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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Post-BB14 :)

Hello, everybody!! :D It's been a week since BB14 came to an end. It also marked the start of my much-needed vacation. lol (I'm still on my stay-cation. Just doing stuff around Milwaukee.) 

So how's everybody doing?? Y'all detoxed yet? :P

Well if you need some help, then I may have some things to get ya through!

Former BB houseguests and fan favorite, Jeff Schroder, interviewed all of the BB14 houseguests for CBS. If you haven't yet seen them, check'em out! :D




More houseguests interviews:

For all of them, browse the videos on CBS's YouTube Channel!

As far as BB Canada goes, the only info that I have (so far) is that it begins on Feb. 18th, 2013. They are still currently taking applications (apply here, deadline is Oct. 16th!), and there will be Open Casting Calls at:

Halifax – October 7
Montreal – October 7
Toronto – October 14

Also, it seems that BB Canada will be very similar to the US version:  "houseguests compete in food, luxury, and power competitions" and will have ", two taped episodes and one live episode will occur each week".

So that's all the info I have right now. Oh, and this picture is floating around on the net for the past few weeks of the BB Canada house that is currently still being built!

Pretty rad, huh?! :D

Okay, addicts..that's it for now!! Check back here & there for a new post, and follow me on Twitter and the Facebook group to get the latest info the soonest! Ciao!

Stay tuned...
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hummingbrd said...

Hey Jamie ..... AS always U rock .. Detox sucks BUT I will say that I am in the process of paying off a new computer that connects to the TV for BB15 WOOTWOOT! I didn't know I could even do anything like that till u said that's what u do for the feeds. HDMI I can't wait~ Well it was good hearing from u thanks again for just being the coolest eva!

Anonymous said...

For those curious if the Jury would eventually regret their vote after cooling off and watching the show and no disrespect to Ian realize Dan just played a far superior game and deserved to win there's already an update. Joe has already watched the entire season his wife had saved on the DVR for him and has said on his Twitter @ChefArvin that if he could revote now knowing all the info he'd 100% change his vote to Dan. So just a couple weeks later it's already 1 down 5 to go.


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