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Monday, September 3, 2012

Afternoon/Evening in the BB House

SuzieQ here.
Jamie Update:
Jamie has not been good all weekend, and I suspect that will continue tomorrow.  Since business returns to normal again tomorrow, she will trying to get the appointment she needs, and hopefully surgery is ASAP.  I return back to work until 3pm EST, and can help after that.  So if you don't see posts here earlier, look for them afternoon east coast time.

I'm going to give cliff notes about parts of the afternoon in the BB house. It's 9:30pm EST, 6:30pm BBT right now.

4:01pm BBT Dan & Danielle playing poker.  He says to her that he thinks there's something about herself that she isn't telling him.  She denies.  He repeats this a couple more times.  She continue to denies.

4:15pm BBT - Joe/Ian by pool
Joe is pushing for a tie vote, with Ian being a tie breaker.
Both agree Dani/Shane as a couple is dangerous but more important things to think about first.
They talk about how happy Brit would be if Frank walks in jusry house, and watches the video to see Ian won HOH and got Frank out.
Joe promises to never put Ian on the block and never vote against him.

6:00pm BBT
Dan & Danielle have been playing cards for quite some time.  Danielle is winning a lot, Dan jokes around with her but in her opinion, he takes it just a little too far. 
6:28pm BBT - Dan/Dani in storage room
Dani tells her she isn't playing like she's upset, she's really upset, because sometimes Dan takes it too far and his words hurt her.

More playing cards, and really not much going on.

Live feed update
7:23pm BBT - Joe outside alone, talks to us live feeders
Tough week coming up, campaigning.  Going to work hard, get up early, stay up late, campaigning.
He's hoping Frank will do something stupid.  Joe says he needs to kiss some butt, make sure Dani/Shane are happy, talk to Ian.  Joe says he needs to steal a vote from Jenn or Dan.  Then he has to win an HOH.
Misses his family, wants pics, is thinking of the family today on Labor Day.
Get so tired, so worn out with no contact with the outside world, no music, the same people everyday.
Someone tell Janelle, "stay tunes" Frank could go out this week.  Please go home, Frank.  I don't need your big athletic butt in here, I need to win something.  I need some luck, some things to go my way.
He goes over to the grill, showing and telling what he's doing.
He says he likes to grill, relax in between.
(he's got his twang on pretty good!)

He continues, about Franks water bottle lists his HOH's, noms, etc, like notches on a belt, a bit cocky.  Says Franks is a good dude, just a bit cocky.  But Frank should have got Dan out when he had the chance, why get Brit out?
"Ladies, stay tuned.  Shane will be out later running back & forth."  (he chuckles!)

He tells why he got into cooking.
His mother loved cooking, it wasn't just the spread, it was the love she put into it.
He knew he wanted that, to learn how to cook, to make people happy, he loved to make people happy.
It made his day when he cooked and people smiled.  he likes reaching people's heart & soul, and being a part of people's special moments, like talking over dinner about thier first dates.
(Pause to turn the chicken on the grill and squeeze some lemon on them.)
Cooking is a part of hospitality; hospitality is even better than the food sometimes.
The BB experience has been one hell of an experience, even if you don't win, you learn a lot.

(BB voice keeps saying, "Please stop singing", sometimes directly at Dan, and sounding more stern each time.)

BB calls Joe to the D.R.  He takes chicken off the grill first.
And, I'm out for tonight!
I'll be back tomorrow if need be.
Have a great week, everyone!  :)

Stay tuned...
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JChism said...

So sorry Jamie that you are going thru such an awful time. Go to the ER and demand a surgeon take out that damn GB. Don't be afraid to refuse to go home. This is really ridiculous that they send you home with pain meds like it's going to fix the problem. Hope you're on the mend real soon. Jo

BarbaraL99 said...

JAMIE. I HOPE YOU GET BETTER VERY QUICKLY. I have heard that gall bladder pain is wore than labor ( birth)

Keep strong and take care of yourself. Make sure these drs get it together and make you better


BarbaraL99 said...

Hope u got my comment. It was about u getting better


Shelby Jocelyn said...

Why can't they sing?

Kristen Wilson said...

More pic's please.:-)

Debi Franklin said...

Get well Jamie. Suzie is good, but she is not you!!!

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