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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturady Catch-Up

Happy Saturday, BB addicts!! :D Hope y'alls weekend is going good so far. I was able to actually go out last night and get a taste of normalcy for the 1st time since BB felt ahh-mazing!!! I feel human again!! lol

As I said yesterday, today the HG's will be playing Part 2 of the Final HOH (if BB is keeping with the same schedule as in the past). Who will win Part 2: Ian or Dani? I'm thinking Ian only because he has a clear head and is calm. Dani on the other hand, has been in total meltdown mode since Dan evicted Shane and she's at the "I'm so mad, I can't see straight!" point. It doesn't seem to be getting better with time, in fact it's almost seemingly getting worse with time.

If you want a good laugh, go back to 12:36am BBT on Cam 3. Dan/Dani are playing a game of chess and Dani is drilling Dan on why he evicted Shane.

The poor girl is totally clueless as to why Dan got Shane out. They end their convo on good terms, though. Dani said she'll apologize if she wins today's Part 2 HOH. Dan said there's no need for an apology. Dan then coached her to tell Ian that "Whoever cuts me, will not get my vote." This is an effort to try to get Ian to throw Part 3 to Dan (if Ian wins Part 2.) And since Ian thinks that Dan is taking him to Final 2, Ian might be comfy enough to throw it. Or at least that's what Dan's hoping for.

Dan also told Dani that if Ian wins Part 2 today, he's gonna high-five Ian in front of her, to act like he's against Dani. This all part of his master plan. He also told Dani that Ian dropped during the Part 1 Endurance Comp because he told him to. 

Speaking of the Final HOH Parts...

Some of y'all are confused on how it works, so let me break it down:

Part 1: Dan won. He advances to Part 3.
Part 2: Dani vs Ian. Winner advances to Part 3.
Part 3: Dan and Part 2 winner go head-to-head.

Whoever wins Part 3, is the Final HOH, and thus determines who they want to evict.

Moving on..

Dani thinks todays Part HOH Comp will be the Morph-o-Matic and was up till past 3am BBT practicing with the Memory Wall. 

 She put her hand on various faces, switching her focus from eyes to mouths and noses.

Okay, now we're all caught up! :) Whenever part 2 is played today, I will post on Twitter and here on the blog as soon as I know the winner.

Make sure to keep checking back!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

Not sure if anyone else saw Shane's interview with Jeff but while he was obviously most bitter at Dan he also mentioned a couple times that he was beginning to wonder if Dani was in on it with Dan. He mentioned how he didn't get any sleep at all cause it was making him sick that Dani could've been a part of it.

Apparently Dan tried to aid this in happening when Shane was walking out the door but he said to Julie and again to Jeff he wasn't able to listen in that moment and just heard something about Dani and something about Jenn. According to an article by Jun from BB4 Dan tried to tell Shane Dani was playing him the whole time and to ask Jenn about it to confirm. Now I didn't hear what Dan said not sure if anyone else can confirm or refute that but I suppose it doesn't matter since Shane didn't hear it either.

I did find it surprising that Shane started having these thoughts about Dani's possible involvement because I didn't expect him to start having them on his own. I expected it to be once he got to Jury then probably led by Brit people would've been like no way Dani wasn't in on that cause why on earth would she go through the trouble of taking Dan off and putting you up if she wasn't really working with Dan over you? Especially if they're not just arguing and actually swapping stories and sharing parts of the puzzle like Dani being in on Brit's eviction before Brit even went up and Dan and Dani having a F4 alliance with Frank and Jenn and a F3 alliance with just Jenn who Dani would badmouth Shane to.


James said...

I was thinking the same thing during the episode. Shane barely got a chance to see Dani's reaction when it happened and it was not clear at all to him that Dani was just as surprised as him. That said, it probably does not matter. Shane will vote for Dani over Dan and he will vote for Ian over Dan. An Ian/Dani F2 is highly unlikely. He will find out the truth when it is all over.

I also suspect that Dani's involvement with both the Brit and Shane evictions will be brought up at the final jury questions if Dani is is in F2.

The Jeff/Shane interview is worth watching. I can't help but think that Shane and Jeff have very similar personalities. They are both nice guys that are good looking and aren't the brightest bulbs but are very likeable.

James D.

JChism said...

Jeff was an a$$hole on BB13. He was very condescending to all of the female contestants and when something didn't go his way, he became a sorehead and sore looser. Good looks or not, he was an a$$. He was very quick to verbally berate anyone who beat him at anything.

Anonymous said...

@James D

I wouldn't be sure it wouldn't mean anything if Shane believes Dani was in on it when he makes his vote. That would obviously be viewed as much more of a betrayal then what Dan did to him. It's hard to tell what's gonna come up with the new live format since S11. I really like the old more in-depth taped format and it's not like having 3 people in the house the last week is that much more entertaining than just 2. Obviously if it's asked Dani would deny it whether it was true or not the interesting thing will be if Dan outright claims she did or just says that Dani was always more with him then Shane so it was always gonna come down to that and he just did it a week earlier.

Dani's been worried and asking Dan if he's gonna throw her under the bus in the F2 and he denies he will because I don't believe he's going to do it in the traditional sense of saying bad things about her. I believe he's going to do it by saying good things about how much help she was to him being able to do all he did in the game. Dan knows he's a villain in the Jury so thanking Dani and praising her for not being able to pull off all his "dastardly deeds" without her is actually painting her in as bad a light as possible to them.

