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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Nights *LIVE* Endurance Comp

Good evening, ladies & gents! It is now 8:27pm BBT (11:27pm EST) and the HOH Comp still has not begun. But fear not, addicts...for the BB executive producer Allison Grodner just tweeted that the "HOH comp is about to start"!! w00t w00t!! :D

If you still need to get the feeds to watch, then now is your chance!!

 As soon as the feeds come back on and we get the Endurance Comp, I will start posting below.

Hang in there, guys! ;)

8:34pm BBT:
The live feeds are back!!! :D


BB is dunking them in water, as they're getting 'rained' on, and then slamming them HARD into a padded wall. (*WOW!!!!)

Dan is nearly fully submerged!
8:41pm BBT:
Ian hurt his knee on this last wall-bump.
Dan is LOVING this!!! He's smiling, saying he's loving Ian looks cold.

Dani isn't saying a word.

8:45pm BBT:
As they were being dunked, Ian swallowed a bunch of water when they were dunked...

He was coughing like crazy.

8:48pm BBT:

8:51pm BBT:
And then there were two...
8:54pm BBT:
Dan is shaking like a leaf from being so cold! Dani isn't.

9:00pm BBT:
Dan doesn't look nearly as happy as he did when the comp first started.
Barely any talking between Dan/Dani. Awkward.
9:04pm BBT:
Trivia...(production most likely talking to them. This is normal.)

9:06pm BBT:
Back from trivia. Both Dan and Dani are still hangin' on!

9:10pm BBT:
9:11pm BBT:
Ian goes inside the BB house.
Dan is whispering to Dani but I can't hear a word.

Seems like Dan mouthed "I won't put you up"..but I can't be 100% sure. Can't hear him or Dani.

9:13pm BBT:
Ian is back outside.

Ian: "Good job, guys!" (claps)
Dan: "Thanks, Ian!"

They both get dunked...slammed into the wall..then rinse & repeat. 
Dan: "Can I get 4 quick minutes with Danielle?"
Ian: "Yea."

Ian heads inside.
Dan and Dani talk.
VERY hard to hear. Sounds like Dan is asking her to drop.

Dani: "You know this is my favorite comp.."
Dan continues to "mist" Dani into dropping.

Dani: "But you're an easy, easy win. I can't beat (Ian) in the 2nd round."
Dan: (inaudiable)

Dani: "You swear on Chelsia?"
Dan: "I swear on Chelsia."
Dani: "..curve balls in my way..fogs my.."

Dani: "If you f**k me over, I will slowly castrate you with a butter knife!!"
Dan: "When I take you to the end, and you win...coached you into a half million dollars."

Dani's gonna drop soon. (**This girl. Is beyond "misted".)

9:23pm BBT:
Now, we wait for Dani to drop.
Dan: "You really wanna get rained on again?" (**Dan wants her to fall now.)

Dani said she'll "fall" when they get dunked again.

9:25pm BBT:
Dani "falls" off.


Dan: "Thank you!"
Dani: "You're welcome."

Stay tuned...
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it's ME! said...

OMG! Didn't Dan win this comp BB10?!

Anonymous said...

OH IAN :-(

J.M. said...

ive watched BB for 5 summers and now i cant remember, how does eviction work now? whoever wins the best out of 3 choses who gets evicted and who goes to the final 2 with them?

cballz79 said...

Wasn't it Ian who was making fun of BB13's Adam for dropping out so early in the 1st F3 HOH?!? Way to show off how much better you are bud!!
And which knee is hurt? Each picture hes holding a different knee?!? Make up your mind genius!!!

hummingbrd said...

hello .... This is driving me nutz I want to smack her ! Dani deserves to loose if she drops for Dan! :( OMG dumbest move ever specially after what he did to Shane ! All I can say is` WOW ... Thank u Jamie for letting me vent lol :)

chloeBBfan said...


Anonymous said...

How do you spell "STUPID" ? D.A.N.I

Crystal said...

Oh geez... there is a sucker born every day and even they would be able to pull one over on Dani!

Robin Jackson said...

I'm rooting for Dan all the way, but seriously Danielle!!!!

chloeBBfan said...

BTW thank u Jamie!! I was literally refreshing every 30 seconds lol

Ann said...

How can Dani be so dumb....she doesn't deserve to win at this point.

Robin Jackson said...

I'm all for Dan winning. He definitely deserves it, but seriously Danielle!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!

Ann said...

Really can one person be so dumb...Dani does NOT deserve to win at this point

sissy92101 said...

I think Dan will take her to the end because he won't win over Ian and he knows that but they are all mad at Dan so I think no matter who he takes will win over him he all most backstab them all in the jury house

Lisa. said...

Oh my gosh, LAME! I haven't been watching BB for many years, like 4 or 5. Remember Brit's season when Lane, Hayden and Enzo did this comp and it went on for like 4hours!? Lame, lame, lamee. :(

Anonymous said...

I think Dan may very well honor his final 2"Renegades" deal with Ian. I am willing to overnight a butter knife to Dani, because I think she just cut her self out of the game

Anonymous said...

