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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11: We Remember.

Today is the 11th anniversary of 9/11. Hard to imagine that it's been 11 years. Today is a day of reflection and remembering, never forgetting those who have fallen, and all of those who worked around the clock for days in hopes of finding survivors, including those with four paws (nearly 100 of rescue dogs) and their brave owners.

(Bretagne takes a break from work at the 9/11 site with his handler Denise.)

9/11: We will never forget.
As I do every year, I welcome anybody/everybody to feel free to let us know where you were on that day or any memory from that day that you'd like to share. Please feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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kat said...

Thank you for posting about 9/11. Those pictures speak for themselves.

~*Jen*~ said...

I was driving to school when I heard on the radio that the first plane had hit. I thought of it as a tragic accident and went on to school. During my first class is when an announcement came over the intercom that the second tower had been hit. My classmates and I all looked around at each other with looks of panic because we all realized at the same time that this was NO accident. My next class we were doing nothing but watching the news coverage and no one could stop crying. That teacher ended up turning off the news because it was so upsetting to us all. I also remember in that locally our communities were panicking because rumors began to fly that our city was a potential target because we were hosting the Winter Olympics in a few short months. Once I left school and headed to work, I remember a distinct shift as everyone's panic phased into patriotism. We cleared the shelves at my work (I worked at a grocery store) of everything that was remotely patriotic and started decorating the store. My boss also had taken a new 30-foot outdoor flag that we had just recently been delivered, hung it from the rafters of the store, so it went from ceiling to almost the floor. You couldn't miss it. We left that flag hanging in the store for weeks before we moved it outside. I loved seeing it there. I will never forget!

Caitlin Franko said...

i was at school and it was on all of our hallway televisions I'll never forget watching that second plane hit live. i live in canada and admire the bravery and selflessness of americans, this is a day were people all around the world come together and share your sadness. God Bless

Baconator said...

I do remember when the producers of BB told the house guests of BB2
Monica had a family member that was working in the trade center and was missing.
She elected to stay in the house since all flights were cancelled anyway.
Back then when a house guest was evicted CBS flew a family member in to be there when they came out of the house. Also, there was no jury so when you were evicted you could go home and watch the season before you voted.
After the attack on the WTC all flights were grounded so they weren't able to fly home.
Just something I remember about it.

Caitlin Franko said...

i was in school when this happened out was in all of our hallway televisions i quill never forget watching the second plane hit live. i live in canada and truley admire the bravery and selflessness of americans, this is a day when people all around the world come together and share your sadness.

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

I was at home with my toddler and very pregnant with my second. I too, watched the second plane hit. I put my face in my hands and cried. I remember wondering about what kind of world was I going to be bringing my baby in?

I live in Canada, not the US, but that didn't mean the world didn't stop turning for us as well. Everyone was devastated when we realized it was no accident.

crane guy said...

Today gives a perspective about our lives that makes us take a good look around us and be thankful for what and who we have. Also that annoying neighbor or fellow worker is just a little less annoying today. We will never forget our fallen.

NerdfighterDeb said...

I was in 7th grade. I walked into art class with a friend, and the art teacher was just sitting at his desk quietly listening to the radio. He told everyone to sit down and be quiet and listen.

Razldazlrr said...

I was watching tv getting ready to head to my office. I used to watch some morning shows in those days. I just couldn't stop watching and finally left hours later. I live in Chicago and I remember a military plane flying over the park and it was very frightening. That was a day that changed life forever.

Sharon Holloway said...

On the morning of September 11, 2001, I was home alone and the kids were all in school. The news broke into some dumb show
I don't even remember the name of. I noticed the message, "America Under Attack" scrolling across the bottom of the screen.
I was completely stunned and for a moment, didn't know what I was looking at ... that's when the 2nd plane hit the tower. Tears ran
freely, pouring down my face and I went numb; because now I knew EXACTLY what was happening. The panic and fear that I felt
for the victims and their families can never be explained. As did most of us, I hoped and prayed like never before, hoping against hope.
I watched as the firemen raced in as everyone who could raced out. Yes! I screamed, please let them get everyone out. As a nervous
nation watched and prayed the unthinkable happened ... and my heart sank. No other sight before or since has wrenched my heart
with such despair. How will their families go on, I thought, how would WE?

11 years after one of the darkest days in our nation's history, I send my heartfelt prayers and best wishes to all of the families affected.
Please know you have the love and support of your entire nation. We will never forget.

Jenn said...

