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Monday, September 10, 2012

The Overnighter in Review

Welcome to your Monday, everybody! If you caught yesterdays Overnighter, then you know that Shane won a "luxury" prize during the POV Comp on Saturday. Well, yesterday that prize was revealed. 

Shane won a trip outside the house and was able to take Dani with him. They got to meet the Fab Five Womens Gymnastics Olympic Team! That's pretty cool! If you have the feeds and wanna hear all the details, then use the Flashback Feeds starting at 9:28pm BBT on Cam 3:
 We should see that air on Wednesday nights episode, so that'll be neat to see! :) I'm also curious to see if they air a disastrous kiss that Shane and Dani had in the limo..they couldn't get the timing right of their lips meeting and even did an accidental head-butt at one point trying to get it right. lol

Dani seemed to have a hard time adjusting back to BB life, as she was exposed to the outside world and then had to go back in the house and confined. Dan told her at one point during the night that Dani had a look "like the headlights are on but nobody is driving".

11:35pm BBT, Cam 4:

Dani is telling Ian about how her trip outside the house. Dani asked if it was weird with them (Dani/Shane) being gone from the house for so long, Ian said it was "really weird".Talk turns to about todays Veto Ceremony. Ian tells Dani that she's going up but that as long as she has Shanes vote, she's safe. Dani confirms that she does indeed has Shane's vote.

Dani: "You swear?"
Ian: "Yes! 1,000 times yes. There's no way I'm not letting the (Quack Pack) get to the Final 4."

Ian said that Jenn is going home this week.

1:00am BBT, Cam 2:

Dani uses her nursing skills and tends to Dan's wounds on his hand from the POV Comp.
Ian yells from the kitchen that he's going to bed.

Shane: "Quack!"
Ian: "Quack!"

1:15am BBT:
It's Shane's turn. Dani tends to his wounds.

Shane is in pain, Dani thinks it's infected.

**And that's it for The Overnighter in Review! :) I'll be back later on with an update on the Veto Ceremony results! Until then, enjoy the live feeds!! (Psss...don't forget that on Thursday, we will get to the Part 1 HOH Endurance Comp! Ya gotta have the live feeds in order to watch!!)

Stay tuned...
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