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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Winner of Part 2 HOH is....

Good evening, BB addicts! At just after 9pm BBT, the live feeds came back and we now have ourselves a winner crowned for part 2 HOH!!

Winner of the Part 2 HOH Comp is:

If you were watching the feeds or BB After Dark on Showtime when the feeds came back on, then you've seen Dani/Ian fighting a couple of times pretty intensely so far tonight. This is all part of Dan's plan. He told Dani that if Ian won Part 2, that he would high-five Ian and for Dani to act pissed off at that and tell Ian that whoever cuts her from the game, will NOT get her vote. This is an attempt for Ian to throw the Part 3 HOH comp to Dan, which ironically Ian said just a few minutes ago that he is NOT throwing Part 3.

Dan is acting pissed at Dani and saying that he "had no problems cutting her boyfriend loose" and would "have no problems cutting her loose" either. (In other words: Throw me Part 3 and I'll do it.) But as Ian said, he's not throwing Part 3.

9:25pm BBT:
Quad Cam
Dan is in the bathroom, as Ian is taking a shower.

Dan: "What's wrong with that chick? Why is she so mad? Because she thinks (her game) is over?"

(This is Dan solidifying Ian taking him to Final 2, as Dani is in the bedroom in the back of the house.) 

The rest of the night will be filled with more fights between Dani/Ian, and Dan/Dani acting like they hate each other. Oh what a night to be watching the feeds or BB after dark. In the words of Dani Donato, "Awwkwarddd!!" ;) hehe

Goodnight, addicts!!! Enjoy the feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Jen Rose said...

Go Ian!

James said...

My question is, how do you throw part 3? Since it is such a crapshoot, it's kind of hard to throw. In BB13, Rachel got 2 of 5 questions right and Porsche got NO questions right. If they both tried to throw it they would both actually get a higher score.

Corb said...

I really can't believe these 2 players Danni and Ian are that stupid to let someone that has already won $500,000. have a shot at it again. Its crazy was kind of spill they are under from Dan. Just been drinking Dan kooliade for a long time. Dan is satan .

The Un-Organic said...

I can't stand how blind and naive both Ian and Dani are to Dan's tricks and manipulations. He doesn't even have to hide it anymore they both have so much blind faith in the guy it's ridiculous. Don't either of them even see that taking him to the end regardless of his tricks would cost them their game....especially Ian! He'd have such an easier time against Dani. I hope their plan of Dani saying she will make sure Ian doesn't get her or Shane or Ashley's votes if he boots her backfires and he keeps her for F2 over Dan. I soooo do not want to see Dan win this thing all over again.

it's ME! said...

At about 10:43 pm BB time, Dan sitting at dining table talking to self said - "If I'm going to win this game, I've got to get to the end with Ian. I may have to throw it to him. Unbelieveable. It's insane to throw the 3rd part of the final HOH, absolutely insane. But, it's so insane it just might work."

OMG! now wouldn't that be just "John Blaze"!


crane guy said...

I completely agree. In fact if a person was trying to throw it they could actually win it the way its designed. Doesn't make sense why someone would get this far and even consider that and I am a Dan fan but if he some how did throw it and Ian doesn't take him then he deserves to loose. I hope he hasn't accidently misted himself!!!

Anonymous said...

Those saying Ian is naive and just under Dan's spell are wrong because even if he is Dan is an easy win for him he's so hated in Jury. If Dan gets 2 votes up against Ian in F2 he'd have done about as well as he could do. Plus he made a F2 deal with Dan weeks ago and has not much relationship at all with Dani and wants to keep his word.


crane guy said...

I don't agree at all I believe once Brittany helps the jury figure out the puzzle and no matter what move is discussed dans name is associated with it and when they realize playing the game twice and getting to the end is such an amazing feat Dan might not win 7-0 but Im sorry he will win and if he doesn't the jury did something bb tells them not to do which is vote based on emotions. Hell even boogie said in an interview bb production will intervene in the jury house and strongly remind them they r to be voting on game play only as it should be.

Anonymous said...

IAn prob has better chance of winning. By taking Dani no? Dan is brilliant; seems guaranteed now to make finals

James said...

I don't believe for a second that Brit will not vote for Ian if he is in F2. She may vote Dan over Dani based on pure gameplay, but not Dan over Ian. Frank and Shane are very tall orders to overcome. Very unlikely to change their minds even if Dani makes an attempt. As for Ashley. She has always liked Ian (although not as a love interest), and she likely forgave him a long time ago. Brit, Ash, Frank and Shane. There are your votes. Joe and Jenn could go either way. Dan only has Dani locked.

James D.

G said...

Dan is a sociopath and the after dark show has crossed a line of voyeurism. Danielle has been manipulated into being abusive to Ian. She is the stereotypical personality type that can easily be abused and continues to allow an abuser to abuse. She invested all her emotions in a sociopath. It is actually sad to watch. Where is the psych help for what has transpired? BB has reached an all time low in allowing Dan to continue his mental psychotic games.

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