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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Late Afternoon in the BB house

SuzieQ here!
This will be a quickie update.

Jamie update: 
No further tests today, probably tomorrow.  She is still in the hospital.

Frank is still the one who is leaving.
There is talk like:  I think Frank has a clue it's him going.
Talk is sometimes all will voite for Frank to leave, sometimes it's a tie so Ian can have the pleasure to be the vote that sends Frank home.

Frank says that HG's are making their goodbye videos in the D.R., including one for Ashley because she never got hers.

More talk about the various scenrios (enough to make my head spin!)

Ian is wearing Memphis' hat.  He looks great in it! 
(if I find out more about how that came to be, I'll update.)

Ian/Shane talking in HOH room.
Ian says how him getting Frank out would be great because every HOH tried, but he'd be the one to get "the big kill", the one everyone tried to get but failed.  Then Ian said when Frank goes, 2 of the 3 people in the jury would be people he put there! Then he talks Brit told him what to do to win this: get Frank out, then Jenn, Joe, Dan in that order.  She told him to stick with Shane & Danielle.  Try to win this next HOH, because then you could get the other 4 back together. (I hope Shane doesn't use this strategy to beat Ian.)
Ian says how it's almost a sure thing that one of the quack pack will win this game.  The numbers are in their favor.

Joe in kitchen making honey mustard chicken.... in exchange for votes!  (LOL!)
Frank is also cooking.  Dan asks if this is a cook-off for votes.
Joe says he has "On The Block" chicken.  (cute!)

6:53pm BBT - Dan: "I love you, Chelsea.  I love you a lot."  (awwwww!!!)

So, to sum it up, it looks like Frank is going home, and some HG's think he kinda has a clue that will be happening.  I'll tell you, he's being very easy to get along with, so if he knows, he's going with class. (or maybe trying to work America's Favorite?) 

Ian & Shane were speculating there must be a fast forward or double eviction, because there's only 15 days to go and they need to get the number of HG's down fast. (they don't talk about this long, but we'll see if this comes up more later tonight or tomorrow.)

And I'm going to say goodnight.
I'll be back tomorrow after my work to give some updates.  I'll start at about 3:30pm EST.

Stay tuned...
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hummingbrd said...

O my I just got back into town , I have missed alot ...Jamie I am so sorry you are in the hospital I am praying for your recovery and also want to thank SuzieQ for all the great Info and work she is doing! I think I am all caught up reading the blog (I love it ) thanks again and I hope u get better soon :)

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