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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursdays Live Show: Double Eviction!!

Happy Thursday, everybody!! :D It's Live Show Day, and tonight we get to watch the houseguests scramble through another Double Eviction!

As of now, Frank is still slated to go home. Dani told Jenn last night that she's voting Frank out this week. (7:20pm BBT last night on the Flashback Feeds, Cams 3 & 4.) Dani said she told her because she wants Jenn to know she has her back and referenced the song "I Got You Babe" by Sonny & Cher.

It seems that Dan is now gunning for Shane/Ian (he told Dani this), so don't be shocked if Dan wins HOH and puts them up. If Joe wins HOH, expect Joe to put up Dan and gun for him. Should be one hell of a show! ;)

Alright, the show starts at 9pm EST as usual, and I'll be here blogging live for you guys & gals!

UPDATE: Jenn/Dan/Dani shook on a Final 3 deal tonight pre-live show!

9:00pm BBT:
Show begins...

The Votes:
*Dan votes to evict...Frank.
*Danielle votes to evict..Frank.
*Jenn votes to evict...Joe.
*Shane votes to evict..Frank.

Evicted from the BB House is: 

Winner of the HOH Comp is: 

Nominated for Eviction are:

POV Winner is:

The Replacement Nom is:

The Votes:
*Shane votes to evict...Joe.
*Jenn votes to evict...Joe.
*Ian votes to evict..Joe.

Evicted from the BB House is:

*Sunday will show this weeks HOH comp.
*Weds will be (taped) eviction, revealing Final 4.
*Thursday will be normal live eviction, revealing Final 3 + Part 1 HOH Endurance Comp on the feeds!!  

Watch the aftermath of the Double Eviction on the live feeds!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Michelle Simmons said...

I am really hoping that the show is NOT delayed or interrupted because of the stupid DNC!! It's bad enough it's in Charlotte making it difficult to get around, but to cut in on my BB...not having it!!! :)

Anonymous said...


I don't think Dan would flat out declare war on the Quack Pack and put both Ian & Shane up together. It wouldn't Mae sense since only one could go. I think he'd put up Joe and Ian as a "pawn" to hide the Renegade alliance. However if Ian doesn't win POV he'd tell Jenn, Dani and Shane to vote Ian out and it wouldn't look like he necessarily had anything to do with it so limited blood on him. If Ian won POV I think he'd put Shane but wouldn't be able to get Ian or Dani to vote him out yet so Joe would most likely go.

I think if Joe won he'd definitely target Dan but I believe & hope he'd put him up against Jenn and thus not have the votes to get rid of him.


James said...


Glad to see back and feeling better I hope.

Ian seems to be the most likely to go in the 2ne eviction. It seems only way he does not go is if Joe wins HOH or Ian wins POV. Dani and Jenn seem very safe.

Late last night, Dan seems to be trying to help distance Dani from Shane and it seems to be working.

James D.

Anonymous said...

I fear Dan may be making a mistake not voting for Frank to stay to tie it up and make Ian send him out or at the very least pulling Frank aside right before the live show and letting him know he's going home and his vote won't matter so he's not gonna go against Dani, Shane and Ian when it wouldn't keep him there anyway. Think that would really help earn Frank's Jury vote if Dan's lucky enough to get to F2. Plus more importantly Frank is not the kind to take this gracefully and shake everybody's hands and walk out the door quietly. He's gonna cause as much ruckus as possible hemming and hawing his way out the house. And as usual I'd expect most of it to be directed towards Dan and what he says especially on such a chaotic DE night could really hurt his game.


James said...

This whole week with Frank/Joe on the block is like deja vu from the reset night when the same 2 were on the block and Frank was teed up to be blindsided. Except this time he won't have BB to bail him out. Frank has to be one of the best competitors in BB history but one of the absolute worst social/strategy game players. He has been pretty much out of the loop the whole season and has been duped more times than a Bernie Madoff client.

James D.

jrt said...

BB is making it hard to pull for anyone this season. Joe who has done NOTHING of importance in this game. Jenn who only won one Veto, which was useless. Danielle who has been a waste of time, but never wastes makeup. Shane who is ok, but really horrible to deal with (he'd be ok if this was a show only thing). Dan the crook, and Ian the intelligent but often annoying player. Who do I pull for. Since I want to see all of Dan's work go to waste, I'm pulling for Shane or Ian.

Daniel Eitzen said...


JChism said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! So glad for Ian!!

Anonymous said...

We've missed you Jamie!!! I hope you're feeling better.

Go Ian!

Robert Kobusan said...

Ugh... now I don't have anyone I want to see win. I guess I'm now on Team Jenn (who would have ever expected Jenn to be a favorite).

I still thing Frank made the right move last week by backing Dan after the funeral. He needed to do something to split up the house and try to get some people on his side. At that time he was alone in the house.

I had started to like and feel bad for Dani after the funeral. I saw her as being relatively innocent and trusting based on how emotional she got after being blind sided by Dan. After watching her this week, I no longer feel that way and was happy to see Dan put her up on the block.

I understand that backstabbing and manipulation is the name of the game, but I feel Dan went too far and sold his soul. said...

Ty said...

Hope frank finally walks out the door

James said...

That POV was tailor made for Ian. BB knew he was going to go home unless he won POV so they gave him a puzzle.

James D.

Sharon said...

Are they going to shut the feeds down like they did last year for a few days so no one knows who the final four are till it airs? Any word on that Jamie?

it's ME! said...

As much as this season has not been my favorite season, I'm so sad that's it's coming to an end... I'm still ... team Dan/Ian and I hope that Ian takes the grand prize!

We have certainly had some memorable characters... Ian and Frank specifically....

Survivor is on the horizon and Mike from Season 2 is coming back! Looks like I'll get my reality fix continued on September by Survivor and Amazing Race...

as for now... go team Dan/Ian!


April Bucklandfirechicksrule said...

Did anyone else hear Jen say she was gonna burn the house down. Shane caught it.

shana said...

So sad to see frank leave!! I can't stand d/d/s/I so since frank left I'm so team Jenn I hope she takes it all the way! She needs to win some things though! ugh now I get to see Britt all happy they got frank out she's such a rub it in your face poor loser...

it's ME! said...

@ April
Jen said that "DR was afraid she was going to 'burn down the house'".

JChism said...

Jenn did not say she was going to burn the house down. When shw was called to the DR, she said "they probably want to make sure I'm not going to burn the house down".

James said...


The Ian/Dan alliance is worth about as much as the F/D alliance was... not much. Ian was out the door if he did not win POV. Dan has just been covering himself and collecting info from Ian. Ian keeps bragging that he is so knowledgeable about BB (and he is). Dan know that and he is the LAST person Dan wants to take to the end. Dan will stick with Dani unless something disrupts that in which case he will take Jenn.

James D.

crane guy said...

LOL Sold his soul LOL Its a game and Dan was better than frank period. I find it hard to believe that if someone was an avid bb fan would be offended by what Dan did because alot worse has happened over the years. Dan is the man!!!!!

crane guy said...

What's that I hear ...... Crickets lmao! Perfect your boy was to stunned to say a word. Dan is a freaking genius !!!!

Scott said...

Ian is playing an awesome game. He's winning at the right time and showing people he's a competitor. All he has to do now is get Dan out and stay to the final two and he beats everyone else in there. Stay with Dani and Jenn to ensure it, but Shane is fine too..he'll beat them all.

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