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Friday, September 7, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning, addicts! Welcome to your Friday! Today will be Nominations, where the new HOH for the week, Ian, will put up 2 players on the block. Who will he put up? Who will be his true target? Hmm! So many questions, so little answers.

Last night, Dan & Ian did a lot of talking about nominations for today. Ian wanted to put up Dan to cover his Final 2 deal with him (Renegades 2.0), but Dan wasn't a big fan of that, and told Ian to put up  Shane/Jenn up. Will he? We will find out today!

Okay, let me go gather up the highlights of the night and I'll start posting them below! :)

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10:40pm BBT:
Sneakers Bedroom

Dan and Ian go over scenarios of how to nominate. Ian wanted to put up Dan to cover up their F2, Dan pushes for Jenn/Shane to go up instead. The replacement nom would be Dani. (She would have Shane/Dan as votes to stay.) Ian said he's gonna have to marinate on different options over and over again to make sure he's doing the right thing.

Dan: "If Jenn wins the veto, who do you want going home?"
Ian: "Dani. Shane's not the smart."

During this convo, Dan tells Ian that he put Ian up on the block last night to cover his alliance. (**Not so much. Watch for his D.R.'s on Sundays epsiode, pretty sure he wanted Ian gone His true F2 seems to be with Dani.)

Their convo wraps up. Ian leaves. Dan tells us what he's thinking.
Dan: "I gotta get Ian to put up Shane and Jenn. How can I get that done.."

11:45pm BBT:
Dan gets his HOH basket in the Storage Room.
Dan brings all of his stuff out to the living room to show the rest of the HG's.
He shows them pictures of his wife Chelsia and his family. Jenn, Dani and Shane all say that Chelsia is gorgeous.

His Letter from Home is from his lovely wife, Chelsia.

Dan reads his letter...

Dan: "Hi my love..ever since the first day I met you, I knew you were the person that God made for me." (**Omg, so sweet!)

Dan gets choked up at several points reading his letter. (It's a tear-jerker, for sure. So sweet.)
He goes through his basket. He got a couple new pair of swimming trunks. (He's been wearing the same ones from BB10 all season.)
Ian was in the D.R. when he Dan got his HOH basket.

12:54am BBT:

Ian: "Who wants to see my HOH room?"
HG's: "Yayy!"

New pics for Ian surround the room. In his fridge, he got potato & onion pierogies. (*My fav!)
He also got Brown Sugar Pop Tarts (which Shane seemed excited for lol), Cool Ranch Doritos, a ton of other little snacks, and a Pittsburgh shirt!
His Letter from Home was from Grandma and Grandpa.
Ian: " have always made us matter what the outcome, you are our winner."

1:37am BBT:
HOH Room

Ian and Dan talk about noms again. Ian said he's putting up Jenn/Shane. Ian thinks the POV comp is gonna be Morph-o-matic. Talk turns to about Shane and how they (Ian/Dan) could beat Shane in the Final 3 HOH comps, and that even if Shane happened to win endurance, they could "hustle him". Dan compliments Ian on his "BB resume'" and how much he's done in the game.

And that's it for the Overnighter! Dani did some stage 5 clinger stuff with Shane again last night, but I'm so not spending my time on covering that nonsense. lol :P

I'll be back later on this afternoon with a report! I have some errands to run today.

Stay tuned...
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Tanya L said...

Hey Jamie, glad to see your back. Hope you are feeling better now that they know what it wrong with you... I have been dealing with a wrong diagnosis myself so I know how frustrating that can be. Just wanted to let you know that you were missed and that you have the best BB blog out there by far...

Tanya ;)

Mike Schmidt said...

Why is Ian listening to Dan? If he didn't win the veto Dan would've booted him.

Maggie said...

I've been routing for Dan and Ian the entire season! I really hope they are in the final 2 together. These two I feel are really the only ones that have made huge game changing moves :) hopefully they take eachother to the final 2 because the both deserve it. I hope to god it won't be Dani sitting there next to Dan, I don't know if I could watch the finale if that outcome happens!

Marshall7788 said...

Why does Dan get an HOH basket?

Marshall7788 said...

Why does Dan get an HOH basket of he didn't win HOH?

zztop said...

OMG, why is Dan acting like he is HOH, telling Ian what to do and why is Ian listening to him? Ian watched Dan on prior BB episodes enough to know that Dan is a snake in the grass. If Shane & Jenn are nominated, hopefully one will win POV and Ian will come to his senses and put Dan up, problem is he might not have the numbers. The biggest mistake in BB history was when Frank trusted Dan. Joe called that one for sure! Right now Ian seems firmly in Dan's clutches. ARRRRGGGG!

