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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Finale Night: Live Coverage

Good evening, BB addicts! Tonight we will finally get to see who will be crowned the winner of Big Brother 14! Who do you think will win? Who do you want to win?  One thing is for sure, Dan seems that he's gonna try to throw Part 3 of the Final HOH to Ian, so that he doesn't have to cut Dani loose and possibly lose her vote. But throwing Part 3 can be tricky. Can he pull it off?? We'll see!!

Okay, as always, I will be live blogging tonights show, so if you're not by a tv, just keep refreshing for the live spoilers.

On tonight's live finale show at 9:30pm EST, we will get to see Part 2 of the Final HOH (which Ian won), and then Part 3 will be live as Dan and Ian go head-to-head!

Don't forget that after tonights live finale, you can login to the live feeds and watch the live Backyard Interviews with all the BB14 houseugests! Also, after tonights show, please check back as I will be posting my seasonal "Thank You" post. :)

That's it, ladies & gents!
Grab your snacks and beverage(s) of choice!! 
Now on with the show!!!

9:30pm EST:
Show begins...Here we gooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Show Notes:
*They showed the jury house talking about the differences between Dan, Dani and Ian's game. They all agreed that Dani's "game" was playing Dan's game and that it was an easy road.

10:01pm EST:
Final HOH Part 3!!!

 Winner of Part 3 & the Final HOH of BB14 is:

*Dan totally threw that HOH!

Ian evicted:

 The Final 2 are:

10:19pm BBT:
Jury is now on the stage. About to bring out Dani to join the jury. Brit thinks Dan/Ian are the most deserving for Final 2.

Dani ran and kissed Shane. 

Jury is now asking Dan/Ian questions.
Dani asked Ian if he knew that she had a Final 2 deal with Dan, he said no..he did not. And that Dan had a Final 2 deal with him and he (Dan) even gave Ian his grandfathers necklace as collateral (to take him to F2.) Dani was shocked. lol

Ian kept saying "Really?" to Dan, also in shock, that he had a F2 with Dani, as the show went to commercial.

The jury is about to make their votes, which will remain secret for a little bit longer.

10:31pm BBT:
Final 2 speeches! Ian said he's "disgusted" with Dan.
Ian's speech was awesome!!! (Too much to type. lol)
Dan said he played a "ruthless game" because he "had to".
Dan's speech was also really good. Wow.

10:35pm BBT:
Time for the votes!!
10:38pm BBT:
Up next, the rest of the BB14 hg's to talk about the season!
Janelle said that Dan is one of the best players of BB "of all time".
Boogie thinks that Ian came a long way in the game and over-came social phobias. He gave Ian a lot of respect, in which Ian was very grateful for.

The Votes:
*Dani votes for Dan
*Shane votes for Ian
*Jenn votes for Ian
*Joe votes for Ian
*Frank votes for Ian
*Britney votes for Ian
*Ashley votes for Ian

Winner of Big Brother Season 14 is:

America's Favorite ($25,000) Winner is:
FRANK (what?????!?!!!!!)

Stay tuned for my special "Thank You" post & for the *live* Backyard Interviews on the live feeds!!! :D

Stay tuned...
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hummingbrd said...

hey there Jamie .. will u have a east coast viewing for us :) It is so appreciated! Happy finale day Yay BB14

hummingbrd said...

O my lord I just saw were u said on blog lol where u will have a link DUH .. sorry girl no need to post my stupidity :( xoxoxo love ya

Anonymous said...

I so want Dan to win but I've sadly come to the realization that he pretty much won't no matter what he does tonight.

If Ian wins and takes Dan whether thrown or not I think he loses 5-2 with Ian getting Frank, Joe, Shane, Brit & Ash and Dan getting Dani & Jenn. If it was 1 vote maybe he could pull it but 2 is highly doubtful.

If Dan wins and takes Dani I think he loses 5-2 with Dani getting Shane, Joe, Frank, Ash & Ian and Dan getting Brit & Jenn. Once again if it was 1 vote maybe he could pull it but 2 is highly doubtful. Although I would give it slightly better odds than Dan's preferred choice of letting Ian take him.

If Dan wins and takes Ian forget about it he loses 6-1 at best as the only vote he could maybe still get is Jenn cause she doesn't really seem to be a fan of Ian although she could be turned off by Dan doing Dani like that.


Shoba13 said...


I've cheered Dan on from the beginning. He is the ultimate puppetmaster. I am still hoping

Shoba13 said...


