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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Afternoon in the BB House - POV Results!

As I mentioned at at least one point in this post, it is often hard to hear conversations due to jumpy feeds, missing parts of chats, noisy mics, and more.  That makes it hard to really know what's going on!
I added a final word at the bottom of this post too, but I want to be sure there is some clear info thru all of this.  With that in mind, here's where things stand at this time:

* The Quack Pack lives!
* Frank is the target this week.
* Dan will use the veto to pull Jenn off the block.  Joe will be the replacement nominee.
(end update)

I hope you all enjoyed the little break. I'm here and ready to go, so as soon the feeds come back on, I'll be updating.  I have found that when feeds first return, information comes in bits & pieces.  So what I'll do is write about what I am seeing and go back and update my writings as the info unfolds.  When it's clear who won the POV, I'll post it officially. 
Feeds usually return 2-3 hours later, so updates should be coming soon!  (time now is 4:32 pm BBT)

Feeds are back!  4:40pm BBT
(sorry guys, I'm in the northeast and a storm knocked out my power for just a minute, but had to reboot, open windows, sign in, etc.  Feeds are wonky.  Everytime I try to flashback to get Dan's words, the feeds jump around and I can't get them, even after my reboot just now.)

Winner of the POV is


When feeds came back on, Dan was looking at himself in the mirror, shirtless & muddy, wearing the POV around his neck.  He talks outloud to no one but us feed viewers:
He says "How did I pull that off?  Back from the dead."  He goes on to say how he was almost out of the game, saved himself, won the veto, etc. 
He tells Ian, who is in the HOH shower, to always vote to keep Quack Packers, no matter how things go.

Joe was the first one to go (get out of the comp, I believe)
Dan is in the shower, the running water is making it hard to hear everything.
Dan said to Ian they will talk and go over all of the options, that he won't make a decison without Ian.
Earlier Dan said outloud to noone that he can now finally get Frank out of the game. 
Dan, pacing and looking in disbelief says outlout to no one, "I can't believe I just made it to the final 6."

In the downstairs bathroom, Jenn, Danielle (then Joe walks in then out) are waiting to use the shower - Frank is in the shower now.  Danielle said it taste like honey, Jenn said like syrup.

Shane (who didn't play in the comp) is in the kitchen cooking for everyone.
Joe gets his turn in the shower.

It was kinda of a memory game.  Frank said he was looking for 2 "Ashleys".
Frank said his knees are hurting, from those corn sacks.
Frank?jenn in storage room.  Jenn is worried about going on the block. 

Franks gets a minute with Dan and asks if & how the veto may be used.  Dan said he is going to talk to Ian to see what he's thinking, but they have until Monday.  Frank says maybe not, maybe they will have veto meeting tonight, if it's a fast forward.

5:29pm BBT - Dan/Ian in HOH room, talking strategy.
Danielle & Jenn talking in the downstairs bathroom.  In between game talk, Danielle is putting on make up and asking Jenn if she has been asked (by production) about her dancing (with Joe last night).  Jenn said no, she wasn't asked about that.
5:57pm BBT - Their talk ends with Dan will cover the bases with Jenn, Ian will cover bases with Joe. 
Ian says he thinks this is a normal week, not a fast forward week, and they will have time to talk about it later.  Dan says just in case they don't have time, he tells Ian he will probably use it on Jenn.

Before this ends, Shane popped in the HOH room to join Dan/Ian.
Ian told Shane he & Danielle will not go up on the block, as promised (even though Shane offered to go up as a pawn)

It seems Ian/Dan leaves it so that Dan will take Jenn off the block, saying he owes her for saving him, and Ian will act like he's mad at Dan for going against his noms, like they are not working together, and since he promised Shane/Dani they will be safe (and everyone knows that), he will put up Joe because he is the only person left.

Apparently Dan asked production when the veto meeting will be, because Shane asked if they gave Dan an answer - Dan said no, not yet, they nwill get back to me.