Razldazlrr said...

Jamie - so good to see you back! I just can't figure out why Ian doesn't put Dan up - I sure hope he does backdoor him then. What a strange group of finalists it is this season

it's ME! said...

I think Dan is playing a great game! I think his first choice for F2 is Dani - He'll have coaches bragging rights and probably $500k to go with it... But I'm pretty sure that he doesn't care which of the remaining HG's go to the F2 with him as long as he's sitting in one of the orange chairs at the end. I'm down for that plan, and I can't wait to see what happens!

Part of winning this game is playing the players, which Dan has demonstrated, he is the master of. (and that's what he's doing in the HOH room with Ian). The only person that came close to resisting his charms was Joe... but if I remember correctly, Dan didn't spend a lot of time courting Joe's allegiance.

Hope you're feeling yourself again Jamie... I think the storm is about to begin! Hurricane Dan!

Anonymous said...

am I missing something? I don't understand why ian isn't mad at Dan for putting him on the block. If he hadnt won the POV he could have been the 1 going home.

chloeBBfan said...

I couldn't agree more!! Everyone is mad cuz Dan is making "mean" moves, THAT'S THE POINT OF BIG BROTHER!!! HELLO!! But it would be a good move on ians part to backdoor him!! It would make bb history for sure! :)

chloeBBfan said...

Because he won the double eviction hoh...

pgh fan said...

Ian believes renegages. they are in a secret alliance. dsn really is good plus he knows when ti ein. he will b ready fir morph snd was studying. will b interesting eho goes homr next. msybe ian will back door dan - doubt that. ian believes dan due to past with hating to do ehat he did. frank will win americad fav if ian in f2. if ian out he msy win. glad joe gone next shane since dan taking dani

hummingbrd said...

Hello Jamie I am so very glad to see you are back ~ I Hope you are feeling alittle better :) I am loving how this game is turning out! I bet Brittney craps her pants (LOL) when she sees Frank walk in the sequester house . I hope it is Dan and Ian in the final 2 ,I lost It for Shane when he got upset when he was HOH for having to get blood on his hands with Nominations (not cool )I mean that is what an HOH does duh Shane lol! And I agree with U I am so tired of Dani and Shane (YUK) ~ And finally I would love to thank U and SuzieQ for all the great info and help catching up I was on Vacation and Came right to your blog b4 the feeds !YOU BOTH ROCK ~ Happy Friday :)

Marshall7788 said...

Oh yeah thanks!

kelsey said...

I honestly believe if dan is in the final 2 with ian, he will lose but i don't think he will win anyways, nobody wants him to win in that jury house right now

kelsey said...

And pgh fan, frank will not get Americas favorite, nobody in that audience wanted him to stay, he doesn't have that many fans like the others, Britney could get it and i think that even if your in the final 2, you can still get Americas favorite and hummingbird, you have to remember that shane never knew how to play the game because he never watched big brother until he was in sequester and he watched season 11 until jeff left and he watched season 12 until Monet left and he watched last season until Dominic left... So he never really knew how to play fully but win competitions, he already said his social game sucked... I'm still rooting for shane or ian to win... I think ian would win if hes in the final 2... I mainly want ian to win but shane would be fine also and they are not the only ones to make big moves either... The only move dan made was to get him off the block and who doesn't do that... So not really big moves for him... The only one that mainly doesn't deserve to win is jenn but I'm like everyone else, i don't want dani to win either but i would rather her win than dan because hes already been there and won it before... I hope she doesnt make it there though but if she does, i will still watch it because i love it so much and I'm ready to see britneys face also when frank walks through that jury door lol its will feel weird not watching the live feeds when this is over but i know one thing i won't miss is dani being stalkerish lol but ill miss shane lol... He looked good in that green shirt lastnight though but he didnt do good in that HOH comp. Lol

EMH said...

I wish there wa a way to watch them in Jury House like on Survivor. For anyone unfamiliar, online the next day you get to see the person voted off right after they are voted off and then you get to see them go to the Jury House. You get to see the other members reactions, it's really great. Then you get to see them weigh in and see how much weight they've lost, what their face looks like, they get a gourmet meal, etc. Big Brother should adopt this... Or, if they have something like it and I don't know about it, tell me where!

EMH said...

I wish they had a online clip each week of the new jury member entering the jury house like on survivor...

EMH said...

I wish they had a online clip each week of the new jury member entering the jury house like on survivor...

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