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Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Last Overnighter of the Season

Happy Sunday, BB fans!! Welcome to the last Overnighter of the BB14 season! (Don't worry, there'll be plenty more Overnighters for BB15 coming next summer! ;) ) Also, just a quick heads-up, as of now, I *will* be blogging for BB Canada, which starts in February. If that changes, I will let y'all know via Facebook, Twitter, and of course right here on the blog. So make sure to stay tuned for more info on that.

Real quick, I'd like to thank all of you who donated to the blog this season. I literally would not be here without you guys! So thank you!! (I will be doing my usual "Thank You" goodbye-until-next-season post on Thursday, so please stay tuned for that!)

Okay, let's get to The Overnighter, shall we?!? :D

The Overnighter: In a Nutshell
As of right now, Dan is actually gonna throw Ian the Part 3 HOH Comp. (I'll cover details below). He's 100% confident that Ian will for sure take him to Final 2, and he (Dan) doesn't wanna have to cut Dani loose if he wins. He said he'd have to take her if he won because he has a conscience.

So it appears that Dan/Ian truly want to take each other to the end. The question is, can Dan successfully throw the comp (which are questions) to Ian? That could be tricky. If Dan ends up winning, will he cut Dani anyways? Or keep her? We'll find out when they go head-to-head on Wednesday's live finale!

9:17pm BBT:
Cam 1
As I reported last night, Ian said he will not be throwing the Part 3 HOH Comp to Dan. This is still very much true. (By the way, as soon as Ian told him he's not throwing the comp, Ian left the bedroom a minute later and Dan said "Ian, you're gonna throw it to me." to himself.)

Skip ahead to...

10:34pm BBT:
Cam 2
Dining Room
Dan (alone)

After comforting a sobbing Dani in the bathroom...
Dani tells Dan that she's "breaking down". Dan tells her if there's anything he can do, to let him know. Dani then goes and takes a shower.

BB: "Dani, please put on your microphone."
Dani: "No! I'm taking a shower."

Dan goes into the kitchen to clean up and talks to us live feeders.

Dan: "My best move to throw the HOH to Ian. If I win, my consceince will not allow me to not take Danielle (to Final 2). Surprise, yes I do actually have a conscience."

Dan is staring at the Memory Wall, still talking to the feed watchers.
Dan: (whispering) "It wasn't this hard the 1st time around...what do I do?"

10:43pm BBT:
Cam 2

Dan is still thinking to himself and voicing his thoughts to us...

Dan: "If I wanna win this game, I gotta get to the end with Ian. I gotta throw it to him. Unbelievable. Insanity to throw the 3rd part of the HOH. Insanity.'s so insane, that it just might work."

The rest of the night, Dani secluded herself in the sneakers bedroom, crying. She re-read a Letter from Home and was heard saying "I'm so sorry Dad", along with mumbling Shane's name, and saying "I'm so tired of this game".

Dan/Ian spent their time talking to each other, congratualting each other on winning at least $50k. Dan pumped up Ian with the thought of him having at least $50k in his bank account. Ian talked about how he can pay off some student loans, help his folks out, etc. Dan and Ian both looked at the Memory Wall as they were talking about who would get whos vote. They both agree that Dani would win if she was in F2 because she'd have the votes.

Ian snuck off and did a celebration of his own in the arcade room for making it to F2.

Dan made a "50" using his hands, signifying that they at least won $50,000 in front of Ian in the dinning room. (He's off to the right, not in the cam shot in the pic.)

**And that's it for the last Overnighter of the BB14 season!!! :D I will be back tonight to join y'all in the Chat Room, so I'll see you guys & gals tonight!! 

Stay tuned...
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James said...

