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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday: And your new HOH is...

Happy Wednesday, addicts!! :D The live feeds have been off since 12pm yesterday and will be off until after tonight's BB epsiode airs. But, we already know who won thanks to a couple of people on twitter that attended yesterdays show taping!

Evicted from the BB house is:
(By a vote of 2-0)

The New HOH is: 

*Dan/Dani had a tiebreaker to determine the HOH winner.
*This means that Dani is now automatically in the Final 3.
*Ian will most likely go this week, unless he wins POV.
*If Ian wins POV, Shane likely to go.
*BB showed the outside-the-house trip w/ Dani & Shane.
*Still no jury footage.
*Final 4 POV Comp is TODAY!
*Noms either were last night after show or will be today.
*POV winner is the sole vote this week.
*POV winner will evict live tomorrow night.
*Feeds come back on TONIGHT!
*Live Eviction/Final 3 Revelaed TOMORROW!
*Plus Part 1 of the Final HOH: Endurance Comp TOMORROW night on the live feeds!!

Now we're all caught up to speed! See y'all back here for tonights show at 8pm EST!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Debi Franklin said...

Yeah, glad the Quack Pack made it to final 4. And for me any one of the final 4 winning suits me just fine.

Razldazlrr said...

wow and Dan still hangs in there - amazing

wolverine425 said...

Dan is the only one who deserves to win.

Dani is a sheep and has contributed nothing to the alliance.

Shane was good at comps but has no idea he is even in the BB house...just floats around and does whatever Dan, Dani, and Ian tell him to.

Ian played well but is just super annoying and doesn't deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Danielle winning this HOH could be the best thing for Dan since as long as Ian keeps their deal he was already guaranteed F3 anyway. Now if Ian wins POV he can't evict Dani as he had wanted to do and now has to evict Shane.

The one thing that could come back to bite Dan is if Ian wins POV and Shane spills that Dan wanted Ian out in the 2nd DE. Dan would then have to go to work convincing Ian that wasn't the case and Shane was either trying to save himself or was mistaken in the confusion. Perhaps Shane was in the room when Dan said that to Jenn. Also cast doubt by bringing up if this was really the case and Shane was so against it why is he just telling Ian now when his life is on the line? Dan may even need Dani to lie for him to Ian that Dan never wanted Ian out in the DE. Or maybe Ian would just want to get rid of Shane anyway regardless since he's the best competitor and the only one with a shot against him in the F2 and to break up the strong couple.

The most interesting choice would be if Dan wins POV as I don't believe it's cut and dry at all whether he'd evict Ian or Shane. Shane and Ian are both strong competitors in completely different areas so it's pick your poison as far as that's concerned. These end comps are more likely to favor Ian's skillset however.

If he keeps Ian Dan is virtually guaranteed to make F2 since he'd have deals with both which is a huge accomplishment in itself especially as a returning winner. However he has to feel there's not much chance at all of winning up against Ian. And I feel he needs Ian's logical gameplay based vote in Jury in order to win against anyone. So how much value does Dan place on increasing his odds of F2 if he can't win the game in that added percentage of making it there?

If he keeps Shane that lessens Dan's odds of being in F2 since Shane would never choose him over Dani and even Dani's loyalty would be in question if she had to choose between the 2. Perhaps knowing she was guaranteed F2 either way she'd run from having to make that choice and leave Dan playing on his own. Dan doesn't have to factor in his chances against Shane in F2 since that matchup would never happen.


karin said...

Well at least one good thing about the feeds being off- start the weening off process! LOL

FriscoSteve said...

Wow, it really is a testament to Dan's exceptional skills in this game to get both he and Dani to final 3. Remember a few weeks ago when the coaches were just coaches, and Dan was down to his final bullet Dani with the whole house gunning to finish her (and subsequently him) off? Amazing for them both to still be standing. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Stupid if don't get Dan out. All of them have been royally duped...

The Archer Family said...

Jamie, am I mistaken but can't the hOH play in the final 4 veto? In that case if the HOH wins veto, the POV holder isn't the sole vote (only the hg not on the block).

crane guy said...

If dani wins pov then the " pov winner has the sole vote" doesn't work with her being hoh she could adjust her noms but no vote.

George Magalhaes said...

