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Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Sunday, BB fans!! I'm blogging from bed this morning, still not feeling so great. I'll be (hopefully) seeing a specialist sometime this week to run the HIDA scan on my gallbladder to see whats going on. Until then, it's pain city for me, along with nausea. Not so fun. :P

Okay, so if you're a bit confused by whats been going on lately, I'll break it down for y'all:

*The POV Comp was Otev. (Veto spelled backwards.)
*Dan/Ian made a Final 2 deal. (**How many F2 deals does Dan have now? lol)
*Quack Pack is still working together.
*Dan will be using the POV to save Jenn this week.
*Joe will be the replacement nom.
*Frank will be going home this week.

If you have the live feeds, then Flashback to when Ian/Dan talked last night in the HOH room at 5:30pm BBT-5:40pm BBT on Cam 3.

In this convo, Dan/Ian talk about what they should do this week...take Jenn down...Joe as the replacement nom...the Quack Pack has the votes this week. (Dan/Shane/Dani). Dan/Ian think if they pull Jenn off, then she'll vote to keep Frank. Ian mentions that it would "build his resume" for himself if it was a tie-breaker and Ian sent Frank out. (That would mean that Dan/Jenn would have to vote for Frank to stay, in order for it to be a tie for Ian to break.) It's a good convo to watch to see where the game is at this week. :)

Moving on...

12:06am BBT:
Cam 1

Dani and Shane were goofing around in the backyard, doing carwheels and such, when Dani went for a handstand that went wrong. She couldn't keep her balance in the the air and went straight over, landing hard on the ground.

Shane: (laughing) "Oww! Oww! That sounded painful.."
Dani: "Ughh.."

Jenn: "Are you alright Danielle?"
Dani: "Ahhhh.."

She was fine. She got up and just sat over by Frank/Jenn.
Shane then tried repeatedly to walk on his hands as Dani/Frank/Jenn/Ian (in hammock) watched.

12:16am BBT:

Dani asked Ian to help her with laundry. Ian replied with..

Ian: "I can help you..share a bed with Shane!"
Dani: "Talk to Shane about that nonsense."
Ian: (singing) "Class 5 Clinger..." (*lol)
Dani: "Who ME? You think I am??"
Ian: "I mean, Zingbot said so."
Dani: "Ian!"
Ian: "I'm sorry, I was just saying what the Zingbot said."
Dani: "That's mean."
Ian: "I'm sorry Dani. You know I like you."
Dani: "That doesn't mean you don't think I'm a clinger!"

Ian changes the subject.

Ian/Dan play a game of pool.
Ian said he wants to meet Renny (from Dan's BB10 season).
Dan said that he talked Renny that Christmas, but she hasn't returned any of his calls. Dan then said that she's "really into herself". Ian said he figured but, he'd still like to talk to her about New Orleans.

Dan: "Who wrote 'penis' on here??" (re: pool table)
Ian: "I did when I was drunk." (*lol)

Dan won against Ian, by the way.

1:00am BBT:
Cam 1

Dani made a big production over wanting to sleep with Shane but that she doesn't wanna sleep by someone (Shane) who doesn't wanna sleep by her. Shane asked Frank if they can use his body pillow in between them, and then Dani gets up and leaves.

Dani: "I'm out! I'm OUT! I'm out." (heads inside)
Joe (to Shane): "Get the restraining order now."
Shane: "I'm gonna sleep on the couch."

**They ended up sleeping in the same bed last night, but not touching each other. :P

Dani went inside and complained about Shane to Dan for a while. They talked a little bit of game during this time. Dan said either of them (Dan/Dani) need to win HOH and then they're golden. Dan said he wants a Final 3 deal with Jenn (and Dani) ASAP. (**Jenn would be perfect to take to the end.)

1:16am BBT:
Dani: "You would never cut me (loose), would you Dan?"
Dan: "Never."
They shake on it.

**If you're wondering which of Dan's F2 deals are true, it's the one with Dani.

1:25am BBT:
Dan asked Shane if he'd date Dani outside the house. Shane said yea but the distance would make it too hard and he's not looking to date. Dan said that if he (Shane) won BB then he'd be finacially well off and could date then. Shane said he'd give a lot of the money to his parents, who has had to borrow money for things like groceries.

And that's it for The Overnighter! :) Meet me back here tonight for the Sunday Show post and I'll see y'all in the chat room shortly before the show begins tonight at 8pm EST!  Until then, enjoy the feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

I think it could be important for Dan to play on Ian's ego a bit to want to cast the tie breaking vote to send out Frank. This would allow Dan to vote to keep Frank & secure his jury vote while keeping Frank from causing an anti Dan scene upon his exit. And as long as the rest of the quack pack thought it was cause Ian wanted it that way there'd be no issues with Dan voting to keep Frank on their end. Jenn would respect it since Dan did give his word to Frank. The only one who'd take issue would be Joe but he's putting up Dan regardless anyway if he wins HOH or voting against Dan if he's on the block so it doesn't much matter.


Jamie said...

Exactly, Brian. :)

kelsey said...

I agree with you Brian

kelsey said...

But yea frank will be leaving and he better... This might be the only time to get him out because h didn't win the veto... And Danielle needs to get over herself... She needs to stop being a clinger to Shane just like the zing bot and Ian has said lol poor Shane and it was funny what the brigade said on Thursday's show about her lol

kelsey said...

I want her gone next or soon lol she has got on my nerves and definately last week, she got on my nerves and when Dan told her on Thursday that Britney came to campaign to him and Britney told Danielle that she was just saying goodbye when she wasn't. And then Danielle says to Dan I can't believe Britney lied to me... That made me soooo mad because Danielle has lied to Britney all week and then she says like... That is the pot calling the kettle black... Ughhhh it made me mad... Britney lies to her one time( and I don't know if she did or Danielle just saying that) but then she's has lied to Britney all week has really made me mad when she said that

anthony m said...

if frank goes home (most likely) i will lose interest very quick, just like last year when Jeff went home. i check this blog everyday (a few times a day) and like last year i will not check as much because i don't care for the rest of the HG's,nobody interests me if they win,if they play any specific type of game or whatever. i know everyone loves their favorite HG's from the past but they need to stop with bringing back older HG's because everyone wants only those HG's to win. i want a fresh season with no returning people or former HG's OR an ALL-STARS. i think i am alone with that thinking.

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