I think Dan has finally flipped his lid. What has suddenly led him to believe that he can beat Ian, especially if Ian wins final HOH? I believe he has 0% chance of beating Ian. He must think that he can somehow get Franks vote, I just don’t get it. And why is it that he suddenly thinks he can’t beat Dani? It’s not guaranteed, but it’s certainly possible. After all, he pretty much played much of her game for her, or played the leading role. Why shouldn’t the jury understand this and give him the win?

It may be that he has developed a conscious with both Dani and Ian and does not have the heart to evict either one of them. Ian would be totally heart broken if he blindsided him as would Dani. At this point, he possibly would not get Ian’s vote if he sent him to the jury in a state of shock. It just seems so weak to throw part 3 and I hope he can change his mind after things clear up over the next couple of days.

I went back and looked at part 3 comps over the last several years. Last year was a total crap shoot and the answer was not clear on any question. Rachel missed the Brendon question and Porsche missed all questions. However in BB12, there were 2 easy questions that they both got right and could easily be thrown. In BB11, it was mostly a crap shoot, but there is maybe one throwable question. Kevin just choked in that one. BB10 was mostly a crapshoot, but there were a couple that were answerable if you really thought about it. I actually hope BB does not give them an easy question so it can’t be thrown. And if it is too easy, will it be too obvious that he is throwing it.

As far as Ian, he is a great kid and is certainly book smart, but I just have a real hard time believing that he deserves to win being pretty much in the dark on the real state of the game thrown much of she season. He did not really found the QP and it was really a fake alliance. Dan was playing him the whole time until the end when Dan throws the final comp? It seems to me that is a weak win for Ian.

James D.

Anonymous said...

@James D

I think Dan feels he's got so many guaranteed or near guaranteed votes against him currently in the Jury that he can't afford to add another one by winning that final HOH cause no way Dani would ever vote for him if he evicted her and while Ian might've if he had time to process I can't see him getting over it minutes later and voting on gameplay. So if he can't afford to win and make that cut he has no choice but to go with Ian. It's too bad Dan didn't realize this strategy earlier cause he would've been much better off letting Dani win part 1 since if you don't want to win part 3 what's the point of being in it. He'd be much better off that way since he wouldn't have to worry about effectively throwing it without being obvious and could still potentially go with Dani.

It's got to be incredibly difficult for the HGs to read the Jury and how they'll base their vote as I know it's hard for myself even getting to see and read post eviction interviews and Jury House footage. They get none of that and simply have to go on how they were in the house and when they left. If I had to guess what Dan's banking on up against Ian would be to obviously get Dani's vote and that hopefully Frank and Jenn dislike Ian more then either Ash votes how Frank and Jenn vote or less likely Dani could get Shane. I don't think he's counting on this Jury voting on gameplay so he feels he needs someone else with some ill feeling against them sitting next to him and that's certainly not Dani.


it's ME! said...

@ Brian
I think you're 100% right with your thought about Dan's decision to be in F2 with Ian. I think Dan has wanted Dani at the end for most of the season, but when he let her talk him into getting rid of Joe instead of Shane in the DE, that probably sealed her fate. As he told her Saturday night, they could be sitting there against either Joe or Jenn at this point, which would have been a no-brainer.

I don't think it's impossible for Dan to win against Ian (in F2), but it's likely to be an uphill battle. Guess we'll all know in a couple of days!


crane guy said...

And in the past the jury has always been able to separate emotion from gameplay by themselves or as we now no from a past interview with boogie the help of bb production reminding them that they must vote on gameplay. If someone like a frank or Shane especially Frank cannot get past his I got got whinny poor sport mentality then he is not was not and probably never will be a true bb fan as he claims he is not to mention the way he has already tarnished his reputation with his followers by the jury house footage being shown how he truly is a poor sport.

Anonymous said...

