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Friday, September 7, 2012

Afternoon Quickie--UPDATED w/ NOMS!


The Nominations Ceremony was held.

Nominated for Eviction:
Jenn & Shane

Hey hey there, guys!! Thanks for letting me get in some really important errands done today. Tomorrow I have a wedding to go to and since I pulled every muscle in my abdominal wall, I can't balance on heels..had to go for flats. Which I needed to buy, since I don't own a pair. Then I had to get my hair done because frankly, it was a hot mess from me being locked indoors for months for BB. lol :P A gal has to look good for a wedding, am I right ladies?!

Okay, so today on the live feeds, Ian got another Pandoras Box. This time, it was a video taped message from former BB houseguest, Rachel Riley. (She's getting married to Brendon tomorrow, by the way.) As Ian was watching that video from Rach, downstairs the HG's were getting their own videos from their loved ones back home. No powers were unleashed. No cash was collected. Nothing game changing. More or less was just a "fun" Pandoras Box.

Also during their outside lockdown as Pandoras Box was being set up, the HG's got a smaller table.

At 11:57am BBT, Dan asked Dani if it'd be okay to take Shane out if they opportunity arises this week. Dani said she's "okay with it" and that Shane is constantly following her and it's irritating.

Nominations still have not taken place..though the noms will be Jenn/Shane as Dan and Ian discussed last night. Ian told Jenn that his noms are going to be "random" and that it all comes down to the POV. He said that him winning HOH was more about him just advancing to the Final 4, having safety this week. When Ian talked to Shane, he said it just really comes down to not letting Jenn win the veto this week so that they can send her home. (Ian doesn't wanna have to turn on the Quack Pack.)

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the "Have Nots" is now done for the season!

A current look at the feeds as of  4:15pm BBT:

*Shane/Dan are deep-cleaning the fridge.
*Ian/Dani are outside chatting.

That's about it for today so far! I'll update again after nominations have taken place. :)

Stay tuned...
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Lisa. said...

UM, Shane has been following Dani around!? Maybe it's cause he knows if he isn't keeping an eye on her, she's gonna take the whole fatal attraction thing to the next level. He needs to make sure she's staying away from the weapons. Poor Shane.

James said...

Ian is kind of reminding me of Frank now. He is killing the comps (he has 5 and Frank had 6), but is horrible at game strategy. The good thing for him is that if he can win a couple more comps, he can be in the finals regardless. He needs to win the top 4 POV (which traditionally is a remembering game about events of the season and he should be great at), then he chooses who goes home in top 4 and makes top three. THAT is the very reason why Dan is up his b*tt and making this fake final 2. Dan knows Ian is in a power position and doesn’t want to be on the wrong side. Ian knows a lot of facts but lacks sense. He needs to understand that Dan will do what is in Dan’s best interest and that is NOT taking Ian to F2. Ian must think that Dan just likes him so he will take him (which I’m sure Dan does, but that is beside the point). Ian will very likely win if he gets F4 POV and wins final HOH. If not, he goes home 4th or 3rd.

Dani is also sitting pretty. Dan, Shane and Jenn all want to go F2 with her. If she was smart she would take Jenn or even Shane, whom she could beat, but she will likely take Dan. The only way she does not go F2 is if Ian takes her place and does what I said above.

My opinion? Dan deserves the win 100%!! BB is more about strategy than winning comps. Ian and Dan are probably neck and neck for Americas Player.

James D.

Scott said...

Going to Rachel's wedding are you? LOL

Anonymous said...

@James D.

Exactly Dan was brilliant to jump on that F2 with Ian right after his original F2 Brit was evicted. It's purely a 1 way F2 for Dan since he wants no part of picking Ian to sit next to since that would be by far his toughest matchup. But he knows these last few weeks of comps are heavily favored toward Ian so he may just win out and in that case why not be the one Ian picks to sit next to him. He's very wisely used Ian's super fandom against him since he knows how Dan played his 1st season being completely loyal to his first word with Memphis taking him to F2 when he could've taken Jerry. However Dan has clearly changed that strategy up for his 2nd go around which Ian doesn't know obviously. Also as a huge fan of the game it's gotta be super enticing to be in the sequel of one of the greatest 2 person alliances is BB history in the Renegades. It's also why Ian was cool with going up as the "pawn" in DE cause he knows Dan did the same thing to Memphis. Dan also used this same strategy with Frank another huge BB fan when he made his fake F2 with him telling him he spent the first half of the season in Chill Town and now could spend the 2nd half being a Renegade. As a huge fan myself I know that'd be a very enticing offer to be a part of something like that and work with someone you were a fan of.