I agree. Ian has played a good game and could have won the whole thing if he got rid of Dan when he had a chance. He still may have a shot if he can get to the end with Dan because Dan has just about pissed off everyone in the jury but can you imagine Ian sitting at the end with Jenn or Dani - slam dunk Ian would have won!

crane guy said...

But isn't that the point? Dan has mastered the art of the mist lol and the only person left that might want to get him out would be Shane,if he won the pov. I read Ian blog and he has complete blind faith in Dan and Dani sure isn't putting him out she can't since she is hoh. The problem with Shane is he knows if Ian wins in the final 3 he isn't taking him and he couldn't win against him plus Daniel has him convinced that he could beat Dan in the end so........ If Ian doesn't win pov then he will be in jury with his Mr monk monk cause u no the kid will take it back from Dan before he leaves live tv or not lol

James said...

If Dani wins POV, then she chooses the person to be the sole vote, but does not have a direct say. If that happens, Dan may not want to be the sole vote and she may want Shane to be that vote and to vote out Ian.


If Dan wins POV, I agree there are pluses and minuses with voting out Shane vs Ian, but in my opinion voting out Ian is the best choice. I think Shane has a very low chance of winning final POV. I don’t see him winning endurance, nor winning part 2 which is all about the events of the game. He probably won’t be very good at part 3 either, although that is a bit of a crapshoot. Ian, on the other hand will have a very good shot. That decreases the chances that Dan/Dani win. Dan has to know Ian will very likely beat him in F2. So by keeping Shane Dan has a slightly higher chance of not making F2 (unlikely that Shane wins final HOH), but with Ian Dan has a slightly higher chance of making F2, but a MUCH higher chance of losing in F2. Keeping Shane makes much more sense.

James D.

James said...

Here is a scenario that I would find interesting, but most would hate:

Lets say Ian goes in F4, so D/D/S are in F3. Lets say Dani wins part 1, Dan wins part 2 and Dani wins part 3 and the final HOH. Everyone assumes Dani would take Dan (as do I). But if she actually wanted a chance to win the whole game she could make a different choice and have some fireworks. In her final speech, she could tell Dan that he is brilliant and the best BB in history and thank him for being her coach this season. She could talk about how brilliant the funeral scene was. Then she could turn to Shane and tell him that he has been by her side since early in the game and mention their final 2 since before the reset.

She can then turn to Dan and say he deserves to win BB14, but that she did not come here to hand over $500K to someone else, that she loves him, but has to hold true to her F2 deal with Shane. “I’m sorry Dan, but this puppet is going to have to evict her puppet master.”

She would almost certainly get Dan’s vote in jury and would most likely win BB14.

I know superfans would hate her winning, but it would be fun to watch her break out of her shell and redeem her reputation.

James D.

James said...

Good news! At least according to my DVR, the finale of BB on Wed 9/19 is 1.5 hrs long (unlike last year when it was cut to 1 hr). Survivor premier is 7-8:30 and BB is 8:30-10 (Central time).

Anonymous said...

@James D

I wouldn't completely rule out Shane winning either of the 1st 2 parts of the final HOH. Part 1 is endurance but there are different types of endurance and it may depend on what type it is. Dani may have won the 1st endurance comp but in the 2nd endurance comp Shane outlasted both Dan and Dani by a good amount before making a deal with Ian. So Shane very well could win that 1st comp. Also the 2nd part may involve knowing the events of the game but it also usually has a physical component where he'd have a considerable advantage over both Dan and Dani. And Shane's proven to be not a complete idiot recently in terms of pat events as if you look at this past HOH that Ian won it was a physical skill comp involving days things happened and Shane took it to a tie breaker and would've won once again if not for Ian who obviously wouldn't be there. So I think Shane would have a good shot of winning either of the 1st 2 parts against Dan and Dani. Then as you said the 3rd part is a bit of a crapshoot.

As far as Dani picking Shane over Dan I don't see her feeling she has a better shot of beating Shane who has won a ton of comps and not pissed anyone off vs Dan who hasn't won many comps and has a bunch of people in jury bitter at him on top of already winning the game before. And I sadly agree with her that she would have a much better shot of beating Dan in the F2 given the makeup and mindset as I currently know it of the Jury. I think Shane might be anyone left in the F2 including Ian although it seems unlikely at the moment that they'd both survive to F3 tomorrow night. The certainly both beat Dan and Dani whose only chance is against each other.


Zombiegirl said...

I think that would be awesome I it happened

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