6:02pm BBT - Joe/Ian in HOH room
Ian tells Joe that he doesn't think Dan will use the veto, and gives reasons.
Joe tells that Dan & Jenn are talking right now in arcade.  Ian acts slightly bothered by that.
Ian says Frank is going to go home.
Ian makes a deal with Joe that he (Ian) is safe next week if Joe wins HOH - Joe is 1000% on Ian's side.
Joe said he is POSITIVE Danielle & Jenn have a girl alliance.
Ian & Joe say how they need to take get Frank out because they have tried so many times and haven't done it yet.
Joe points out how tight Shane/Dani are as a pair, and how they must hide their showmance well, so they don't have a target on them.

Dan/Jenn in arcade room
(* I must say, between nthe stealth whispering, the rustling mic noises, and the jumpy, video re-looping, and a million scenerios being talked about, it is very hard to follow what's going on in details.  Not just in this chat, but the whole day!)

They have fun saying Dan won his first comp ever today - Day 57 - Dan is in the game.  :)

This sounds like the OTEV comp.  Jenn said this year's was better than last years; that last years it looked like upside trash cans.  Shane said just when you think they can't make it better, they do. 
Jenn said she is legally blind, as she puts on glasses.

Ian/Shane/Danielle at kitchen table.  Ian made a duck with those big blocks, and there is some quacking here & there!  LOL!!!

As I mentioned above, with of the things that make it hard to hear the HG's and missing info, jumpy feeds, noisy distractions, etc., it can unclear what is really going on.  Sometimes in my effort to get info to you fast, I am not clear about what I mean, and when I re-read it, I see that at times, and usually try to go back and edit. 
With that in mind, let me a final note to help clear things up:
* The Quack Pack lives!
* The goal is to get Frank out this week.
* Dan will use the veto to take Jenn off the block. Joe will be the replacement nominee.

Ok, everyone, I'm calling it a night for tonight.  I will keep an eye on the feeds, in case there is a veto meeting tonight, and if there is something big that happens, I'll be back to report the details.
Enjoy the feeds!  Have a safe weekend!

Stay tuned...
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sissy92101 said...

Wow I am so happy Dan won at least he will be safe this week.

sissy92101 said...

Wow I am so glad Dan at least he will be safe this week.

JChism said...

Does anyone else have problems with the feeds getting stuck in a repeating loop? It is really pissing me off. Why pay for something that doesn't work properly? Is there a "fix" that anyone knows of?

cballz79 said...

"A backdoor plan"??? Isn't Frank already nominated?? ..... well done Susie Q!

it's ME! said...

@JChism - yep... me too on the loop.

Looks like the Renegade is falling into place nicely! Go team Ian/Dan!


kelsey said...

The feeds are fine to me right now

kelsey said...

It looks like Dan is gonna take jenn down and joe will go up then they will vote frank out... Dan just asked if jenn was ok will them doing that and she said yes... Dan, Danielle and Shane to vote frank out and then jenn to vote joe out because she told Dan that she can't vote frank out but is ok of frank leaving and then talking about getting Ian out next week or something

JCopperKid said...

I'm actually really upset that Jenn/Danielle/Dan are planning to vote out Frank. Frank has been nothing but honest and good. It's sad because finally when he feels he has a solid alliance, it doesn't even last a week... He hasn't done anything wrong, though! Danielle is actually spreading the lies this week..totally mixing up what Frank has said to Dan and believes she is Frank's target. What a load of poo. She is annoying and a huge cry-baby. I am Pro-Frank! I hope he can save himself by getting the votes this week. Ian, Joe, and Dani need to go go go!!!

kelsey said...

Shane wants frank out

kelsey said...

So frank will go home

rmabxo15 said...

I'm team Frank. What Dan needs to do is use the Veto on Frank and Ian will replace him with Joe, making him the target not Jenn. They will most likely evict Joe & both Frank & Jenn are saved. I would love for Dan to stay true to his word with the whole Final 2/Final 4 with Dan/Dani/Jenn/Frank!

pgh fan said...

Dan quietly is going and going. They should get frank while they can but it might b boring until they realize dan is coaching his way to the finals. dan is very good and i am big fan if his but not good tv. no drama. btw dan is too nice to b seen as manipulator but he is. Maybe ian will pick that up. however dan will win many comps now if he has to. lol dan finally in game like he hasn't since beginning just comps aren't only way to go. He has been there since day one.

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