I really fear that even if Dan got to the F2 Dan would lose to whoever he was against just because of the makeup of the Jury and that they'd vote on being bitter or just not wanting to give Dan the money again and screw who played a better game. Another good point in Dan's alliance with Ian is that even if Dan gets that opportunity and stabs Ian in the back I don't believe he's the type at all to hold it against him in his Jury vote. I believe from everything I've seen and heard from Ian that he'd vote strictly on who played the best overall game. I'm very disappointed in Frank in that sense since in his interview with Jeff he said he'd vote and campaign hard for Jenn in the F2 against anyone left. As a huge fan of the game I'd expect better than to vote for the by far worst player left just cause she was the most loyal to you personally. Maybe a couple weeks in the Jury House could knock some sense back into him and hopefully Jenn isn't in the F2 anyway.


it's ME! said...

In season 10, Jerry voted for Dan to win... Jerry also told Dan he would always be "Judas". If Dan can convience Jerry to vote for him to win $100k... well... I don't think it's a done deal in F2 for Dan... but I think IF he gets there, the jury will be full of BB Super Fans.. and that alone should give Dan the edge.

I was team Dan BB10 and I am team Dan BB14. At this point, anyone could win, but I have really enjoyed watching Dan play another season. He has proven that he is BB Legend... and that's one for the books!


James said...

Great discussion Brian. I agree with you on almost every point. Frank’s never been the brightest bulb and that just proves it further. I have not sent he Jeff interview yet. Not all superfans are the same. Ian is certainly one-of-a-kind. I have never seen someone so incredibly knowledgeable about BB history and I love his respect for the game. Unfortunately for him, his strategy and understanding of other people is not very good. Maybe he is just too young. Frank on the other had is just a big dope and more of a superfan due to trying to get on the show for several years. He was also heavily influenced (jaded) by Boogie.

Only point I disagree on is that I believe Dan can win, but not against Ian. Dani/Shane vs Dan would be close. I almost wish Boogie were on the jury just to add a sound perspective to the jury house.

James D.

karin said...

I am so happy that the remaining HC (except for Ion)got video messages from home-especially Jenn!
Last night was great listening to Dan's sweet letter from his wife & him talking about how she was okay with him going on BB14.
Congrats to Rachel & Brandon getting married tomorrow and good luck to both! Talking about a Bridezilla!! I wonder if they filmed it???

karin said...

Last night Dani was trying to get Shane all hot & bothered in bed!! He kept telling her to stop-she kept rubbing his stomach, to get her to stop he laid his head on her chest.
One minute she is complaining that he don't kiss her anymore & that she is over him..than the next complaining that he follows her everywhere??? Oh come on-Girl you let him in your bed! You can't have it both ways.

Anonymous said...


The Jury won't be full of BB super fans. There would only be 3 tops in Brit, Frank and Ian and at the moment it doesn't appear Frank would vote for Dan regardless and will be actively trying to persuade people such as Ashley, Jenn and Joe against him. This format will be very different for Dan since it's now done live with limited time to interact with the Jury and explain everything he did and why. Back in S10 it was taped and worked more like Survivor where they gave a opening and closing and got to interact with each Jury member individually through Q&A. Now they just come to consensus on a couple questions to ask the F2. That could hurt Dan as most of his best work is done covertly under the radar and not through outward actions like winning the most comps.


Anonymous said...

@James D

I didn't say I don't think Dan can win in the F2 just that I fear that he won't. Let's face it Dan should win 7-0 again up against anyone but Ian so the mere fact he'd probably have to squeak through at best is a travesty in and of itself already. The different format is also gonna hurt Dan since in S10 they got to give their speeches and answer much more questions ahead of time before the Jury fully deliberated. Now it's not done till live on finale night with only a couple predetermined questions and after the Jury has probably for the most part made up their minds even without all the info. I hope Frank releases the info to Brit that Dani was in on her eviction the whole time as Dan's gonna need Brit big time to counteract Frank's anti Dan rhetoric assuming he's up against Dani as I believe he prefers.

Without a doubt I wish Boogie was on the Jury. Say what you will about how he acts in the house but he knows its all a game and respects good gameplay. Just look at how he responded to the shock of it being Ian the whole time ratting him out. He laughed and applauded it while literally tipping his cap and that was immediately after getting the boot not even after some time to cool off.


zztop said...

I guess I'm in the minority, I like Dani. And I think Shane is genuinely a very nice guy who is probably lucky to have made it this far as everyone knows nice guys finish last.

I don't care for Dan at all 1. droning voice 2. stupid headscarves 3. even stupider swim trunks 4. swears on things while he's lying. Okay, except for number 4, I'm being catty, but he just doesn't appeal to me at all.

I don't find Dan's high jinks interesting because they are so predictable, to everyone but the house guests, lol! He's not all that smart, they are just dumb (even Ian, there are different ways of being smart and Ian doesn't have game smarts, would love to see him come back for All Stars older but wiser!).

Joe was not a very good player, but Joe knew Dan was a fake, also Brit but most everyone else has been duped. Super duper dummies!

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...


The one thing Dan is not is predictable. In fact, I would venture to state quite the opposite. When faced with certain elimination in this game the predictable would have been to accept defeat.