@crane guy

I can guarantee you Frank and Shane are not gonna get over it and vote on gameplay. Nobody can convince Frank he's wrong about anything and change his mind and Shane just took the hit way too much as a personal attack since he obviously doesn't know the game very well and it hasn't been near long enough for him to get over that. Also a lot of Dan's problem is that much of his gameplay is so subtle and under the radar that you really have to watch the entire show to realize and appreciate just how much he dominated this entire season which obviously the Jury can't do. And I don't see even Dan being able to fully get that across to them in the limited time he'll have on finale night to speak when for the most part their minds are already made up anyway. He really would've needed this to be back to the rules in S2 when Dr Will won where the HGs got to go home after being evicted before coming back to vote for the winner. And I doubt Dan will get any help from production as I'm sure they love Ian and would want him to win just for his reaction alone.


James said...


Unfortunately for Dani, she is giving Dan even more cause to throw the comp. She is going on about how she is going to go out there guns blazing during the commercial break and get votes for Dan (not to Ian, he is outside). She will try to get Shane, Jenn and Frank. It will probably backfire and none of them will vote for him. They will probably think she is doing dirty work for him. Little does she know she is just hurting the little chance she has left to go to F2.

Dan needs to dig deeper into his bag of tricks and come up with another magic bullet. Since the “get Ian to throw the comp” strategy has clearly not worked, he needs to try to find a way to get Ian to vote for him after Dan evicts him. And to do most of the work on this before Wed night’s events even happen. Maybe Dan can now come clean with Ian about almost everything that has happened this season. He can talk about how he and Dani have been colluding all along and have never been really mad at each other. He can help Ian understand how he has played just one bada** game. He can even go so far as tell Ian about how he almost evicted him during the 2nd double eviction and how he has manipulated Ian through and through. He can do it in a way so the Ian can appreciate his stellar game strategy as a superfan, but be nice about it and filled with complements to Ian all the way. Then he would somehow have to find a way to convince Ian that it is still in Ian’s best interest to take Dan and not Dani to F2 if Ian wins. I don’t know if this will work, but if it did and Dan evicted Ian, he may be clear minded enough by Wed to vote for Dan on clear gameplay.

James D.

crane guy said...

I agree about the hg getting to go home and watch and them not being able to does truly put dans game at risk. Im just hoping that Brittany can bring up good examples like boogie/erika if the jury voted personal no way boogie wins. This is one time I wish boogie would have made it room jury to talk some sense into carrot top lol

JChism said...

Jamie, will you be giving us a "link" to BB Canada so we in the States can watch the show online? Just curious. Thanks for your amazing blogging this season (even through your debilitating illness). You are amazing! If anyone has not yet tipped Jamie, now is the time. She deserves full-time wages for her hours of endless dedication to the "blog of the addicted". Thanks again. (Go Ian!!)


crane guy said...

The sad part is i believe if Dan puts Ian out he will vote with emotion and then when he cools off realize he made a huge mistake for the simple fact he is such a huge fan he will realize his vote tarnished the season and he will be devastated.

James said...

I don't believe for a second that Brit will not vote for Ian if he is in F2. She may vote Dan over Dani based on pure gameplay, but not Dan over Ian. Frank and Shane are very tall orders to overcome. Very unlikely to change their minds even if Dani makes an attempt. As for Ashley. She has always liked Ian (although not as a love interest), and she likely forgave him a long time ago. Brit, Ash, Frank and Shane. There are your votes. Joe and Jenn could go either way. Dan only has Dani locked.

James D.

JChism said...

Ian is my fave. I think he's a very smart kid, a good kid, and I'm pulling for him to win this...but this hammock thing, seriously? My goodness!!

Jay Sachtjen said...

Hi, love your blog. How can you watch bb Canada in the states?

Mark Stevens said...

The ONLY reason Ian won was because of his photographic memory. NOT because he knows how to act in ANY kind of social situation. Ian's idea of being a good gamer is rocking in his hammock while talking about his Precious Pokeman. And Ian, do us all a favor and blow your nose before you get in front of another camera. This season was 100% DEFINATE PROOF that riding someone's coat tails for 74 days & 23 hours does work. Pathetic!

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