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Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Overnighter

Happy Sunday, everybody!! Hope your weekend was awesome. I had to go to a crappy wedding that ended up being a total disaster. Ugh. (Isn't it the worst when ya see 2 people getting married that shouldn't even be dating?? lol) But I digress.

Okay, so just to recap, Shane won POV yesterday and here's the kicker..there's a slight chance he might not even use it. Umm, hello?! McFly!!? You're butt is on the block! TAKE YOURSELF OFF!! I hope we're not in for another Marcellus moment. (If you're new to BB, during season 3, a guy named Marcellus was on the block, won veto, didn't use it to save himself, and he got evicted.)

I'm just gonna jump to the conversation that Shane/Dan/Dani have where Shane mentions he might not use the veto. Keep in mind, he's gonna talk to Ian today...and we all know how well Shane speaks when he's alone. (Did ya sense the sarcasm? lol ;))

2:12am BBT:
Cam 2
Shane is telling Dani/Dan that he "shook their hand week 3" and trusts them, and that he's still down for rolling with them to the end.

Shane: "I'm still 100% on board (with you guys)."

Dan is semi-joking..more like fishing for jokingly saying that Shane/Dani wanna get Dan on the block and vote him out. Dani keeps telling Dan to shut up and that if he doesn't, she's gonna get really mad.

Dan: "I believe you guys."

Dan: "Nobody likes to go up, but.."
Shane: "Doesn't matter which one (of us) goes up, we're safe." (re: they have the votes)

**What Shane doesn't know is that Dan/Dani want Shane out this week, so he has a false sense of confidence of being safe if he stays up on the block.

Shane: "I mean obviously, I'm probably gonna use it on me. I mean, I wouldn't have to.."
Dan: "Oooh, I like where you're goin' with this!"

Talk then turns to next weeks veto comp, and Shane mentions how he won something during yesterdays veto comp but the veto card didn't say what he actually won...

Dan: "Dude, what's your prize gonna be?"
Shane: "I just read (the card again)..."Congratulations on winning the veto competition, you've also earned a special luxury prize! You'll learn more soon."
Dan: "AKA, they haven't figured it out yet." (*lol)

Okay, so tomorrow is the Veto Ceremony, where either Shane will or will not take himself off the block. Today he's supposed to talk alone with Ian (*oh boy), which means anything can come out of that conversation. (Suddenly I'm having flashbacks of when Shane was HOH and Boogie/Frank talked to him alone and how he blamed him nominating them soley on Britney. Oh geez. This might not end well. lol)

Also, don't count Jenn out just yet. She has a lot of options..a lot of moves in the chess game that is Big Brother. She has info that could make Ian wanna put Dan up on the block and get him out. The info she has is:

*She knows that Shane is this weeks target. (Ian doesn't know.)
*She could spill the beans about her Final 3 deal with Dan/Dani, which would piss off Ian since Ian has a Final 2 with Dan.
*How Ian was Dan's target during the live double eviction show last week. (Dan has lied and said it was to cover up their Final 2 deal.)

So Jenn still has options. Which one will she use? And when will she pull the trigger? Hmm! Could be an interesting couple of days! ;)

Alright, it's "Back to Reality" Sunday for me!! I'll be back for tonights show at 8pm EST. See y'all then! :D

PS Brendon and Rachel are now officially married! First BB wedding. Next up, a BB baby? Hmm! :P Anyways, here's a couple of pics I thought y'all would like to see! Past HG's at their reception:
Not sure who the 1st girl is, but there's Jeff & Jordo!!! ..and I do believe that is Robyn Kass who does casting for BB, who gave us this fine cast for BB14. ;)

Lawon, Lydia, ???, Hayden, and Matt.

Shelly & hubby.

And the bride & groom.

Congrats, Brenchel!!

Stay tuned...
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deedee1123 said...


Do you know if feeds will go down Tuesday or Wednesday since there is going to be a taped eviction? Will we know who leaves before it airs Wednesday night?

Jamie said...

there most likely will be a feeds block on Tuesday, yes. BB makes their own schedule so we have no clue when or for how long, but I'm assuming that there will be a feeds block.

Anonymous said...


The girl in the middle of the 5 person pic is Kat from a recent season of Survivor


Anonymous said...

Obviously I think Jenn still needs to try but I don't see any of her ammo working. Dan and Ian knew when they made their deal that they needed to keep it secret and Ian was gonna work Joe and made a fake F2 with him and Dan was supposed to do the same with Jenn to make sure the 2 floaters didn't put them up together and would only put up 1 with the other floater so they'd have the votes to stay. As far as Ian & Shane being the actual targets the past 2 weeks they've done nothing this season but lie to others and tell them what they wanted to hear about who the target is so even though it's all actually true it's very easily covered up as BS especially by someone as skilled as Dan.

At the moment it appears Jenn may just lay low till after the POV ceremony to see what happens and who she's up against at which point Dan will most likely be off the block. This may also be Dan's doing during the long feed blackout after the POV comp. Last night Jenn said something to herself about how epic it would be if they were really able to convince Shane not to use it. I'm thinking Dan told her to play dead and act defeated to aid him and Dani in convincing Shane he was safe and didn't need to use POV. Also last night Dan was whispering to Dani about whether she thought it was possible and she didn't think so. Now I have no doubt Dan would love to actually be able pull this off since Shane was #2 on his secret hitlist after Ian who's HOH. Plus just to add another monumental move to his BB resume getting Shane to pull a Marcellus. However I'm sure an even bigger aspect was just getting Jenn to keep her mouth shut until after renom since he has a secret F2 with Ian so he figures it won't be him as long as nothing crazy happens.


zztop said...

Shelly was there! She looks entirely different, plastic surgery?

Anyway, Ian is not just not a tiny big ahead of Dan on your poll, he is surging ahead! Taking it for a good omen! Come on, Jenn spill the beans!

Ian, Shane & Jenn should make a final 3 deal. Forget about Dan, save yourselves! Dani is tied to Dan lock stock and barrel so forget about her too.

Maybe on the luxury prize date, Dani will give Shane some information which will wise him up to the danger he is in. Shane is so clueless!

I am not sure Ian is totally clueless, but is definitely bamboozled and starstruck by Dan the Svengali.

Anonymous said...

is jenn smart enuf to use 1 if her options, not sure but let's hope so. Can use fireworks..never understood why Ian wasn't mad at DAn for nominating him. . By the way the brenchel wedding is going to be on David Tuteras wedding tv show in decembe

Veeee said...

Yeah, what you Saud about Ian, Shane and Jenn for final three deal. Dani and Dan need to go!

Veeee said...

At this point, Ian has proven himself an official BB player via HOH and POV comps. He deserves to win as much as anyone. Dan doesn't need another win. BB please don't bring back previous winners and let them play against newbies. It's not fair and they enforce too much influence on the newbies under the guise of "experience". Let the newbies figure it out on their own. No more Svengali puppeteering.

Saundra S said...

Just letting you know Catt is with Hayden. They were on Afterbuzz together with Memphis this week. They had flown in for the wedding.

crane guy said...

I agree with the above post. There is nothing jenn is or can say that Dan cant cover its really up to Dan if he wants to force Ian to brake a tie and just declare war since Ian can't play in the next hoh and gain a jury vote from Jen or just let things play out. I have a feeling Dan is ready to do something and hope Ian doesn't win pov if he doesn't and its d/d/s then might as well write him a check and build a bronze statue in front of bb house LMAO !!!

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