I've cheered Dan on from the beginning. He is the ultimate puppetmaster. I am still hoping

Abdi said...

Uqh ! Disappointed

Gary and Erin Shook said...

Happy day in Pittsburgh... So glad Ian won. Now ur turn Jamie....

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

America's Favorite Player was rigged. There's no way it was Frank!!

kksooner said...

Dan is THE best to ever play. I think the jurry took it all way to personal. IAN is a good kid and i think he did what he had to do and won when he had to but i do wish Dan would have won!!
Now what i dont underatand is FRANK?!!? UGHHHHH! MAYBE SHANE OR BRITT...BUT FRANK?!?

kksooner said...

FRANK?! Ughhhhhh!!!

MzAwesome said...

im gonna be honest theres no way frank should of won that americas vote every poll i have seen on the internet he has nearly no votes they just gave it to him

Digiam42 said...

F$&k Ian. In the end i think that the jurors didnt get to see what america and janelle saw. Dan played a good game and may have really crossed the line in the big brother house. The votes showed that BB house guests will reward kindness over ruthless gameplay. I think what dan did was smooth and he should have won. I absolutely hate what he did to dani though. He caused some emotional damage to her that may never be fixed. I felt so bad for that girl.

James said...

Frank wins America's Favorite?

I'm also in shock, but here is why. That is the difference between superfans and the general TV viewers. On any superfan site such as this or jokers, Frank is just in the middle somewhere in likeability. But to the general viewers (that account for 95+%) Frank is this awesome competitor that was very hard to get rid of. They rewarded him for that.

James D.

Digiam42 said...

I voted for frank. Hell, at least he played an honest game. He was an absolute beast in that house. Had it not been for boogie, frank would have sent dan packing. America and janelle are right. Dan is the best. I think in the end he played way to ruthless to earn the votes. Ian won BB by default. When the jurors get to go back and watch the tape they will still be mad but they will also see what a mastermind dan was.

it's ME! said...

This is the last time I'll do any voting on CBS. There is no way in H3LL that Frank won AF. What a set up! CBS can kiss my grits!


Wayne said...

Can't believe dani gave dan her stupid is she?

Wayne said...

Can't believe dani gave dan her stupid is she?

James said...


Stupid? I actually think Dani made the only smart vote.

James D.

Kim M said...

Wow - Janelle was right. It is a travesty that Dan didn't win. The jurors couldn't get over the fact that Dan outplayed and masterminded them. I like Ian but his gameplay doesn't even come close to comparing to what Dan did this season.

And I can't believe Frank won America's Vote! Ugh! Can't stand him.

@ Digiam42 - Frank likes to claim his game was honest but it really wasn't. Look at him going with Dan's plan to get Brittany out as a prime example. Frank and Brittany were supposedly in an alliance at that time. I wouldn't call back-stabbing your alliance to be "playing an honest game". Plus - he was an absolute bully when something didn't go his way.

paula medina said...

Yea but remember Britany lied to Frank first. When they were in the first alliance and she promised him that she would not vote him out,she was lying through her teeth she was very well gonna vote him out but thats when the game was reset. Then the second times she lied to Frank was when the had the silent six alliance she promise again that she would not go after him and what did she do, she convinced Shane to put him and Boogie on the block! So yes she lied to Frank first not once but twice. Frank was an excellent player. If he wasn't HOH he was always on the block because he was a hell of a player and he was feared by all in the BB house. Frank so would have won this game had he made it to the end. He sure did get my vote and many others from people I know

paula medina said...

As I recall Britany lied to Frank first not only once but twice. She told Frank that she was not going to vote him out which she was lying to his face and had the game not been reset Frank would have gone out that night. The second time was when they made the silent six alliance Britany said to Frank the she would not go after him until they were the last six standing. That was a lie because she then convinced Shane to put Frank and Boogie on the block. So as I recall she lied first! Frank would have so won this game had they not blindsided him. Frank was a hell of a player and he was feared by all in the house. That is why he was always on the block except for when he was HOH. Frank got my vote and many others too, and I can guarantee the Frank will be back in the BB house in the future.

paula medina said...

I am a superfan of BB, I have been watching it since season2. Let me tell you Frank was liked by many super fans. Even the other house guests were terrified of him, that is why he was on the block whenever he wasn't HOH. Frank was a hell of a player and he so deserved the 25,000 dollars. He would have won BB14 had they not blindsided him! And expect to see him back on BB in the future.

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