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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's Finale Day!!!

Happy Live Finale Day, BB addicts!!! :D w00t w00t!! WE MADE IT!!!! IT'S HERE!!!!!!

75 days....10 weeks....laughter, tears, backstabbing, all comes to an end tonight. Well, at least for this season! ;)

Tonight's finale starts at 9:30pm EST, and this year it's gonna be 1 1/2 hrs long. We will get to see the Final HOH Part 2 (taped) that Ian won, and then we will watch Dan vs Ian in Part 3 live on the air tonight during the show! Who will be the Final HOH of the BB14 season? We are hours away from finding out! :D

Dan has "promised on Chelsia" (when asked to) by Dani that he's taking her to Final 2 if he wins Part 3. But Dan has also promised Ian that he's taking him to Final 2 if he wins. So Dan is lying to somebody. Who, is yet to be seen. Unless Dan just throws the comp (as he's planning to do for days now) to Ian so that he doesn't have to be outed as a liar to either of them (which is what he'll most likely do). Ian will be taking Dan to the end, simply because he believes "To be the best, ya gotta beat the best." Although, Ian was overheard on the hammock a couple of days ago saying he knows he'd beat Dani in a F2 scenario. 

After tonight's show, those of us with the live feeds can login to watch the Backyard Interviews!! :D

And tomorrow, don't forget to login to the live feeds at 8pm BBT (11pm EST) for the Finale Party at Tru Hollywood!!

Stay tuned after the show for my seasonal "Thank You" post! Also, I will be live blogging tonights live show as usual, so stick around for that. And of course, as always, I will see you guys & gals in the Chat Room!

This is it, guys!! IT'S FINALE DAY!!! :D

PS As far as BB Canada goes, things are still in the works (on their end) to finalize stuff, so I will keep y'all informed as I know more. As long as you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, or check this blog back from time to time after tonight, then you'll be in the loop. ;)

Stay tuned...
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James said...

I would love it if Dan unexpectedly won final HOH (even if he tries to throw it). If that happened, I think he would evict Ian. It would be a bigger blindside than with Shane. That I believe is Dan's only chance to win, as long as he was able to still get Ian's vote. That would make for an exciting and unexpected finale, especially if Dan wins.

Unfortunately, it seems pretty clear that he is going to try to throw it. He was practicing his speech late last night and he is assuming he will be up against Ian. "Ian, you didn't found the QP. D/B/S and I brought you in on a leash and you did what we told you." LOL

James D.

Jamie said...

Thanks for the tip, James! I didn't see Dan practicing his speech last night. and i kinda dont want to..i wanna hear it tonight! :D

Thanks for the heads up!!

James said...


Thanks for all you hard work this year. Sorry for the spoiler. Who knows what he will actually say. Apparently he has only 90 sec to speak. And the jury questions are very limited. I wish they had more time to communicate with the jury. I wish they would go back to the old system of a final 2 and all 7 jurors go to the jury house and have an extended taped session with the F2 that apparently lasted 1-2 hours and was just edited. Now they literally have minutes with the jury.

James D.

Anonymous said...

@James D

I definitely agree Dan is gonna try to throw part 3 to Ian. I don't buy those that say he's trying to trick production or that the speech he was practicing was his backup speech. They just don't want to believe Dan could make such a big mistake in their minds misreading the Jury. The sad truth is he may not be able to win in any scenario as I assume whoever he cuts won't vote for him. If he could go back he'd be much better off if Dani had won part 1 since they'd both take him and he wouldn't have to worry about trying to throw part 3 without being obvious & anger Dani or failing & having to add another bitter Jury member against him.

However part 3 can be a difficult comp to throw. Last year Rachel beat Porsche 2-0 so both would've done much better trying to throw it. If Dan does accidentally win I also hope he takes Dani as I think that's his best chance to win. If he cuts Dani there's no shot at getting her vote if he cuts Ian there's a slight chance even though still doubtful & could show he was loyal to 1 other person from day 1. The disaster scenario is Dan winning and taking Ian and I think there's a chance he does that if he's misread the Jury that bad and geared all his preparation towards being against Ian.


James said...


I agree with you. I think one reason some people think he may be trying to trick the feed watchers and he will not throw it is that he had a secret conversation with Dani that could not be heard. He covered their heads with bed sheets and told her something. She then said "you better not throw it." He then swore that he wouldn't.

The fact that Dan has been further strengthening his F2 deal with Ian makes me think he is going to throw it. It seems to me he would be better off subtly selling his case to Ian so he will vote Dan rather than playing for second by making sure Ian will take him (which he already was).

Looking at BB history, and excluding BB1, there are only 2 seasons where the loser of HOH part 3 wins the game, BB4 and 9. There is only one season where the person that does not participate in the part 3 comp wins, BB6. Winning the final HOH seems to give you a winning edge with the jury. Throwing it seems to be a mistake.

James D.

Kayla said...

Hi Jamie,

I was just wondering if you were going to be posting a link to watch the show tonight?

Thanks for blogging this season! I found you last year and you've satisfied all my BB needs haha

Anonymous said...

Jamie will you be posting a link for the show?!

Anonymous said...

@James D

The one thing with Ian is that Dan has had a lot of convos with Ian discussing all the past seasons of Survivor especially about who won and why, who voted for who, who was bitter and how they both hate bitter Jury members. That's the one thing that leads me to believe he's trying to get Ian in the mindset of not being one of those bitter Jury members he hates so much because if Dan wins whether by accident or on purpose he'd take Dani which I hope is true.

I still think he's gonna try to throw it and that's the point of solidifying his F2 with Ian because it would be an all time blunder if he did and Ian takes Dani. However I guess he doesn't have to be throwing it to want to be solid with Ian since he could just beat Dan outright even if he tries.

I see Dan's point in thinking he has to throw it because he won't get Frank, Joe or Shane's vote regardless so 1 more anti Dan vote and he's done. And it's an awful lot to blindside someone that's completely expecting you to take them and guarantee 50K to then leave them with nothing and expect them to vote for you a couple mins later no matter how much better you played then the person sitting next to you. That's why I think in this rare instance it'd be better for Dan to be on the sidelines yet somehow having the best odds at F2 since both would take him.


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