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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Morning/Afternoon in the BB House

SuzieQ here with some quick updates before starting the day's post.

Jamie update.
I posted an update in the overnighter, and since then I have no update.
Jamie had that camera-down-the-throat test and got some results.  She is expected to be discharged and home by now, hopefully resting.  No word on when she'll be back at the blog next.  Hopefully, things are moving forward for her.

This is really an Afternoon report, since not many HG's were awake before noon!

Today is the day before eviction day Thursday, and the HG's will all doing their last minute campaigning, scheming, lies, manipulations, backstabbing, etc.  And in this case, it's Doublke Eviction Thursday!!!
The HG's are speculating that there will either be a Fast Forward and another Double Eviction, so tomorrow will not a complete surprise to them.  If they suspect this, I expect we'll see some plotting & planning for this today.  It should be interesting!  :)

10:30-ish (10:40...) Jenn/Frank outside.  It starts to rain, and the rain gets harder.  Frank covers the pool table.  (we don't it rain much there, do we?  So I thought it was news-worthy!)
Jenn/Frank spend some time talking about Danielle. (nothing that hasn't been said before, so I'm moving on)

12:16pm BBT - Dani & Dan wake up.
They speculate about Thursday's HOH comp.
Dani says there won't be an elaborate setup because they are not on lockdown.
Dan says he thinks it could questions from America like "Who is more likely to save a cat from a burning building - Dan or Shane.  (Danielle answers "Shane" quickly, even though it was just an example question)
Dan thinks they edit Ian like goofy & smart.
Danielle says she's being edited as competitive and sweet, because that's what they tell her in the D.R. and Jessie said it 3 times.

I try not to mean, and please know this is not meant to be a mean thing, but Danielle has been fussing with a big zit on her forehead for days now.  This pic is to show what she's been talking about.

12:32/12:35 ish BBT
Dan leaves, goes outside and sites with Jenn.
Franks goes inside to talk with Danielle.

Jenn campaigns for Frank to stay.
Dan:  FRank told me yesterday he doesn't trust me 100%.  What else do I have to do?"
Jenn:  "Thursday".  (meaning vote to keep Frank Thursday)
Jenn says that if Dan votes to keep Frank on Thursday, that could make the circle of trust come full circle.
Dan:  "No matter what the scenerio, I'll never put you up on the block and I'll never cast a vote against you."
Jen:  "I think you really need to keep Frank here."  I don't see the benefits of keeping Joe over Frank."
Jenn says that it "seems" like Shane wants to keep Frank.

Then the outside lockdown that I mentioned in the Overnighter/live feeds update.
(to fix the memory board)  (*Suzie's note:  Could that be because they may have the face morph comp soon?)

1:28 BBT:  BB vcoice tells HG's to clean the bathroom, including the mirrors above the sink.
1:3? BBT - lockdown over.

Dan goes to kicks room, Joe asks if he can come back with him, Dan says "sure".
Shane:  "Campaign City!"

Joe is trying to get Dan's vote, says he needs 1 more vote.  Joe says that Jenn is with Frank 100%, so he doesn't have her vote.
Dan asks Joes questions, to get info from Joe.
Joe is nervous that there will be a tie vote, and he's looking for one more vote.

1:56-ish PM BBT - Jenn/Dani
Jenn tries to campaign for Frank.
Dani tells Jenn about her frustration with Frank and lists the ways he annoys her (Dani)  Dani says she's done with Frank.  Jenn asks for a solid Final 3 with herself, Dan, Danielle.  Danielle says, "I'm in."

BB gives another fun fact about how it takes 140 laps in the pool to equal a mile.

Jenn tells Frank that he is coming across in the wrong way to Danielle, that she is bothered by his being cocky.  Franks thinks he's going to stay, but will be more careful with Danielle for the future.

It seems Danielle may have told Jenn how she's voting, and BB calls her to D.R. (is she in trouble?)

I see Jamie's back, and the show is about to start soon.  So I'm wrapping it up!
I love Jamie's writing, just like you guys, so I'm thrilled to see her back!  :)
I just tried to stick to :"just the facts, ma'am." type of style, just trying to keep everyone updated.
I hope it's been helpful, and I'll be back if needed.
Can't wait till Thursday's show!!!  :)
Goodnight, everyone!

Stay tuned...
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