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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Overnighter

SuzieQ here!
Jamie Update:
Jamie spent last night in the hospital.  She finally had that test done today - still waiting for results.
I am hoping she has that surgery today (or tomrrow, but would prefer sooner rather than later)
I'll update as more information is known.
UPDATE:  Jamie just informed me that they are sending a G I team to do more tests.  She says one might involve putting a camera down her throat.  She repoorts that they told her the gallbladder is fine.

I'm going to do this a bit differently than usual.
I'm going to go between The Overnighter and The Morning/Afternoon sections at the same time.
So keep checking both sections over the next couple of hours.  If I get a Jamie update along the way, I'll update in the top section about Jamie.
So hang on for the ride, everyone!  :)  Here we go!

I'm going to give some cliff notes. (in random order)

HG's got 4 beers and a bottle of wine.
Lots of talk of trying to get Shane & Danielle to get their showmance on.
Danielle "acts" drunk.  HG's, including Shane, say she's not drunk, but acting. (so she's not really fooling anyone)  She admits to Dan later that she wasn't drunk.

More card playing.

1:02am BBT
Dan tells Danielle that he just slipped up in front of Frank, saying "Who do you think Joe would put up if he wins HOH?"  Frank:  "What the f*ck!"

The night seemed to revolve mostly around trying to get Shane & Danielle to hook up.  She says Shane never makes any moves.  Shane said he made a kove and got no response.  Dani says she didn't know that was a move, just a nice thing but not a move. 
Nothing happens in front of others.  They go to bed, they snuggle, hold hands.  Danielle makes some moves, putting her arm across his chest, stroking his face, etc.  Shane doesn't respond.  Dani gives Shane a few kisses, he says, "Goodnight".
(sometime early Tuesday afternoon, when Shane & Dani were laying in bed talking, he told her he would treat her differntly outside of the house, that he doesn't do want to do something when he knows her family is watching, his family is watching.)
about 2:00am BBT
Jenn & Frank talking.  Jenn says Danielle is more into Shane that Shane is to Danielle.

Stay tuned...
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