Take Brit for example what's worse Dan trying to save his own life by exposing the truth about what's been going on which leads to her going up and out and then taking the wrath and heat for it from everyone or Dani having been in on it and taking part in it, because it wouldn't have happened without her being 100% on board with it, when she was safe either way and then acting shocked and devastated by it all to her and the rest of the house. To me that gets Dan Brit's vote whether she votes on game since he made the move or personal cause at least Dan was upfront with stabbing her and did it to save himself whereas Dani did it behind the scenes while acting like her best friend when she was safe either way.

Dan knows if the Jury votes on gameplay he wins hands down over anyone but he has to try to counteract the personal votes. That's the main reason Dan wants to sit next to Dani is because she was in on everything he did even if she didn't always know the specifics of how he way gonna do it. Except for the Shane thing, although if her allegiances didn't secretly lie with Dan over Shane she never would've used the POV, but Dan was never gonna get Shane's vote against Dani regardless.


barbara said...

I agree with jchism - it always amazed me that those who followed blog and/o real time didn't see how pouty and really rude he could be - besides, he turned on Russell, my fave!

Anonymous said...

@James D

I don't find Jeff's and Shane's personalities that similar at all really. Jeff has got a much bigger personality than Shane who's nice but has almost no personality at all and is very bland and boring outside of his outward physical appearance. I believe it was Dan and Boogie who used the exact proper word to describe Shane while talking in the HOH room earlier in the season and that's: milquetoast. Jeff is just much more everything both positively and negatively than Shane. Jeff was very personable and funny where Shane's kind of a dud who you just kind of groan and roll your eyes at whenever he starts rambling on. Jeff was much more loud and boisterous voicing his opinion and taking a side whereas Shane was very wishy washy just always agreeing with whatever who he was talking with was saying. Jeff was also much more aggressively hot tempered where he would even initiate confrontations while even when Shane was being verbally attacked by Froogie never lost his cool and stayed calm. Lastly Jeff may not be a rocket scientist but he was nowhere near as naive and foolish as Shane. You never saw Jeff offering to volunteer to go on the block every other week as Shane did when he was such a strong challenge competitor. And you damn sure never would've seen Jeff be totally cool with Jordan using POV on someone else forcing him to go on the block in the Final 4.


Neche said...

I agree with Brian, Jeff is nothing like Shane. Jeff wasn't a genius but i would never say he wasn't smart in BB, while Shane was so Dumb and didn't even know what he was doing and even his diary room sessions are boring, he has no facial expressions. Jeff is like a normal guy while Shane is just plain STUPID! Apart from the fact that they were both physical doesn't mean they are anything alike.

Anonymous said...

Part 2 HOH has officially begun!

James said...

Shane seemed pretty adamant about not voting for Dan. If it is D/D in the F2, Shane may go into the vote not sure of the level of Dani’s involvement (like now) even if Dan tries some kind of ploy by making Dani seem like his assistant in crime. She will Deny it and it’s he said she said, but I do not see Shane switching his vote to Dan all of a sudden. Brit on the other hand I have always thought could very well vote for Dan. When you are a returning player, you have a different perspective and are more likely to understand that life goes back to normal after the show and everyone can eventually be friendly again. She is more likely to vote on pure gameplay. This is confirmed in her DR session when she said she knows Dan is just really good at this game and in the jury footage. There is always some drive to vote for the person who outwitted you to save your own ego. I don’t see that happening with Frank or Shane but I do with Brit.

Also interesting is an interview I saw with Evel Dick and James Rhine from BB6/7. James was pointing out how another way the production manipulates the game is by talking to jury members. He said that they will push for Dan to win over Dani by emphasizing to jury members that it is their job to determine who played the game the best and it’s not supposed to be a personal vote. He said they did this rather aggressively in BB7 (when they wanted Boogie to win over Erika). So with that, Dan has a good shot against Dani, but very unlikely against Ian.

Re: Shane/Jeff. I did not mean to imply that they played BB in similar ways, just that they kind of fit into the same mold and seem like in real life they could click well and be good friends. Do remember that Shane had never watched BB before June of this year and only saw parts of a couple of seasons. Yes he is not the brightest or a big personality, but you can’t compare him to Jeff in BB13 when he was a vet and knew the game much better. I think Shane’s biggest flaw in BB is that he is just too nice of a guy and too trusting. He is not a good liar at all (like when he was talking to Boogie after he put him up). Yes he may be a little milquetoast, but he is also honest, fairly humble and in no way malicious. He was telling the truth about trying to help his family out and seems to have made a lot of personal sacrifices for his loved ones. Some day a girl will be lucky to snag him.

James D.

crane guy said...

I no Shane said he would basically vote personal but Im pretty sure once Brittany clues him in and tells him to vote for Dan he will oblige lol

crane guy said...

Once again Brian that was an excellent post. I agree with it 100% .

crane guy said...

What was Jeff famous saying to Russell? You "got got" lmao classic!!!

crane guy said...

I laughed at Shanes comment to Jeff about how he new he had to lay low after winning early comps. Lmao. Hello????? Shane only did what Brittany told him to do and the problem with that was since that was one of the last things she told him he continued to do it the rest of the game then when he realized he better do something it was to late his fate was sealed lol Almost feel sorry for the guy he had no business in that house at all.

crane guy said...

Shane tells Jeff that he didn't want a showmance that's why he tried to distance himself from dani. ummmm let me c. Well Shane do you think sleeping in her bed overnight fooled anyone? Ughhhh I wish bb would stop recruiting players or at least only recruit players with knowledge of bb and a passion of the game. Just because he was a model to bb fans fans of the game not the actual players would rather c passion knowledge deceit etc.... If there is a pretty face attached great but stop the pretty faces with nothing upstairs please!!!

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