Dan (unpredictably) staged his own funeral, saved both himself and Dani and made an alliance with the one person who wanted him out most.

Pretty wild and unpredictable I think, no?

James said...


If Brit could flip against Dani, then yes that would be good for Dan. I saw Jeff's interview with Brit last week and he kind of slipped and may have subtly let Brit know that the feeling is negative about Dani outside of the house. They seemed to have a genuinely close relationship most the time in the house, but I think Brit may distance herself from Dani after BB just because of all the twitter-mania.


And expanding on the above topic. I agree that Shane is a good guy, but not the best player, and Dani is not nearly as bad as everyone seems to think. I think a lot of the hysteria on the net about her is way over the top. Some people (a la Rachel) love to hate her. I'm certainly not saying she is a saint and does not have some issues to deal with.

James D.

zztop said...

I always liked Rachel too :) Maybe Dan isn't predictable to others, but for me it's totally predictable that he's going to get on my nerves as soon as he opens his mouth, lol. I feel the same way about him that most of ya'all feel about Dani.

Debb Horton said...


kelsey said...

Zztop, we agree on Dan because I can't stand him also and h e was kinda predictable because when he was by hisself saying how he was sick, he was smiling to cameras and winking at the cameras and right then I knew he was about to do something to make him stay and when he did his funeral, it was predictable to me because I knew he was about to do something... And Dan is good with his words but I still don't like him this year... I liked him season 10 but not this year

kelsey said...

And I hope to God that Shane wins veto because I want jenn to go to the jury house and then I will know that a floater will not win this game and she is like the ultimate floater more than joe to me... And she thinks she's big and bad when the only reason she won that veto was because frank got eliminated... She didn't even start playing until when Shane put her on the block and they hardly show any of her diary room sessions... I agree with Ian when he said that he would vote joe over jenn if they happened to be in the final 2 and how that would be horrible but at least joe tried to play the game unlike jenn... She needs to stop thinking she's this best player because she isn't... Se has got on my nerves also and I also don't think Dan will win, first off, they know he already won money before and Britney let them know that before she left and Britney said she would break every key with dans name on it before she voted for him... Ian will definately win if he is up against anybody and I think that he would deserve it... And I think the top 3 people for America's favorite to win the money would be janelle, Britney and Ian and Shane has fans also so he could to but the first three are my picks that could win the 25,000 dollars prize and if people thinks that frank could win that prize is stupid because just like what the houseguest said joe got a bigger applause than frank lol the loudest applause was janelle and Britney and everybody loves Ian also, they was glad he won veto on Thursday night with clapping and he would have left if he didn't win veto and Ian can't see that, I wouldn't have listened to Dan, I would have put him up but people say that they are gonna have this type of strategy but then they say when they get in the house, it's a different story... So we can say whatever we want about their strategies but we don't fully know because none of us have been on big brother... And yesterday Danielle was telling jenn how she has kept Shane here, well I have a news flash that if it wasn't for Shane, she would have left over Britney because joe was voting with Shane and Shane has had to kept his own self here not her, she thinks everything is about her and Danielle talks about Shane of how he won't leave her alone when she would leave him alone for the first 2 months- 2 1/2 months that they've been there and she still won't leave him alone with what she was doing lastnight... It's pitiful and she thinks, she's a favorite in America when actually she isn't and she will find out the hard way when she gets out of the house and go to twitter and Facebook and ther websites... I have been rooting for Shane/Ian since the beginning of the season and I still am... I want one of them to win :))

Gini said...

I agree with you all.. Jenn is a floater... The last 3 out of the 5 that are left should be Ian, Dan and Shane. I think Shane will learn the hard way that Dani really doesn't have his back and he should of stayed with his coach instead of voting her out.

Anonymous said...


I too hope Shane wins POV since yes I want no chance of Jenn getting to the end. But mostly because I think Dan would make a big mistake voting Shane out as Ian will flip his lid and say goodbye to that F2 deal. Ian is almost certainly going to win that F4 POV which would then mean unless Dan was HOH Ian would send him packing. Then with an Ian, Jenn and Dani F3 Jenn is virtually assured the F2 no matter what happens.

I think you're a little confused on Brit while initially she was trashing Dan within a day or less she came to recognize it as a great game move on his part and she respected it and him as one of the best ever. Her venom was all on Frank on the way out and that's who she said she'd break her key rather than vote for or vote for the plant instead and other such things. I actually think Brit's vote is the most
likely for Dan to get over anyone but Ian as she's a fan and respects the game.


zztop said...

I noticed Ian's spot in your poll has crept ahead of Dan. Hope it's a good omen!!! #teamIAN

it's ME! said...

@ Brian
Possible* Jury Super Fans (ie: watches numerous seasons, feeds and/or BBAD)

Pseudo Super Fan

Dan Fan

Dazzled by Dan

They can't all be in F2 with Dan... of course Dan has to make it F2 also...

I rest my case... KJ

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