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Monday, September 10, 2012

Veto Ceremony Results

Hey BB fans! At 11:17am BBT, the live feeds went to trivia, which means it is time for the Veto Ceremony! w00t! I'll post the results below as soon as the feeds come back! :D (Btw, Shane will be using it to save himself, Dani will go up against Jenn, Jenn will leave this week.)

11:53am BBT:
Feeds are back!

Jenn is pissed!

Jenn: "Do you have a deal with EVERYBODY in the house?"
Ian: "Me? Everybody? No no no..." (*Yes yes yes. lol)

Ian just confirmed...

Shane used the POV to save himself.
The Renom is:
Jenn is this weeks target.

Ian: "I got a lot of thinking to do, ya know.."
Ian gets up and heads towards the door.
Jenn: "I didn't mean to get loud with you, I"m sorry."
Ian says it's not big deal, it's ok.

Ian leaves.

Jenn: "Oh my god! Ugh."
Jenn is pissed that Dan wasn't nominated and that it was Dani.

Meanwhile, Shane and Dan are talking in the Boom Boom Room.
(I came into the convo a little late.) Shane said that Ian went straight from the Arcade Room to the HOH room. Dan goes to lay down and take a nap.

Shane heads into the kitchen.

Dani is laying on the couches in the living room.

12:06pm BBT:
Dani goes into the Sneakers Bedroom.

Dani asked Dan if he'd feel comfy if he was on the block. Dan said yea, and Dani should too because she's staying.

Dani: "What are you gonna tell Jenn? That shes' safe?"
Dan: "I don't know what I'm gonna tell her."

12:16pm BBT:
Arcade Room

Jenn is venting to Shane. Shane said he's gonna lay low this week and check in with Jenn. Shane then brought up that maybe Ian/Dan have a deal or something (*Face. Palm.) because Dan put up Ian during the live show, but Ian didn't put Dan up as the renom. Jenn said something is going on.

They hug.
Jenn: "Thanks for hearing me out."
Shane: "No problem."

12:40pm BBT:
Sneakers Bedroom
Ian is telling Dan/Dani about his convo with Jenn in the Arcade Room.

Dan asked Ian if Jenn thinks Dan will keep her (Jenn), Ian says no and that she knows he's not gonna vote against Dani.

A few minutes later, Ian says he's gonna go outside and get some hammock time. Dan asked if he wants to swim in a little bit, Ian says yea. Dan said he's gonna get something to eat soon because he's getting hungry. Ian leaves.

12:50pm BBT:
Jenn asked Ian if he has a Final 2 deal. Ian says no and that if anybody in the house does, it's Dan/Dani. She agrees.

12:52pm BBT:
Dan/Dani are still talking in the Sneakers Bedroom.

Ian is getting in some hammock time. (Jenn is in the backyard, too.)
 Jenn and Ian think that Frank, Shane or himself would be back for an All Stars 2 season, if anybody from this years cast. Ian thinks for sure Frank would be asked back. (*I agree. Ian as well.)

Jenn gets called into the D.R..

**Okay guys & gals, I'm out for a little bit. I'll do another update in a few hours to bring us up to speed. :)

Also, just a heads up for those of you with the live feeds, tomorrow morning the HG's will be up early so that BB can tape them for a few hours and that will be aired tomorrow night on BB After Dark. The feeds are gonna go off tomorrow at some point in the afternoon and then will come back on after Wednesday's BB show airs, as the HG's do their Fast Forward tomorrow. :)

Stay tuned...
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Razldazlrr said...

These people are all going to regret not getting Dan out when they have had the chance

ad20579c-b901-11e1-a4d0-000bcdcb8a73 said...

Maybe someone can correct me if I'm wrong I'm in the east coast and I believe the feeds don't come back on Thu until after the show has aired in the west coast aka when BBAD starts here in the east


Zach said...

When Ian watches the season this will be the week when he should have gotten rid of Dan via a backdoor.

As soon as Shane won POV, Jenn should have ratted Dan out. Tell Shane and Ian that Dan wanted to get rid of them. Dani already told Shane that Dan wanted to get rid of him, but I don't think his thick skull picked up on that.

Neche said...

Why would Ian be asked back? Why do you guys see in this kid? His no good player to me his just obsessed with being a BB legend and having this elaborate alliance that it had blinded him.

ad20579c-b901-11e1-a4d0-000bcdcb8a73 said...


Even if Jenn had tried ratting out Dan it wouldn't have worked and been easily covered up. With Ian he had a plan with Dan for Ian to get close to Joe and Dan to get close to Jenn to hide their alliance and keep from going on the block together and to get Jenn and Joe to nominate each other along with Dan or Ian so they'd have the votes to both stay. Ian made a fake F2 with Joe and acted cool with targeting Dan by putting him up with Jenn so it would be very believable to Ian that's what Dan did with Jenn. I'm sure Dani & Shane would've even backed Dan up in this lie if need be since they're in a F3 and want Ian out as well.

