 16, 2012

Morning in the BB House

It's another day in the BB house & I'm sure it'll be filled with more "Kara or Frank?" eviction talk & Willie will be as paranoid as ever that he's gonna be gunned after for eviction next week (if someone from Britney's or Janelle's team doesn't win HOH). Sometimes I feel like I'm watching the movie "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murphy. lol Everyday seems like the same day; Danielle complains, Dan is hardly on the feeds, Boogie is..well..Boogie, Willie is paranoid, Jojo is annoying...rinse & repeat. I.can't.wait.until.Thursday!!! A new HOH, new nominations, new comps, new game!! :D Bring it onnnn!!!

Currently on the live feeds...

8:58am BBT:
Backyard Patio

Danielle's name got brought up and how she's a "teacher", Boogie said he still thinks she's not a teacher & that she works in the medical field because she's always talking about medical stuff and keeps justifying her knowledge by saying she had to "take a class" in college.

Boogie: "I called that Day 4. I guess we'll see after the show. We'll laugh about it in September."

9:02am BBT:
Ian said that Ashely fell out of bed last night. (**lol That must of hurt!) Joe said she's gonna have to see a specialist after the show because everyday in the house, she's hurting.

9:18am BBT:
Ian & Boogie were in the kitchen and asked Ashley if she off her bed last night. Ian then said he got up in the middle of the night & saw that she wasn't in the bedroom (she was up in Willie's HOH room). Ashley played it off an said she had to concept of time and is playing stupid.

Ian: "I just saw the bed empty.."
Ashely: "I'm not sure about the whole falling off (the bed) thing..I don't think I fell off the bed. Did I? (laughing)"

Sidenote: Today is Boogie's birthday. 

9:26am BBT:
HG's are still kinda waking up, talking..nothing game-wise.

Boogie is asking Ian about how hard it must be being in college with electronics these days (smart phones, ipads, etc.) Ian said teachers give students a hard time if they use stuff doing class.

9:32am BBT:
Joe thinks that colleges will eventually go away. Ian agrees that there will be a decline in attendance for sure because of how expensive it is.

9:40am BBT:
Boogie & Willie are talking about the difference between Survivor and Big Brother.

Boogie said when they're conflict in the BB house, there's no where to go..unlike Survivor, where you can take a long walk, go into the ocean, etc. Boogie also said the mental warfare in the BB house is worse.

*Taking breaking to watch Fan Recap on the feeds! :D*

Okay, I"m back..

10:25am BBT:
Today's been sooooo slowwww. HG's just chillin' around the house for the most part.

Shane is talking to Wil & Boogie about working out.
Shane: "For every pound of muscle, you burn 100 calories."

10:34am BBT:
Nobody is talking on all 4 feeds. (I feel like I'm watching paint dry today! lol Wake up, HG's!!!)
Willie is splashing the hot tub water gently with his feet.

Willie: "Some people fall asleep to this sh*t.." (The sound of water.)

Talk turns to throwing Boogie a birthday party today.

10:37am BBT:
Joe tells Willie that Frank said he would put up Danielle & Jojo as a pawn if he won HOH.

Joe: "He said he told you that.."
Willie: "He didn't."

I think Willie is as sick of game talk as us fans are this week. lol Is it Thursday yet???!

Joe then tells Janie the same thing about Jojo/Dani going up as pawns..

Janelle: "So then that means (Frank) would be backdooring (Willie).."
Joe: "Yea."

**I just said this on Twitter a few minutes ago, but Joe is this years Shelly. *slaps forehead*

11:09am BBT:
I need to take a break and stretch my paws. :P I'll be back to start the afternoon post! 

Stay tuned...

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James said...

Yeah, it's a slow start and seems so lopsided. There's the Brit/Janelle alliance, then there is just a few stragglers, especially if Frank goes. Maybe Kara can compete, but outside of that I don't see Jenn, Ian or Danielle doing very much in any kind of physical comp. I think that they'll pick off a couple of more stragglers and then the big alliance will fracture and maybe then it will get interesting.

Willie is coming off too paranoid, but it does establish his power and others may be afraid to blindside him or cross him, kind of like Dick, the fear strategy.

James D.

Trevor said...

Keeping Frank seems so silly for Willies game. Hes a target either way, but why not got out a big dog now. Mike Boogie will save Frank every time now.

Jodi said...

I kind of forgot that Jen was still in the house until I watched last nights episode! What does she do all day?

Sarra said...

I was one of those million that didn't watch the episode live on Sunday - but that's only because my daughter is still up but about to go to bed so I waited until this morning to watch it on so at least that should count for something! I'll probably do that all season apart from Thursdays since it comes on later so I can watch it live (which is good, I couldn't go all night not knowing who got evicted!)

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