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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Overnighter

SuzieQ here!
Jamie update:
Jamie had a camera down her throat today.  They gave her results, and she is being discharged a little later today.  :)  I'm not sure of her plans for when she'll feel up to blogging again.  One step at a time.

It's about 4pm EST, 1pm BBT.  I'll start with a quick update of the hour or so just to give a glimps of what's going on now, then I'll get to the Overnighter, and move into the morning happenings.

Currently on the feeds....
HG's on outside lockdown.  It was suspected that BB needed to do something with the memory board.
*Sorry about the delay - got a family phone call. I'm back!
Noon BBT
The only thing on the cams are Frank & Jenn.  Everyone else must be sleeping.
I'm jumping into the Overnighter.

Playing cards, playing pool, playing cornhole.

11:22 BBT - Dan/Danielle/Shane
I just found this interesting that Shane has the little puppy on his shoulder.
They are trying to put a cover over the padding, and Dan & Shane trap Danielle inside!
Shane beats her with the pillow.  Let her squirm a little, then set her free!

Dani/Shane talking shortly after the above scene:
Dani is becoming more upset about having to talk to Frank this week, and is highly annoyed at some of the things he says.  Frank says things make him seem cocky to Danielle (and Dan, Shane). Frank keeps saying how he (himself) is one of the best players in this game.
Shane says "Frank has been unemployed for 3 years - what has he given up to be in this game?  We've all given up our jobs and family."

(just a bit earlier, with Dan/Danielle/Shane)
Shane told Dan/Dani that Ian wants a tie vote with Ian being the tiebreaker.  Dan strongly says NO!  It's too risky!

11:53 (+/-) BBT  Dani/Shane
Dani is getting fired up about Frank!  It's funny towatch Shane set her up to say more, and it doesn't seem that she sees that's what happening!  Shane laughs everytime he eggs her on and she escalates!  I won't say the things that she says about Frank, because it's mean & in personal ways.  Generall she hates everything about Frank!  She lists them out, more than once.  His personality is ugly, says Dani.
Dani:  "I'm not mean to other people.... But I've had it, and I mean everything I'm saying right now.  I'm not going to aplogise and I'm not going to take it back.  I'm not speaking out of anger.  Live feeders, you can quote me."

Joe & Shane have a talk by the hotub at about 3am BBT and it lasts for about 45 min.
There was various chit chat with HG's about double eviction or fast forward.
Speculating about another Pandora's Box.  Joe said he wouldn't open it - too risky at this point in the game.

And that's it for the overnighter.
I'll start the Morning section in a few minutes.
(refresh every 5 min. or so)

Stay tuned...
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kirsti coffin said...

I pray the results are hopeful! Praying for her!

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