As far as Shane Dan had the chance twice to put him up in DE and didn't either time. What Dani told Shane was that Dan wanted to put him up as a pawn on renom but she talked Dan out of it cause she'd be a safer pawn not that Dan wanted to evict him. As far as if Jenn told Shane Dan wanted to vote Shane out instead of her this week if noms stayed the same they have all done nothing but lie to the intended target this season about who the target is and where their votes will be. And Shane has been one of the biggest culprits of this so I don't think he'd have been too alarmed once Dan told him he was just telling her what she wanted to hear.

The reason Jenn didn't immediately rat Dan out is because he did a great job of keeping her holding out hope that he was gonna pull another miracle rabbit out of his hat and convince Shane not to use POV. And I imagine part of that was Jenn laying down and playing dead to help convince Shane he was safe especially since she seemed to perk up as soon as Shane left for his trip yesterday. This was great both ways for Dan as he really did try to see if it was possible to get Shane to not use it. He'd have loved to add another huge historic move to his resume and get a big threat like Shane out of the house at the same time. But obviously he knew there was a miniscule chance of that happening especially once he found out someone told Shane about Marcellus. The main benefit for Dan was that he knew as long as nothing crazy happened between POV comp & ceremony he wouldn't be the renom and thus would be in the F4.


Cutie pie said...

What's up this year with BB Their not even showing the Jury house the way they usually do. Boy I'm not happy this year. :(. But still love BB. this season got so boring. I watched season 10 on u tube witch is dans season. Nhe thatS. a good season. Wish a had the live feeds that year.

James said...


Yes, there is not much Jenn could have done to rat out Dan to Ian. But Ian certainly could wise up some and put 2 and 2 together. If you ever want to know what someone will do (especially someone as smart and savvy as Dan), you ask yourself “what is in their best interest?” If Ian would just ask that question to himself about Dan, he would come up with a very simple answer and that is to get rid of Ian APAP. But Ian is just so blinded by the “Mist” that he can’t see 2 inches in front of his face. Ian should want the weakest people possible to compete against him in his next 2 comps (POV and final HOH) so he has the greatest chance of winning. Win those, and he wins BB14. That means getting rid of Dan and keeping Jenn, but he will do the opposite.

James D.

zztop said...

I see where all the posters are coming from, but I still wish Jenn would have told Ian what's up as Jenn doesn't have a history of lying. But then again, Ian can't vote so even if Jenn tells him, there is nothing he can do. That darn Frank, he could have gotten that egotistical mastermind (Dan) out, rats! As far as what do we see in Ian? Well, despite his brains, he's an underdog. He has some odd peculiarities which makes him interesting and wants some of us to stick up for him IMHO. Also, he's playing his heart out, but he's gullible, that's for sure and not cagey enough. He shouldn't have let everyone know he's so smart, that's why they want him out as they think the deciding comp will be mental (as you all know :).

Mike said...

This house is full of morons. That's the major reason why I'm not ready to crown Dan king of Big Brother just yet. Will got to final 4 and pretty much get Boogie to the end in an all stars show with people who aren't stupid and know the game. Ian's strategy down the stretch has been horrible and will probably cost him money. Not that Dani or Shane would have been smart enough to do anything different.

ad20579c-b901-11e1-a4d0-000bcdcb8a73 said...

@Cutie pie

The lack of Jury House footage is mainly a victim of circumstance. They only show Jury House footage on eviction episodes when Julie Chen is there to intro the piece. Since Jury started with Ash's eviction on the backend of the 1st DE there has only been 2 such shows. The 1st was the week of Dan's miracle save with the funeral that led to Brit's eviction so they weren't gonna take time out from that to show just Ash by herself in Jury. And the 2nd opportunity was last week's jam packed 2nd DE so there was obviously no time for it there either. I'd imagine we should start to get our fill of the Jury House this Wed and/or Thu.


ad20579c-b901-11e1-a4d0-000bcdcb8a73 said...


The problem is it doesn't matter if Jenn has a history of lying or not cause they wouldn't have had to convince Ian Jenn was lying just that they all were lying to Jenn. And all the members of the Quack Pack have spent the whole season lying to every else outside of the group to conceal what was really going on so it would've been extremely easy for Ian to believe that's what was happening here. Ian actually could vote if it were a tie this week but it won't be. The ship has sailed for Jenn this week.


crane guy said...