Dan actually definitely will take Dani to the F2 and Dani definitely will take Dan because they are by far each others best chance to win. So if they're doing that they should be playing together and the strategy is to put the player with the best chance to beat Ian in part 2 and that's Dani. She just beat Ian in that last POV a comp that was clearly designed for him and part 2 should be something similar using game facts.


it's ME! said...

I swear I just heard Ian say to himself "it's the mist"... LOL

yes little bubba... it is the mist!

cballz79 said...

LOL!! At 10:03PM BBT, when Ian started singing under his breath, "I want my hammock back, hammock back, hammock back" in the same tune as the Chilis babyback ribs commercial because they are on inside lockdown, the kid officially won me over!!

joCpcat said...

Agreed!! This is the laziest, stupidest bunch of morons ever! !! Sorry,but Dan could not sell this crap any other season! ! Imagine Evil Dick or Rachel falling for his bullshit! Not a fan of this cast and I do think Dan is full of it. How tacky to promote himself shamefully. Isn't the wife selling books fast enough on Twitter? ??

brandy mcgregor said...

Remist complete.

PaperbakRider said...

I can't believe Dan talked both Ian and Dani into taking a dive, even after what he just did to Shane! The guy is scary. I would not let him "coach" my daughter!

Diane McCallum said...

Seriously Danielle? I'm watching you on after dark and I can't believe what I'm hearing. Dan lies as easily as you take a breath! Apparently you've learned well from Dan! Wonder if Ian really believes you? Hope not!

Athena Jenken said...

I really want the hammock swinging, toe walking, brainiac to win this game! Danielle has not made one decision of her own throughout this season and unfortunately has portrayed herself as an extremly self absorbed head case. Dan has played this game truly masterfully although not honestly. The swearing on the bible and then reneging may cause some uproar among his co-workers. However if this game is based solely on game play Dan should win.

James said...

Dan is NOT taking Ian to the end. Ian would be him for the simple fact Dan won already and Ian has made some great moves in the game. The fact he got Boogie out is enough, Frank is icing on the cake.

Dan knows this. He has known for some time he can manipulate Dani. Dan's biggest chance at winning is sitting by her in the final two. She's been nothing but a puppet this year. Not only does she do whatever Dan tells her and has for weeks, Boogie manipulated her to get Janelle out and there was major hangover in the house after that.

George Magalhaes said...

I know it's tough when your the one getting screwed over but I REALLY hope that the jury can put their personal feelings aside for Dan and see that he deserves the win. He has been able to manipulate and control everyone in the house time and time again. What i find funny is that they all say "Dan can't be trusted", "Dan is out for himself only" etc. yet they have all followed him and have all done exactly what he wants. He got Dani to use the veto on him, renominate her BF, Dan kicked his but out of the house without her knowing (her open mouth face when it happened was priceless) and then STILL was able to convince her to throw the HOH part 1 competition to him - enough said!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dani is such an idiot - I wouldn't award her the 500,000 not matter what now. The whole butter knife is stupid - they arent sharp???? And he just f-cked her over with Shane and now she still believes his shpiel about wanting her to win? Is she just crazy? Shes gonna have an open mouth again if he doesnt pick her (although he probably thinks shes easier to beat and is gonna say she rode his coat tails and he actually might take it 2x and be the 'best player' sorry Will.....But Dan cannot be trusted and w hile I admire his manipulation - all the swearing on the bible and his wife...Ijust have lost a little respect for him and all his CHURCH stuff. But he's been brilliant as he's been able to fool everyone time and time again - That does remind me of Will where he tells you hes gonna lie and yet you still fall for it over and over again. DUMB HOUSEGUESTS!

bbtotaladdict said...

I don't quite understand how this 3part hoh works. On showtime dan is asking daniel if she understands part three and says something about jury but stops saying any more. Does jury help decide final 2 AND winner?
Please help me understand"!

Anonymous said...

at JM, There is a total of three comps. The two ppl who lose the
1st comp will compete, usually its the comp with the pictures with two or three faces and they have to name which house guest is in each pic. It's done individually and the one getting it correct in the fastest time time wins. The winner of the 1st two comps will then compete in the final comp. This one usually is a q&a of some sort. The winner of that is the final HOH and decides who he/she is taking with them to the F2. Hope this helps!

crane guy said...

Well first off since it hasn't happened with evil dick etc. Just because they say from the outside looking in that it wouldn't work on them means squat! And everyone that says people r stupid for falling for Dan in the house once again r not in the house and have the ability to c what's going on therefore to the outsider everyone looks stupid but i bet if they were on the outside looking in they would say the same thing. In closing please stop judging a player that's been put in a position that safe to say most people on this board have and will never be in furthermore stop judging the people that were put out of the house at least they put themselves in the position to play the game not an arm chair bb quarterback getting to c who is doing what behind there backs and then proclaiming there stupid because at 3:15am two people at the hot tub planned to backstab them while they were sleeping because they played a competition and they were tired.

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