I was in 11th grade. We had a guest speaker that morning in my crime and delinquency class, it was a NYC police officer. He was talking to us about his experiences of being an officer and about our potential futures in the police department. That officer was someone who had come every year to talk in this class and so when the principle came on the loud speaker he rolled his eyes turned a chair around and sat down. Our principle had a habit of talking a lot. The principle made the announcement about the plane flying into the building and asked for any students that had parents working in the towers to go to guidance and attempt to get a hold of them. The police officer was in so much shock he actually asked a student to accompany him to the main office. I immediately thought of my uncle who at the time was a fire fighter with Hazmat in the city. However I knew he would be doing the rescuing and he wouldn't have been in the building when it was hit. Then we were told the second tower was hit and so was the pentagon. I have an uncle who worked in the pentagon, at that point I decided to leave my classroom and attempt to get a hold of my mother. I sat in front of my school frantically calling my mother over and over again, finally after 20 minutes of failed attempts I got through. My uncle had been home at the time the towers were hit and did not get into the city till after they collapsed. He was supposed to be going away that morning and had switched his shift to have the day off. All of the men on that morning in his unit lost their lives, he has never been the same. After getting ahold of my mom I gathered up my friends and cousin and we walked off campus to my friends house where we stayed glued to the tv for the remainder of the day. Watching the same images over and over again, taking our turns getting emotional. The next day in school all we did was talk and share feelings, most teachers did that for the rest of the week before returning back to normal curriculum. I was lucky to have not lost anyone close to me that day but I was surrounded by my stories of loss. I remember for the following days and weeks even feeling so helpless, being so close and not being able to really do anything. The night of or one night after Dee Snider had visited our Tower Records store, he's from around my town. Teenagers had started writing things all over the sidewalk in front of the store for 9-11 and Dee had drawn something too. Somewhere I still have the pictures of all the drawings.

JChism said..., reading your story gave me chills. I live in Florida. I have not been to NY since the 9/11 tragedy. I visited NYC including the World Trade Center for the first time back in the mid 80s and was in awe. I remember how in the days and weeks following 9/11 I felt so helpless, sad and confused. But then seeing how this country and its people pulled together to overcome, fight back, survive and rebuild, I felt such a sense of pride to be an American. I knew that America was the greatest nation in the world and no terrorist was ever going to change that. Not ever.

George Magalhaes said...

I live in NJ and was at work at the time. Someone walked by my desk and asked "did u hear what happened?" And one of my scariest and saddest days began. The building I worked in was just across the River from lower Manhatten. Once the second plain hit and then the Pentagon, we knew this wasn't a mistake. Most of my coworkers left to be with their husbands and pick up their kids at school. I was in my early 20's so I had neither. Me and some other guys headed up to the roof. All you could see was these two massive towers engulfed in smoke. We just stood there, tears in our eyes and not much was said. We actually saw the second tower come down.

The sad part is that at the time, I was a warehouse manager for a furniture company. When I came off the roof and went to my desk, my phone was ringing. I answered it and on the other end was a women asking about her delivery scheduled for the next day. I asked her if she was watching the news and she said "yes, that's why I'm calling". She went on to explain that she lives on the upper west side of Manhatten so we should still be able to deliver her couch. I was sad, scared, confused, lost, worried, and angry all at the same time and this lady, who lives roughly around 100 blocks from the towers is worried about her couch! I hung up on her and went home.

I called everyone on the way home. GF, mom, dad, sister, friends etc. to make sure everyone was ok. Thankfully they were. When I got home, I sat at the edge of my bed for hours but it seemed like minutes. I flipped from channel to channel watching the images of people running from the towers, jumping to their death from the towers, panic, fear, confusion and destruction everywhere. Like I said, one of the scariest and saddest days of my life.

I am proud to be an American. I am proud that we have men and women in this country willing to run into a burning tower when most of us would be running out. I am proud that we all united as one no matter what state we lived in.I am proud that 10 years later we finally got the man behind one of the worst attacks on US soil. I am proud that we are the strongest, and most resilient country in this world. But I am sad that we need days and memories like this to remember all these things.

God bless the USA and all the men and women that make my country so special!

Chance Neal said...

I was in 1st grade at the time. Your probably asking why am I commenting because I was too young to really understand, but I honestly remember everything and to this day I will never forget. I was in school in Queens and my mom was at work and my dad was in miami for a business meeting. My brother was in Manhattan about an hour before the attacks and came home. He came and picked me up from school and I remember me saying "am I in some sort of trouble" and he replied "our country is in trouble"
We watched the news for the whole day and I could tell my mom was very nervous and scared. We were so close.

courtney wasilowski said...

I'm watching after dark and when it started it said previously recorded....why???

Veeee said...

Amen and Thank you.

Jen Rose said...

I was in fifth grade, young like you. It happened while I was at school, i remember the teacher explaining where in NY it happened and when my mom picked me up. I also remeber The look of horror in all the adults eyes

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