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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Morning in the BB House

Good Morning, everyone! 
And Happy Birthday, Dan!  He's 29 yrs old today!  :)

SuzieQ here with updates for today's big day!
It should be POV comp today.  The HG's expected it would be last night, but it wasn't.
A quick note:
Danielle said this to Shane last night - that she doesn't think the comp will be OTEV because that does not need a host, and Shane was chosen to be the host for the POV comp.  Yet HG's still talk like they think the comp will be OTEV.  (I'm sure Dani will keep that info to herself and her trusted people near her)

So far this morning, it's been very slow!  HG's have slept most of the time.  At various times some HG's woke up for a while, but then went back to bed.  And BB isn't trying to force them to wake up. Hmmmmm.
When they were up, I heard chit chat about hair, travel plans, and nothing important, however, if I catch a rare moment of something interesting or important from this morning, I'll update that here.

12:15pm (+/-) BBT - Jenn/Frank in kitchen
Jenn was expressing concern about how long Dan was with Ian last night in HOH room.
Frank said that he (F) and Dan talked last night before Dan/Ian talked, and Frank thinks Dan was just trying to keep things nice with Ian, for game play purposes.

12:32pm BBT
Dan is laying in arcade room, alone
Danielle/Frank in kitchen table, playing with toys.  Jenn in kitchen counter
Tha's all we see right now, but last time I saw Joe he was sleeping.
Shane is laying in bathroom lounge, alone.
All is quiet.

Danielle walks into arcade with Dan and says Happy Birthday.
Frank walks in - they are talking about vitamins.

Ian in HOH room, sleeping. 

And it's almost 1pm in the BB House.
There was some talking (I'll go back to see if there was something interesting)
fishes off & on.
1:30pm BBT - Danielle, then Shane laying down in seperate beds in kicks room.
Shane says he can still hear pounding in the backyard.
Shane isn't feeling well.  He said he's been sleeping, not eating, and feels like he has an elephant on his chest, like a mini heart attack.  He thinks he might has mono.

Danielle tells Shane that Frank & Ashkey had more of showmance than people think.  They were always kissing, taking stolen moments and hiding behind a pillow to kiss, and apparently this happened a lot. A lot!
Danielle told Shane that Frank said he was never asked about the showmance in the D.R., that it was always about Dani & Shane.  (what showmance between Dani & Shane are they talking about?  LOL!)
Shane was surprised to hear of the Frank/Ash showmance, and had no response to the Dani/Shane showmance.
Joe walks in.  Not much is said, then he leaves to go get a shower.
At some point, maybe during fishes, Frank must have said that "The Dougie" song is about a blow j*b.
Joe brings that up now to Dani/Shane.  Danielle said that Frank said that but she never heard that, so she's not sure if that's true or not.
Ian wakes, dresses, eventually goes downstairs and has some cereal. 
Everyone else still sleeping, except Joe is in the shower.

2:00 pm BBT - Joe & Ian at litchen table, everyone else sleeping.
No talking, just sitting there.

2:07pm BBT - Trivia!!! 
Veto Comp?  Waking up HG's?  If this goes on for a little too lonmg, it must be comp time, though everyone was sleeping.  I'll be back with updates!

While you wait.....
SuperPass has an interview with Britney after her eviction.  Here is a couple of things she said:
* The interviewer told Brit she was the funniest person on BB in history, and asked her who she thinks the second funniest person was.  She said Enzo.
* Who will she remain friends with outside of the house?  Almost everyone, though that doesn't mean she will be visiting them in their hometowns, but cordial to all.
* Her fondest memory from this season?  Jumping in the quacamole with Shane.  It was a cloud nine moment.

Stay tuned...
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