I think ya'll are missing something about Ian,his ego. I think he keeps Dan around because in his mind he has made some big moves and now how better to cement your bb superstardom but to beat out Dan in the final 2 lol call me crazy and yea its a bonehead way to think but come on if u think Ian is so smart then what other reason could it possibly be? Also on other boards I keep seeing a senerio pop up and people keep saying if u win hoh in final 4 u r guaranteed final 3. Now if Im not mistaken that's not true if say Dan wins hoh nominates Ian and Shane Daniel wins pov pulls off Shane then Dan goes up so the hoh is not safe correct? Go team Dan!!! Almost there buddy!!!!

James said...

Crane Guy,

I don’t think its just Ian’s ego. I think he truly believes that Dan will take him to F2. He believes this Renegades 2.0 rhetoric.

As far as F4, the HOH is absolutely safe. In fact all the HOH is in F4 is a Safe Pass, initial nominations don’t really matter. The POV winner solely decides who goes home (among the other 2 who are not HOH). They are the 1 vote and it is not done in DR. If the HOH happens to win POV, then they pick the person among the others that will be that 1 vote. That person then decides among the other 2. If the POV winner wanted to take someone else down, then they would go up in their place. That would theoretically never happen, unless Lawon or Marcellas ever were in the final 4.

An interesting Trivia fact on final 4: In BB All Stars Boogie was HOH the week Dr. Will went home because Janelle won POV. Boogie could do nothing about it.

James D.

ad20579c-b901-11e1-a4d0-000bcdcb8a73 said...

@James D

Ian as a super duper fan is definitely too overly concerned with being a big part of BB history. Dan has used this brilliantly to his advantage pumping him up as the leader & founder of the Quack Pack even when he was on the bottom rung of the group. Hence he wants to go down as the creator of the best alliance in BB history by getting 4 members to the F4. However while the other 3 are all gung ho to his face he fails to grasp that the other 3 could care less about that and would gladly blow it up if it helped advance themselves.

Dan's also done this with forming the Renegades 2.0 with Ian as a F2 within the Quack Pack. Ian probably knows Dan's game from S10 almost as well as Dan himself where he kept his word to Memphis till the end despite if others may've been easier to beat. However what Ian doesn't realize is that Dan's changed up his strategy for his 2nd go around and isn't playing that same way this season. Ian probably couldn't fathom that Dan would sully the name of the Renegades which is such a big part of BB history by throwing it out there and not really meaning it just to turn on him.

However Ian has really taken over Frank's position anyway where he's the best challenge competitor in the house and most likely everyone's gonna want to take a shot at him the 1st chance they get. So unless he wants to bank solely on winning out to the F2, which is obviously extremely difficult, looking around, much like with Frank, Dan is probably the best option to try to trust. Jenn hates Ian for being the rat that turned on Boogie and Frank and would never truly work with him. The other half of the Quack Pack is an obvious couple in Dani & Shane who'd be safe to assume would take each other. Not knowing the funeral was just an act and that Dan & Dani are still tight it would be logical to Ian that Dan would pair up with him cause why would either of them want to go to F3 with a strong showmance? So he could honestly feel it's in Dan's best interest to at least go to the F3 with Ian and split up Dani and Shane first.

And in actuality that is an interesting choice to make if Dan ends up choosing who to take to F3 between Ian and Shane. If Dan keeps Ian he virtually guarantees himself a spot in the F2 however Ian would be a stronger competitor in those final 3 challenges and Dan probably figures he has no shot beating Ian in the F2. If Dan keeps Shane his odds of winning the game go slightly up since Shane probably wouldn't be as strong in those end comps however his odds of making the F2 go way down since Shane definitely wouldn't take him and Dani's choice would definitely be more up for grabs with Shane there then it would be with Ian there. Dan doesn't have to factor in his chances against Shane in the F2 as with Dani there neither would choose each other hence that matchup wouldn't happen.


ad20579c-b901-11e1-a4d0-000bcdcb8a73 said...

@crane guy

No you're completely wrong the HOH is always safe. If in F4 Dan was HOH and Ian and Shane were on the block and Danielle won POV there'd be no reason for her to use it to save Shane since she'd be the only one casting a vote that week she'd save Shane simply by evicting Ian.


kelsey said...

Im ready to see the jury house... Ready to see britneys face when frank walks through that jury door lol

Baconator said...

@Brian, wow dude, you really have a grasp on what is going on in that house. I enjoy reading your comments.
This is a little off the subject but I can't believe how crazy Dani is.
Seriously, I know people joke around and stuff and I also know that the way you are in the house but this kind of crazy you can't make up
This link says it all.

Baconator said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veeee said...

Yep, so true that.SMH ...(sigh and exhale in exasperation).

crane guy said...

Just saw your reply and wanted to thank you for correcting me. Much appreciated. #teamdan

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